InuYasha Season 3: Release Date, Trailer, Plot, Cast and More

InuYasha Season 3: Release Date, Trailer, Plot, Cast and More

InuYasha might not be among the “Big Three” anime series, but with almost 200 episodes, it is certainly one of the longer anime series from that same period. The fantastic tale of InuYasha captured the hearts of a lot of fans, and although the show never reached the popularity of the “Big Three” anime series, it is often quoted as one of the better anime series. Now, with the Final Act having aired in 2010, it is time for a potential third season of InuYasha.

The InuYasha manga is complete and the anime is complete as well, so the third season of InuYasha is more than unlikely. The Final Arc wrapped up the anime when it aired from 2009 and 2010, which means that there is no material to adapt for the third season; original stories seem unlikely at the moment, considering the fact that we have Yashahime, a sequel to the original story, currently airing.

The rest of this article is going to bring you all the known and unknown information related to a potential season 3 of InuYasha. You’re going to find out about its potential release date, whether there is a trailer, what the story could be about, and much more about this great anime series.

InuYasha Season 3 Release Date

InuYasha originally aired from October 16, 2000 to September 13, 2004; the first season consisted of a total of 167 25-minute episodes that followed Rumiko Takahashi’s manga of the same name. A second and final season, InuYasha: The Final Act, aired from October 3, 2009 to March 29, 2010, with a total of 26 episodes. The anime, initially, didn’t adapt the whole story, which is why the last season aired after five years, wrapping up the whole narrative from the manga.

The thing with InuYasha is that it’s over. Takahashi has told the whole story and the whole story has already been adapted in the manga. There is simply no more material to adapt, and since a continuation of the manga has not been announced – at least, not the InuYasha manga, we do have a sequel (see below) – we really don’t see the InuYasha anime going forward.

Now, what you can watch is the Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon anime series, which started in 2020 and is still active, with 33 episodes as of the time of writing this article. The show has also been published as a manga since 2021. Now, Yashahime is a sequel to InuYasha, but it’s not a third season of the show, but rather a separate show that is simply a continuation of InuYasha.

InuYasha Season 3 Trailer

Now that we’ve given you everything you ever wanted to know, you have probably concluded by yourselves that there is no trailer for the third season of InuYasha simply because the season has not yet even been announced and we have our doubts that it ever will be.

Considering the fact that the original anime adapted the whole manga story, we just don’t see it being continued. The writers would have to come up with an original storyline, and that seems very unlikely from our point of view, especially since we have Yashahime.

As stated, Yashahime is not a continuation of InuYasha, but rather a completely new sequel series, so we can’t really count it here.

InuYasha Season 3 Plot

During the Sengoku period, a half demon (hanyō) called InuYasha steals the Pearl of Shikon (Shikon is not in original; Jewel of the 4 souls or the Sphere of the Four Spirits in the Castilian anime adaptation) with the aim of using it to become into a complete demon (yōukai).

However, her plan is thwarted by a priestess named Kikyō who on the verge of death from a very serious wound, using her last strength, shoots a sacred arrow at him, nailing him to the sacred tree (Goshinboku); leaving him paralyzed and asleep for 50 years. Minutes later, the priestess before dying, asks that his body be burned along with the jewel.

Five centuries years later, in present-day Japan, Kagome Higurashi (Kagome in the Mexican dubbing), a 15-year-old adolescent who lives in a temple leaves her house for school but her cat disappears next to a sacred well that forms part of the temple. Upon searching for him, a centipede demon comes out of the well, breaking the seal and transporting Kagome back to feudal times, 500 years ago.

There she discovers that she is the reincarnation of the priestess Kikyo and that the long-awaited pearl with which she was cremated was hidden in her body. Kikyo’s younger sister, named Kaede, gives the Shikon pearl to Kagome in order to guard it and continue with her work, not before Kagome releases Inuyasha from her seal on the tree to end the centipede demon.

Unfortunately, in an incident caused by a crow demon the jewel is destroyed in thousands of fragments that are scattered throughout the region. Because of this, InuYasha and Kagome are on a mission to retrieve these fragments before other demons use them to plunge the world into chaos.

During their journey, they both meet Shippô, a little orphaned fox demon; Miroku, a monk with a powerful curse that threatens to kill him in the same way that happened to his ancestor, Sango; a warrior dedicated to exterminating demons, whose younger brother Kohaku was killed, resurrected and manipulated by Naraku, and finally her pet, a nekomata named Kirara.

All, from diverse situations and related to the past of each one, unite in the search for the fragments to prevent them from falling into the hands of a Hanyo named Naraku, the main enemy of the series, responsible for the numerous tragedies of each of the characters in the play, including the heartbreak of InuYasha and Kikyō that ended with InuYasha sealed in the sacred Tree and the subsequent death of the Priestess.

Miroku’s ancient curse (a black vortex in the palm of his hand) threatens to kill him and, ultimately, the death of all members of Sango’s clan and the kidnapping of his brother. In addition to having constant confrontations with Naraku and his alter ego, InuYasha and his friends will have to face other problems, among which are the protagonist’s yōkai half-brother, Sesshōmaru, a complete demon who hates him for being his father’s favorite.

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Kikyō herself, who is resurrected in a body made from her ashes, mud and human bones and wishes to take revenge and also to Kôga, a wolf demon from a pack whose comrades were killed by Naraku, willing to take revenge and who disputes with InuYasha love for Kagome.

The above-written paragraphs are a short overview of the plot of InuYasha, the manga, but also the anime. As we’ve said, the anime ultimately ended up adapting the whole story, which means that we’ve seen both the beginning and the ending. This is why a third season is so unlikely, although if you want more material from the same universe, you can always check out Yashahime.

InuYasha Season 3 Cast

The cast of InuYasha probably would not have changed very much for a potential third season, since a lot of the main characters are still there and we don’t see them leaving. We actually don’t know whether we’ll even see a third season of the show, but if we do, at least part of the cast from the first two seasons would probably return, and that includes:

CharacterJapanese voice actor (Seiyū)
Inu YashaKappei Yamaguchi
Kagome HigurashiSatsuki Yukino
ShippōKumiko Watanabe
MirokuKōji Tsujitani
SangoHōko Kuwashima
KikyōNoriko Hidaka
NarakuToshiyuki Morikawa
SesshōmaruKen Narita
JakenYūichi Nagashima
KannaYukana Nogami
RinMamiko Noto
ByakuyaMitsuaki Madono
KaguraIzumi Ōgami
HakudōshiAi Kobayashi
KohakuAkiko Yajima
KōgaTaiki Matsuno
HakkakuDaisuke Kishio
GintaHiroyuki Yoshino
AyameYumi Kakazu
KaedeHisako Kyōda
MyōgaKen’ichi Ogata
TōtōsaiJōji Yanami
HachiemonToshihiko Nakajima
MushinYuzuru Fujimoto
Grandfather HigurashiGinzō Matsuo (Episodes 1–38) / Katsumi Suzuki (since episode 47)
Mama HigurashiAsako Dodo
Sōta HigurashiAkiko Nakagawa
Hōjō (Akitoki)Yūji Ueda

How Many Episodes Will InuYasha Season 3 Have?

The third season of InuYasha is highly unlikely and no one has said absolutely anything about it, so we don’t know anything official yet, but if we do see a third season of the show at some point, we have no clue how many episodes it would have since the show never had a regular season format.

Where to Watch InuYasha Season 3?

InuYasha season three cannot be watched anywhere at this time, simply because the season hasn’t even been announced yet. Still, based on how the first two seasons were broadcast, we expect the show to be broadcast on NNS (ytv) in Japan and streamed via Netflix, which has the anime on its roster, internationally.

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