Soldier Boy vs. Homelander: Which Supe Is Stronger?

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The Boys is only becoming more interesting with the addition of a new supe in the form of Soldier Boy, who made his appearance in a flashback scene in episode 3 and is now teaming up with Butcher and Hughie to take down Homelander. But we know that there’s going to be a battle between Soldier Boy and Homelander somewhere down the line because season 3 is seemingly setting us up for a battle of the supes. . Still, we know for a fact that Homelander is still the most powerful supe on the show, as no one can realistically stand up to him in The Boys But we do know that Soldier Boy was able to fight him almost on equal grounds.. So, who between Soldier Boy and Homelander will win in a fight?

Homelander is undoubtedly still the strongest supe in The Boys because he is stronger, more durable, and more powerful than any other supe. Billy Butcher did say that Soldier Boy was almost as powerful as Homelander, and he showcased that when he fought him toe-to-toe.

Even though Soldier Boy may be a legend in the supe business, Homelander is still the strongest character we have seen in The Boys. Nevertheless, it is still unsure how The Boys will change Soldier Boy’s story compared to the comics and how he may be able to match up with Homelander. But it should be interesting to see a fight between these characters.

Physical Capabilities

Soldier Boy was meant to be a copy of Captain America in the universe of The Boys, as his character in the comic book seems to be powerful enough that he could stand up to just about any other supe when it comes to his physical strength. However, the live-action version is a lot stronger than the one in the comics because he was able to fight Homelander on par and was even able to surprise the strongest supe in the world. That means that he is far stronger than any other supe not named Homelander and is a lot stronger than Queen Maeve and Stormfront.


Is Soldier Boy from The Boys a Copy of Marvel’s Captain America?

There is no doubt that, among all of the different supes we have seen in The Boys, Homelander is by far the strongest and most durable. The only other supes that we have seen was able to give him some trouble in a physical sense were Stormfront (in sexual rough play), Soldier Boy, and a juiced-up Billy Butcher. However, aside from that, Homelander has never been shown to have received damage considerable enough that it would kill him. On top of that, he had never struggled against anything when he was shown using his strength.

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Homelander is still stronger and more durable than Soldier Boy. We did see the fact that Soldier Boy is actually almost as strong as Homelander, but we haven’t seen whether or not he may be able to stand up to the strongest supe’s strength and durability in a true one-on-one fight. That’s why Homelander takes this point.

Soldier Boy 0, Homelander 1


Soldier Boy was always meant to be a parody version of Captain America in The Boys, and that means that he wasn’t supposed to have any powers until the Russians experimented on him. However, the most impressive part of Soldier Boy’s arsenal right now is that whatever the Russians did to him allowed him to gain new powers in the form of a powerful energy blast that could come out of his body. This blast is powerful enough that it basically killed 19 people and did considerable damage to a building with one shot. He also destroyed Crimson Countess’s home and killed her with one shot of this energy blast, as it is becoming clear that this is the most destructive power we have seen so far in The Boys, and it is clearly a lot stronger than Homelander’s heat vision.

Homelander is basically capable of everything that Superman can do because he is a parody version of the character. As such, he can fly, shoot heat vision from his eye, and also see through things using X-ray vision. He is basically a copy of Superman except for the fact that he doesn’t have the capability of carrying heavy objects while he is in the air.

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Even though Homelander can do a lot of things in terms of his powers, he seems to have no counter for Soldier Boy’s nuclear energy blast, as he feared it so much that he had to flee the battle against him, Billy Butcher, and Hughie. Nevertheless, because Homelander is more versatile, we will treat this as a tie.

Soldier Boy 0, Homelander 1


Durability-wise, Soldier Boy has impressed the Russians because nothing they did to him could actually damage him. They tried burning and poisoning him, but none of those worked because he was just simply too durable for him. The Russians even tried damaging him from the inside, considering that nothing worked on the outside. That means that Soldier Boy’s durability is through the roof, and he could even survive attacks from Homelander, who could kill other supes with just a punch.


As mentioned, Homelander is quite possibly the most durable supe we have ever seen on this show because nothing seems to work against him. People fear his super strength and his heat vision, but the one thing they fear the most is the fact that they can’t cause damage to him because of his incredible durability. We are yet to see how far his durability can go but what we do know is that nothing has ever hurt him in The Boys.

Soldier Boy could quite possibly be almost as durable as Homelander, but we did see him wincing in pain when the Russians were experimenting on him. The limits of his durability might not be at the same level as Homelander’s.

Soldier Boy 0, Homelander 2

Weapons and Equipment

True to his nature as a Captain America parody, Soldier Boy is equipped with a shield that also serves as his primary weapon in battle. Of course, he also wears combat armor that should be able to provide ample protection from damage. On top of that, he is also a weapons expert that could probably handle any kind of weapon due to his training and experience as a soldier that fought in World War II. Soldier Boy’s shield is also heavy enough that Hughie couldn’t even budge it an inch off the ground when he tried carrying it, and that means that this could deal a ton of damage when used against any kind of opponent.

the boys Jensen Ackles soldier boy2

Homelander, meanwhile, doesn’t have any weapons or special equipment because he himself is the weapon. If you’re someone with Homelander’s strength and powers, you wouldn’t need to use any weapon because his fists and his heat vision are more powerful than any weapons out there. As such, he is as bare as any supe can be in The Boys.

Even though Homelander may already be strong enough without a weapon, Soldier Boy could probably even the odds if he uses the right kind of weapon against him. It is also interesting to see what kind of damage his extremely heavy and dense shield could do against Homelander’s durable body. This is why we are giving this point to Soldier Boy.

Soldier Boy 1, Homelander 2


The Captain America parallels will never end when it comes to Soldier Boy because he has also been around since World War II. In his backstory in season 3 of The Boys, he was shown to have enlisted for America to fight off the Germans during WWII. After that, he became the leader of Payback, a supe team that was active during the 80s. As such, he has been around for a very long time, and his longevity was what allowed him to become one of the most experienced supes in the world.

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Homelander, despite being the co-captain of The Seven, hasn’t been around for a very long time. It was seen in his backstory in The Boys Presents: Diabolical that he was the newest member of The Seven, and that means that he is comparatively inexperienced compared to the other supes in the world. While being the top hero in the world might have allowed him to garner experience, he still hasn’t been long enough to be just as experienced as the other supes.


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As Soldier Boy has been around for a very long time, there is no doubt that he is probably the most experienced supe in the entire world. That means that he has more experience than Homelander, and that could prove to become a difference-maker for him.

Soldier Boy 2, Homelander 2


Probably the biggest weakness of Soldier Boy is his intelligence or lack thereof. In Grace Mallory’s flashback scene of Nicaragua, she described him as the most idiotic out of all of the members of Payback as he actually did a lot of stupid things while he was there. In fact, he allowed Swatto to fly around in their camp, and that was what revealed the Contra’s location to the Sandinistas and Russians, which were quick enough to attack them. As such, Soldier Boy is probably one of the dumbest supes in the world.

Homelander, when he ranted during his birthday special, said that he was smarter than any other human being on the planet. That could be true because it is possible that he was developed to be superior to any other person in terms of his physical and mental capabilities. Throughout the series, it was also clear that he was smarter than almost any other person because no one could come up with a plan that could allow them to outsmart him. On top of that, he is quite calculating with his approach whenever he is emotionally and mentally abusing his fellow teammates in The Seven.

The Boys Homelander Confronting Vought Security About His Son

Soldier Boy is an idiot, and that means that this round easily goes to Homelander, who has shown that he is probably smarter than any other human out there.

Soldier Boy 2, Homelander 3

Soldier Boy vs. Homelander: Which Supe Is Stronger?

As you can see, Homelander is simply superior in terms of his strength, powers, and intelligence. While Soldier Boy could perhaps be more experienced and can equip himself with strong weapons that could bridge the gap between him and Homelander, he is inferior to him in almost any other way. As such, it is tough to see how Homelander could lose a fight against Soldier Boy, who may be strong but is not as strong as the most powerful being on the planet.

Can Soldier Boy Kill Homelander?

While we are still going to give Homelander the upper hand against Soldier Boy in almost every metric, we are not entirely sure if he could completely dominate Soldier Boy in a fight. And that boils down to the X-Factor, which is the energy blast that Soldier Boy can shoot out of his body.

We saw that Soldier Boy nearly killed Kimiko when he blasted him with this energy, but that wasn’t enough to actually kill her, probably because he was holding back or because Kimiko is simply so much more durable than what anyone gives her credit for. Nevertheless, this energy blast sapped the supe powers out of her, and that could mean that the Russians were developing Soldier Boy to be their secret weapon against the American supes because he could potentially take away their powers with this energy blast.

Then again, when Butcher, Hughie, and Soldier Boy pinned Homelander to the ground as the legendary supe was trying to blast him with his nuclear energy, Homelander was desperate enough to run away from battle. This could mean that he knows what kind of damage this energy blast can do and that it could possibly kill him with one shot. At the very least, it could take away his powers, just like how it took away Kimiko’s supe abilities.

With that said, while Homelander is probably still stronger, faster, smarter, and more durable than Soldier Boy, this energy blast coming out of his body could be a way for him to kill the most powerful supe on the planet. And that’s why Soldier Boy CAN kill Homelander if he could get a good shot in.

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