Insidious Movies in Order: The Chronological Watch Order

Insidious Movies In Order: The Chronological Watch Order

Because of how popular the Insidious horror movies have become due to their brand of jump scares and terrifying ghosts and apparitions, we currently have plenty of these films.

And all of these Insidious movies happen in the same universe and in the same timeline, despite the fact that the timeline of the movies tends to be jumbled. So, if you want to watch the Insidious movies in order of the events in the films, we have you covered.

How Many Insidious Movies Are There?

There are plenty of different Insidious movies that are all based in the same cinematic universe. And all of those movies are scary in their own unique way. However, how many Insidious films are there today?

Since the first Insidious film was released in 2010, there have been a total of four films released but there are currently five total films. These films include the following:

  • Insidious (2010)
  • Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013)
  • Insidious: Chapter 3 (2015)
  • Insidious: The Last Key (2018)
  • Insidious: The Dark Realm (2022)

All of the first four films on that list have already been released. Meanwhile, even though the fifth film, Insidious: The Dark Realm, is yet to be released, there is already a scheduled release date in 2022. As such, there are a total of five Insidious films as of this writing. 

Insidious Movies in Chronological Order

One of the things that you need to know about the Insidious films is that they are not released according to the chronological events of the films.

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While it is indeed true that all of those films happened in the same cinematic universe and the same timeline, what you need to know is that the events in the film are not exactly linear in the sense that the events in some of the films happened either after or before the events of the first film.

In that regard, we are here to look at the chronological order of all of the Insidious films.

1. Insidious: Chapter 3 (2015)

Insidious Movies In Order: The Chronological Watch Order

Even though the film is entitled Chapter 3, the third Insidious film is actually the very first film in terms of the chronological events of the Insidious film series. And it takes place just before the very first Insidious film, as it focuses on Elise Rainier, who plays a huge role in the entire Insidious film franchise.

The focus of the entire Insidious: Chapter 3 film is a teenager haunted by a being called The Man Who Can’t Breathe. However, even though Elise is a medium that has all of the capabilities to help the teenager, she refuses to do so because she doesn’t want to enter The Further again. The reason why she avoids entering The Further is that she believes that The Bride in Black is there to hunt and kill her.

However, Elise is eventually convinced by a friend that her psychic powers are needed and that she needs to help the teenager and whoever is in need of her help. After that, she ends up meeting Specs and Tucker, who play secondary roles as assistants to Elise.

With the help of Specs and Tucker, Elise was able to defeat The Man Who Can’t Breathe. However, she also got help from the teenager’s dead mother, who was there in The Further to help her. With that victory, Elise decided to continue her work as a spiritual medium, but now with the help of Specs and Tucker.

In the final scene of Insidious: Chapter 3, we get to see The Lipstick-Face Demon paying Elise a visit to essentially tease us (or essentially connect) of the events that are going to happen in the very first Insidious film.

The final scene sees The Lipstick-Face Demon pay Elise a visit, teasing her eventual battle with the evil entity in the first Insidious movie.

2. Insidious: The Last Key (2018)

Insidious Movies In Order: The Chronological Watch Order

This is where it might get a bit confusing because Insidious: The Last Key technically happens right after Chapter 3. However, there are parts of the film that take us decades before the events of any of the films so that we can take a glimpse of Elise’s childhood. In that regard, chronologically speaking, the events of The Last Key happen before and after Chapter 3.

So, let’s first look at the flashbacks wherein we are revealed to how Elise, as a child, was tricked into releasing a demonic entity called Key Face into the world. The very same demon ends up killing Elise’s mother and then possessing her father, who turned into a serial killer.

Following the events of her childhood, the movie goes back decades into the actual events of the film. We see Elise going back to her childhood home, wherein her brother and his daughters Imogen and Melissa were now becoming the next targets of Key Face.

In an attempt to help her family, Elise goes back to The Further but ends up getting ambushed by Key Face, who takes her spirit. However, it appeared that her niece Imogen has the same psychic powers, which were essential in helping Elise. Imogen enlisted the help of Specs and Tucker to rescue Elise. And, with the help of Elise’s dead mother, they were finally able to defeat Key Face.

Meanwhile, while trying to find Melissa Rainer’s spirit in The Further, Elise opens a door to the Lamberts’ home, the main family in the first Insidious film. She sees the young Dalton as Elise leaves the door between The Further and the Lamberts’ home open. These are basically the events that set up the events of the first Insidious film.

At the end of The Last Key, Elise makes amends with her brother and his family. However, she ends up dreaming about Dalton Lambert and the main antagonist of the first film. Following that, she gets a call from the Lamberts, which is the call that sets up the events that will ultimately become her undoing in the first Insidious film.

3. Insidious (2010)

Insidious Movies In Order: The Chronological Watch Order

Insidious, released in 2010, was the first film that launched an entire horror film franchise. This is where we are introduced to the Lambert family, which became victims of Elise’s mistakes in the final part of The Last Key. The film shows us how The Lipstick-Face Demon was now terrorizing the entire Lambert family after finding its way to the real world.

A good part of the film focuses on the child Dalton, who was traveling to The Further in his sleep without him knowing how or why. It came to a point where his spirit got stuck in The Further by the demon. The good news is that Josh Lambert, Dalton’s father, has the same kind of astral projection powers that his son has. However, his memories of his powers were suppressed to protect him from The Bride in Black, the very same demon trying to kill Elise.

Josh, using his powers, goes into The Further and was able to rescue his son from The Lipstick-Face Demon. However, he ends up encountering The Bride in Black, a demon that has been terrorizing him since he was a child because the entity wanted to possess him. As Josh tries to face his fears, he was remarkably able to drive the demon away.

As Josh and Dalton wake up in their bodies in the real world, the entire family is reunited and seemingly happy. Then again, Elise notices that there is something wrong with Josh and quickly realizes that he had been possessed by The Bride in Black, who actually wasn’t driven away after all.

Possessed by The Bride, Josh strangles Elise to death. The movie eventually cuts to black to set up the events of the sequel film. The events of this film were essentially the reasons why Elise never wanted to use her powers, as she realized long ago that her life would end at the hands of The Bride in Black.

4. Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013)

Insidious Movies In Order: The Chronological Watch Order

Insidious: Chapter 2 follows the events of the first film, as Josh was now being investigated for the murder of Elise. However, he seemingly doesn’t remember being possessed by The Bride in Black. His family eventually moves into his mother’s house, but still noticed that they were still being haunted by demons.

However, we saw a flashback in this film, as we see Elise traveling to the home of the Lambert family back in 1986 to suppress his psychic abilities in an attempt to protect the child from The Bride in Black. This was the reason why Josh didn’t realize he had the same powers as his son.

Through the help of a friend, Specs and Tucker were able to contact Elise’s spirit, who told them about the serial killer named Parker Crane, who was known to kill young women while dressed as a woman himself. Then, in The Further, Josh communicates with his younger version in an attempt to show the team where they can find Parker Crane’s spirit.

In The Further, it is revealed that it was actually Parker’s abusive mother who was telling him to do all of his killings. Consequently, she is also The Woman in White, who was responsible for terrorizing Elise for as long as she could remember. However, Elise exacted her revenge as her spirit form arrives to defeat The Woman in White.

After the family reunited in the real world, Josh and Dalton decide to have the memories of their powers suppressed so that they can live in peace without remembering any of the events that transpired during the events of the first two Insidious films. So, chronologically speaking, Chapter 2 is seemingly the final film among all of the released Insidious movies.

Do You Need to Watch Insidious Movies in Order?

While we did say that the Insidious films are not chronologically arranged based on the years they were released, you might be wondering if there is a need to watch them in chronological order. It does make sense to follow the chronological order of the films but it might be better to watch the films based on their release dates.

The reason why that might be the better choice goes back to how it is better to keep ourselves guessing about the events that transpired in the past so that we are not privy to the plot of the first Insidious films. Think about it as watching the entire Star Wars film franchise based on the release dates of the films and not the episode numbers.

Will There Be More Insidious Movies?

As mentioned, there are a total of five Insidious films today, but only four have been released. This means that there is one more Insidious movie on the way, and that is Insidious: The Dark Realm, which is set to release in 2022.

In terms of chronological order, The Dark Realm is set to take place about a decade after Chapter 2, as we now follow Dalton, who is set to enter college.

We don’t know a lot about The Dark Realm but it was revealed that the events will focus on the suppressed childhood memories of Dalton.

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