Instant Karma 2: Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer and more

Instant Karma’ Review

Recently, Fiction Horizon had the pleasure of talking to Mitesh Kumar Patel, the director of the upcoming comedy fantasy Instant Karma, which premiered earlier this year at the Chandler International Film Festival. The film is now going to be released globally and during our discussion with director Patel, we received an exclusive scoop – Instant Karma’s getting a sequel which is already in the works!

We have received some exclusive information from Mitesh Kumar Patel, so if you want to know everything you need to know about the Instant Karma sequel, keep reading our article.

Instant Karma 2 release date

Instant Karma is going to be released this year and during our interview, director Patel revealed that there would be a sequel to Instant Karma, Instant Karma 2, which is going to enter production in early 2022. Seeing how the production team is busy promoting the first film, it is only understandable that the sequel is entering production later on.

Now, as for the film’s release date, we don’t have any information yet, since that will depend on a lot of external elements and it is really difficult to predict anything at this point. We assume that the movie is probably going to come out sometime during 2023, possibly late 2022, but director Patel might aim for a festival release in early 2023, just as he did with the first movie.

Instant Karma 2 plot

The plot of Instant Karma revolved around the concept of karma, and how it influenced the life of the movie’s protagonist. Now, Instant Karma 2 is certainly going to explore that same idea, but it will, as we know now, focus on a different character. Director Patel said that “Instant Karma 2 [which] will follow the storyline of Homeless Harry from the first film”, revealing that the sequel is going to focus on an important secondary character from the first movie.

Homeless Harry had a vital influence on the life of the first movie’s protagonist and it is certainly going to be interesting to see which way Patel intends to take the story.

Instant Karma 2 cast

We have not been able to get any precise information on the cast, but probably because it is still too early to tell precisely. We assume that Karl Haas is going to reprise his role as Homeless Harry, but whether the other cast members from the first movie will return still remains unknown; since we don’t know much about the story, we don’t know if any of the old characters will reappear or not, but we’re certain that we’ll be seeing some new faces in the movie as well.

Instant Karma 2 trailer

A trailer for Instant Karma 2 is not yet available and we don’t know when it will appear. Seeing how the movie will enter production in early 2022 and assuming that it will come out sometime during 2023, we presume that a trailer might appear somewhere towards the end of 2022 but we’ll just have to wait and see.

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