If Boruto and Sarada Had a Child, How Powerful Would It Be?

If Boruto and Sarada Had a Child, How Powerful Would It Be?

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We have already talked about the possibility of Boruto and Sarada ending up together in the series, but that story has taken us even further. Namely, here is how powerful the child of Boruto and Sarada would be.

Knowing that a lot of shinobi skills and powers are inherited in the world of Naruto, the hypothetical child of Boruto Uzumaki and Sarada Uchiha would probably be the most powerful character in the whole series, seeing how it would – in one person – embody the powers and abilities of the Uzumaki, Uchiha, Haruno, and Hyūga families.

This article is actually going to be an analysis of a potential future in which Boruto and Sarada end up together and have a child together, just like Naruto had with Hinata, and Sasuke had with Sakura. Boruto and Sarada are, of course, still children and while they do have a close friendly bond (possibly something more), they’re definitely too young to have children, which is why we’re only theorizing in this article.

Will Sarada and Boruto have a child?

In case you haven’t seen our text on the possibility of Boruto and Sarada ending up together, we’ll just summarize that there is a solid chance that the two of them will end up together in the future, seeing how it is very likely that they have a crush on each other; we have based our assumption on these facts:

  • Although Sarada thinks Boruto is a troublemaker and Boruto thinks she is stuck-up, the two still have respect for each other.
  • Sarada is interested in Boruto’s rebelliousness towards his father and his actions to gain attention.
  • As mentioned in the novel, Boruto and Sarada watch over each other.
  • It has been seen that Boruto and Sarada care a lot about each other.
  • Although Boruto often makes fun of Sarada’s dream of becoming Hokage, he supports her dream and does not want her to fail.
  • Sarada defended Boruto against Sasuke when Boruto thought Sasuke was disappointed in his Rasengan training, and showed enthusiasm for Boruto when Sasuke agreed to train him.
  • Boruto and Sarada have a strong bond of trust. Boruto trusts Sarada’s judgment and she has confidence in his abilities.
  • Boruto has protected Sarada against Momoshiki and Kinshiki.
  • Boruto and Sarada blush in each other’s presence.
  • After realizing their dreams, Boruto promises Sarada that he will protect her no matter what if she becomes Hokage.
  • Sarada admits to herself that it is his blue eyes that draw her to Boruto the most.
  • Sarada squeezes both hands as she worries about Boruto.
  • Sarada admits that she likes the change in Boruto’s personality.
  • They often worry about each other.
  • Mitsuki keeps emphasizing that they are a great duo. He also thinks they can be an ideal couple.
  • Boruto blushes at Sarada and she blushes at him over something the other has said.

So, based purely on these facts, we have absolutely no idea whether they’ll actually end up together with a child, but while the former possibility is quite likely, the latter is still uncertain, despite the former. So, to answer your question – we do not know whether Boruto and Sarada will have a child because they’re still too young and it is impossible for us to confirm or deny this.

How powerful would the child or Boruto and Sarada be?

Although we do not know whether Boruto Uzimaki will end up having a child with Sarada Uchiha, our knowledge of Masashi Kishimoto’s lore allows us to make certain conclusions about this hypothetical child and its powers and abilities. Namely, from what we know so far, a large number of powers and abilities (including chakra reserves) in Naruto are passed down to family members.

This explains why both Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha, the respective fathers of our protagonists, were so powerful – Minato Namikaze, Naruto’s father, was a very powerful shinobi, while Sasuke’s whole clan featured enormously powerful shinobi.

Boruto Uzumaki is the son of Naruto Uzuaki and Hinata Hyūga, the latter also being an extremely powerful kunoichi from a well-known shinobi clan. On the other hand, Sarada Uchiha is the daughter of Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno, the latter being one of the most powerful kunoichi in the whole series.

This means that these two characters embody, in them, the powers of four immensely powerful shinobi families – the Uzumaki, Hyūga, Uchiha, and Haruno bloodlines. Individually, both of them are extremely skilled because of that, but what would happen if all four bloodlines merged?


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A child with the combined powers of these four bloodlines would probably be the strongest character in the whole franchise. Now, combining the Uzumaki and Uchiha bloodlines would probably be enough, as Naruto and Sasuke are (arguably) the two strongest characters in the franchise, but with the addition of Hinata’s and Sakura’s powers and abilities, the child would probably be unstoppable.

That child would have enormous chakra reserves (thanks, mainly, to Naruto), it would probably be an excellent healer (thanks to Sakura), it would also know some of the most powerful moves and techniques (thanks to Sasuke), and also have some unique chakra-manipulation skills (thanks to Hinata).

As we have said, we don’t actually know whether this is going to happen or not, but the child of Boruto and Hinata would certainly be one of the strongest characters in the series.

Is Kawaki Boruto and Sarada’s son?

Finally, we decided to address a recurring blunder found on the Internet by being explicit – not only is Kawaki not the son of Sarada and Boruto, but he is also roughly the same age as them (and is Boruto’s adoptive brother), so there is absolutely no chance that Kawaki is their son.

We don’t really know how people got to this question – it is certainly one of the more ridiculous ones we found – but it is total nonsense and a completely impossible scenario.

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