Ikaris vs. Homelander: Who Would Win?

Ikaris vs. Homelander Who Would Win

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Two onscreen superheroes that are very similar to one another are Ikaris and Homelander. Ikaris is a character that can be seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, while Homelander is a character that can be seen in Amazon Prime’s The Boys. They are very similar to one another because they both rely on their ability to fly and shoot beams out of their eyes. However, in a battle between Ikaris and Homelander, who would win?

Homelander is going to defeat Ikaris in a battle if this is the MCU version of Ikaris. That’s because Ikaris in the movie didn’t have the same kind of strength and durability that he has in the comics. That means that Homelander can easily overpower and outlast Ikaris in an epic battle.

It is worth noting that there are some stark differences in Ikaris’s power level in the comics and the MCU because he was seemingly nerfed in the movie. On the other hand, Homelander is just a tad weaker than Superman, and that means that he is still incredibly powerful and is more powerful than the MCU’s version of Ikaris. Now, let’s break down this battle.


Ikaris is stronger than any human and possesses strength that is several times greater than what any normal human has. On top of that, his strength among the Eternals on Earth is second only to Gilgamesh, and that means that he is still incredibly strong. In fact, he is strong enough to easily punch a Deviant and push it back several feet. He is also so strong that he could overpower Thena, the greatest warrior among the Earth Eternals.


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Homelander is the strongest supe in the entire world in the universe of The Boys, as only Soldier Boy was able to showcase strength that is close to what Homelander possesses. In fact, he is so strong that he could punch a hole right through a person’s torso. It is also possible that he has the strength that would allow him to level cities. But Homelander is most likely weaker compared to Superman, who he was modeled after.

Homelander Soldier Boy 1 1

Ikaris is strong, but Homelander is even stronger. In fact, Ikaris isn’t even the strongest eternal as Gilgamesh is stronger than him even though he isn’t even close to Homelander’s strength. A single punch from Homelander could probably defeat Ikaris.

Ikaris 0, Homelander 1


Speed-wise, Ikaris is also the second-fastest Eternal on Earth. He can run a lot faster than any ordinary human being and is also faster than any other Eternal not named Makari. Ikaris was actually able to overwhelm Thena in terms of his quickness because he is much faster than her. When in flight, he is also incredibly fast because he was able to reach the sun in no time and could even move from one country to another incredibly fast.

ikaris flying

Homelander is also incredibly fast on top of the fact that he is incredibly strong. Despite the fact that A-Train is the fastest supe on land, he cannot contend with Homelander’s flight speed because the most powerful supe in The Boys was actually faster than F-15 fighter jets. This could mean that he can travel just as fast as a rocket ship while he is in flight, as The Boys even said that he could search the entire Manhattan area in just a matter of 30 minutes.

Both Ikaris and Homelander are incredibly fast both on foot and on land. It is possible that Ikaris is faster while in flight while Homelander is faster on land. In that regard, this round is going to be a tie between the two superheroes.

Ikaris 0, Homelander 1

Powers And Abilities

Ikaris is unlike the other Eternals, who tend to be one-trick ponies, because of the fact that he has multiple powers and abilities. The first thing that would stand out when it comes to Ikaris is his ability to fly, as he is the only Eternal with that power. Of course, his offense relies heavily on his ability to shoot cosmic energy in the form of lasers that come out of his eyes, and these powers are strong enough to allow him to kill Deviants quickly. He is no doubt the powerhouse of the Eternals because he is the most versatile out of all of them.

Homelander is every bit of a Superman expy as any other expy out there because of the fact that he has almost all of the abilities of the Man of Steel. He has the ability to fly at incredibly high speeds, can use his X-ray vision, and has enhanced senses that allow him to read the heartbeat of people or detect distinct scents. However, his go-to offensive move is his heat vision, which allows him to instantly kill people and supes alike with one shot.


As powerful as Ikaris is, he doesn’t have the range of abilities that Homelander has. He may have most of Homelander’s powers, but Homelander’s enhanced senses, X-ray vision, and incredibly potent heat vision are better than what Ikaris has to offer.

Ikaris 0, Homelander 2


Owing to the fact that he has the physiology of an Eternal, Ikaris is incredibly durable and does not easily get damaged from battle. He is able to withstand almost any kind of damage and could even grasp Thena’s blades with his hands without getting hurt. Ikaris also withstood the best that Makari, Thena, and Phastos had to offer without showing any signs of damage. It took the sun to kill him as he needed the incredible power of a star to die.

ikarsi thena

Homelander is incredibly durable and is yet to show any signs of injuries throughout the entire history of The Boys. He was meant to be immune to almost any kind of damage because his physiology is exponentially better than any other supe’s. It took a triple-team effort from Soldier Boy, Butcher, and Hughie to bruise his face. And, at this point, there hasn’t been anything that is remotely close to killing him.

The fact that it took no less than the sun to kill Ikaris proves that he is incredibly durable and could be just as durable as Homelander. Meanwhile, Homelander hasn’t been damaged by anything in The Boys, and that means that he is probably more durable. Nevertheless, the fact that Ikaris is immortal allows him to even the odds in this round.

Ikaris 0, Homelander 2


Ikaris has been around for as long as time itself because he was already on Earth for thousands of years. Before that, he was also on different planets, and that could mean that he had been around for millions of years. He has amassed thousands of generations of experience fighting Deviants and all sorts of threats to the sentient lifeforms on the planets he was sent to. Even his experience on Earth is already more than enough to make him one of the most experienced characters in the MCU.

Marvels Eternals

Homelander hasn’t been around for a very long time and isn’t even the longest-tenured member of The Seven in The Boys. He doesn’t have a lot of experience as a superhero. Also, the fact that he could effortlessly kill anyone in The Boys also means that he hasn’t faced anyone that could give him a challenge. In that regard, his experience isn’t something that he should be proud of because he hasn’t experienced a ton of battles during his time as a supe.


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Ikaris is exponentially more experienced than Homelander because he has seen it all. He basically saw the rise and fall of empires on Earth and was able to kill all of the Deviants that threatened humankind for thousands of years.

Ikaris 1, Homelander 2

Ikaris vs. Homelander: Who Would Win?

Despite the fact that Ikaris’s lifespan is eternal and that he is capable of doing a lot of things that the other Eternals aren’t even capable of doing, he doesn’t have the raw power that Homelander possesses. Homelander is simply a lot more powerful and is just as durable as Ikaris. It would be very difficult for Ikaris to find a way to damage Homelander or even match the supe’s raw strength and power. That means that Homelander will always win against the MCU version of Ikaris, although the comic book version might be a different story.

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