Infinite Craft: Here’s How To Make a Star, Galaxy, Universe & Big Bang

solar system infinite craft

Infinite Craft is a truly marvelous game that lets you create pretty much anything you can think of. From various food & fruits to man-made things like technology, rockets, and sports. But what if we venture into the realm of science and decide to leave Earth? Well, Infinite Craft allows you to make that as well, and in today’s guide we’re going to cover exactly that, let’s see how to make a star, galaxy, and ultimately universe & our solar system.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • To make a star in Infinite Craft you need to combine planet and planet.
  • To create a galaxy you need to combine star and star.
  • To make a universe you need to combine a galaxy and a star.
  • To create a multiverse you need to combine universe and universe.
  • To create a big bang you need to combine Multiverse with fire.

Creating a star in Infinite Craft

In nature, the process of the birth of a star is complicated and still not fully understood, in Infinite Craft the process is rather straightforward and requires only a few steps even if you’re starting from scratch:

  1. Earth + Wind = Dust
  2. Dust + Earth = Planet
  3. Planet + Planet = Star
creating a star in infinite craft

Creating a galaxy in Infinite Craft

The logic dictates that when you combine multiple stars you get galaxies, the process is the same in Infinite Craft as you need to combine star and star to get a galaxy.

how to make a galaxy in Infinite craft

Creating Universe & Multiverse in Infinite Craft

To make a universe in the game you need to combine a galaxy and a star, and to create a multiverse you need to combine a universe and universe.

how to create universe and multiverse in infinite craft

How to make Big Bang in Infinite Craft?

The final step within our cosmic journey involves creating the Big Bang, and you can do that by combining multiverse and fire:

how to create bing bang in Infinite Craft


Infinite Craft: Here’s How To Make South, North, Map & Compass

How to create a solar system in Infinite Craft?

Earth is not alone in the Universe even if Humans seemingly are, here are the proper steps to create our solar system and all the planets within it:

  1. Galaxy + Wind = Solar System
  2. Galaxy + Water = Milky Way
  3. Dune + Volcano = Mars
  4. Salamander + Venus Flytrap = Venus
  5. Toxic + Silver = Mercury
  6. Funnel Cake + Planet = Saturn
  7. Cyclone + Planet = Jupiter
  8. Planet + Tobacco = Uranus (also Ass + Planet)
  9. Piggy Bank + Planet = Pluto
  10. Star + Tsunami = Black Hole
  11. Planet + Star = Sun
  12. Kiln + Mars = Ceres
  13. Fog + River Styx = Charon
  14. Earth + Star = Moon
  15. Europe + Lake = Europa (or Jupiter + Moon)
  16. Jupiter + Volcano = Io
solar system in infinite craft

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