‘Into the Deep’ Ending, Explained: What Happens With Jess at the End of into the Deep?


Welcome to the Ending Explained for Into the Deep, a new thriller that is now available on all platforms where you can buy and rent movies. The film is a basic thriller that tells the story of Jess, a young woman having trouble letting go of the past. When a mysterious and handsome stranger comes to sweep her away from her reality, Jess is ready to do it, and embark on a journey with him around the world. However, everything changes when another element is introduced to the mix and the consequences become lethal.

Into the Deep is one of those films that you see on display while browsing through Netflix or any other streaming service, and that makes you think that it is a low-budget effort with no redeeming values. There are many films on Netflix, Amazon, and other services, but if given the chance, you discover that Into the Deep is actually a pretty cool and entertaining flick. Forgettable? Sure, but it achieves its purpose in ways that more important films never get to do.


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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Into the Deep. Read at your own risk.

Why Is Jess Afraid Of Water In Into The Deep?

The film starts by introducing us to its main character, Jess. Jess is a 22-year-old woman who is having some grieving issues. The movie introduces her by discovering that her dad has been sleeping with a new woman. You see, Jess’ mother is dead. She died 11 years ago in a car accident. The source of Jess’s trauma is not only the fact that her mother died, but that she was there when it happened. A truck struck their car and threw them into the water. Jess managed to escape the sinking vehicle, but her mother didn’t.

Jess has spent the following 11 years mourning her mother and blaming herself because she wasn’t able to help her when it mattered the most. Jess is suffering from a clear case of survivor’s guilt, but her father and her friends don’t recognize this condition and just advise her to let it go, as if by saying that all her mental problems could be fixed.

On the day before her mother’s death anniversary, her father reveals that he won’t be visiting her mother anymore at the cemetery. Jess gets mad about it and goes to work just like any other day. At work, she meets a very handsome man called Ben. Ben is American, and he is on the island as a tourist. Jess invites him to a party later that night, and Ben accepts the invitation. Later that day, Ben arrives at the party and the two of them start hitting it off. They clearly like each other.

Ben invites her to his boat, and Jess is impressed by its size of it. It is a true boat. They spend a wonderful night together; they drink, they kiss, and have sex. The next morning, Jess wakes up without remembering most of what happened last night. She freaks out a bit, but Ben manages to convince her that this is not kidnapping or anything like that.

What Happens With Jess At The End Of Into The Deep?

Jess and Ben continue to have a great time. They discover that their parents are both dead. Ben says it was his dad who died of cancer. Jess tells him the story about her and her mother. They have a wonderful time, and Ben convinces Jess to go on a trip with him. Jess cannot believe it, but she accepts it. However, something strange happens.

A woman on a jet ski appears out of nowhere and hits the boats. She is unconscious and Ben and Jess bring her aboard. When the woman wakes up, she reveals herself as Lexi. She says she hit her head and became unconscious. It is a weird situation, but Ben doesn’t ask many questions. They have drinks and spend the night playing games. However, when given some pills, Lexi doesn’t take them. She doesn’t seem to trust Ben very much. Later, Ben informs them that the boat’s engine is broken, and they cannot go back to the island.

The next morning, Jess wakes up to an unconscious Ben and a bloodied Lexi. Lexi says that Ben attacked her when she discovered he had lied about the engines not working. They work perfectly well. Jess begins to suspect Ben, but Lexi loses her favor when she becomes too violent. Jess frees Ben and he tries to kill Lexi. He leaves her unconscious, but when Ben tries to throw Lexi overboard, she realizes Ben is not good at all. Lexi wakes up and attacks Ben viciously.

It seems that this isn’t the first time Lexi has been on the boat. She remembers being there before, and she knows something bad happened, but like Jess, she was drugged and her memories are fuzzy. She wants Ben to remember and tell her what he did to her. Ben denies everything until the end. Jess comes back after having a fight with Lexi and ends up shooting Ben in the chest with a flare gun. As the boat catches fire, Jess and Lexi escape on the Jet Ski, while Ben’s body burns on the boat.

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