‘Invisible City’ Season 1 Recap: Get Ready for Season 2!

Invisible City

After a thought-provoking first season, fans of Netflix’s hit series ‘Invisible City‘ eagerly anticipate season 2. It was a truly special and unique series filled with environmental themes and Brazillian folklore. ‘Invisible City’ has captured the attention of fans around the world. As we prepare for the next season, it’s worth reflecting on the events that took place during season 1 and the questions that remain unanswered. From the mysterious death of a river dolphin to the revelation of a hidden world of magical creatures, ‘Invisible City’ kept fans on the edge of their seats from beginning to end. So let’s recount how everything took place in the season 1 recap of Invisible City!

Legend awakes deep in the jungle 

Invisible City starts with the scene in the jungle. We see a hunter Mr. Antunes during his midnight bird hunt. A routine hunt quickly turns into bloodshed when he is attacked by a mysterious creature whose head appears on fire. Sometime later, we see people sitting around the campfire where the story of Curupira is being told. Luna, a young girl, sees the same flames and goes to investigate, but her mother, Gabriela, dies while trying to save her from the fire, the same fire that killed Mr. Antunes. 

Pink dolphin

Gabriela’s husband, Eric, is a saddened environmental officer who investigates the fire case but fails to find any cause. He finds a pink river dolphin washed up on the shore, which later turns into a dead human in the trunk of his car, revealing its connection to the legend of encantado, which depicts a pink river dolphin becoming a man, impregnating young women in the villages. Meanwhile, Luna, Gabriela’s daughter, reads a story about a mischievous boy called Saci from Brazilian folklore, which has similarities to a street kid named Isac. Eric dumps the dead body in the forest before leaving an anonymous tip for the police. 

The forest fire case is complicated by several additional supernatural creatures 

Eric tries to make sense of recent events and investigates a dead body found in the forest (which he dumped there himself). He discovers that the victim, Manaus, had a complicated relationship with Fabiana and her partner Joao. Ines discovers the body in the morgue and covers it with butterflies, suspecting that something has sucked out Manaus’ soul.

Ines Butterflys

Eric is transported to Ines’ desolate bar under the spell of Camila’s singing, where he reveals his secrets before being carried away by Camila into the water, who is a mermaid. The investigation continues with Ivo’s approval, and Joao is a prime suspect in the murder of Manaus. It’s obvious that pregnant Fabiana and Manaus had something going on between each other, which Joao didn’t like. 


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Ines turns out to be a much larger player that we’ve anticipated

 Eric survives his ordeal after Camila drags him into the water and returns to the bar. Camila is missing, but Tutu eventually finds her passed out on a rock in her mermaid form. Camila returns to the bar and tells Ines that she doesn’t think Eric is responsible for what happened. Ines is brought in for questioning, and Marcia begins to have doubts about what Ines knows. Eric investigates and learns that the legends live among them, and Cico warns him to stay away from Ines. Eric’s grandmother tells him Luna needs her father, but he heads out to find Camila.

Invisible City Camila Siren

Tutu has taken Camila to the bar, and when Eric shows up, Tutu sends him a message claiming Camila is waiting in her dressing room. Eric winds up trapped in a room with Ines, who hypnotizes him with her singing and seemingly transports him to the shadow realm. In this strange dimension, Ines discovers what appears to be young Eric, but he fights her and launches her across the room. The hit is so strong they are both transported back to our real world. 


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Eric discovers a shocking truth about his past

In one of the flashbacks, we see Ines feeding a pig that later turns into a child. This child is one important character who will play a bigger role in the rest of the episode. 

Tutu rushes to tend to injured Ines as Camila takes Eric outside. Tutu promises to track down Eric as he hurries away to find him. Camila questions Eric on how he overpowered Ines, claiming that she is the Cuca and that helping Eric means putting herself in danger. Luna wakes up and tells her father she doesn’t want him to be friends with Camila. Camila crashes with Isac after being unable to return home. Cico goes on a walk and finds strange, charred marks on the ground. In yet another flashback, we see him investigating a dead body belonging to a hunter that we’ve seen at the start of the series.

Cico tomb opened

Cico likewise realizes the tomb is open, releasing the curse connected to the “Dry Body” that seemingly killed Manaus. Eric confronts Cico with sketches of Manaus, and Cico reveals that Eric could be a “channel” due to being Manaus’ son, which is something that Eric’s grandmother kept from him. Tutu transforms into a monstrous hog and attacks Eric as Luna screams.

Luna seems to be at the center of her mother’s death, and Eric seems to be connected to the Manaus’ death

Eric is forced to take time away from the force after Marcia and Ivo refuse to believe his claims about Manaus being the dolphin and the legends being true. He finds out from Januaria that there is a period of unaccounted time from the night Manaus was allegedly killed as Eric blacked out. When Marcia investigates Manaus’ body, she finds that it has disappeared. Ines confronts Marcia in the eerie basement and shows her the deepest secrets she holds.

Luna Cursed

Cico performs a ritual to take Eric back to the night Manaus was killed, where he sees what transpired, and he realizes that he was the one that contributed to his murder. Likewise, we find out Luna seems to have awakened a curse that was started by the Curupira, as evidenced by her milky white eyes that we keep seeing.

Luna is unleashed as Eric pleads with Dry Spirit to leave her alone 

Eric rushes back home to save his possessed daughter, Luna. Meanwhile, Isac uses his powers to trap Luna before warning Ibere to leave before it’s too late. Luna escapes from her prison and kills Isac, leaving Ibere alive. Eric tries to get through to his daughter, but when that fails, he offers himself as a host to the Dry Spirit. As police cars arrive on the scene, Eric shows the whites of his eyes, indicating that the Dry Spirit has changed hosts. Elsewhere, Cico finds out that Mr. Alfonso is behind everything and that his plans to find the tomb and buy land from the villagers were all a ruse.

Eric and Luna


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Dry Spirit is stopped, and Eric is seemingly killed, but it’s not the end of his journey 

In the final episode, we see that Curupira went after the hunter in the first episode after he lost control when his family was killed, spouting flames from his head. Ibere cradles the lifeless form of Isac and struggles to control his rage, and Isac’s body disappears as the wind blows and consumes them both. Eric is taken to the station but is freed by Camila, and together they race back up to the village to find Curupira.

Erci Dry Spirit

Chaos manifests in the form of a mighty wind blowing through the village, and darkness descends as everyone converges in the woods and are trying to control the Dry Spirit trapped inside Eric. Ultimately Ibere attacks Eric and Eric, realizing what kind of damage Dry Spirit is capable of unleashing, stabs himself in the chest. With this the curse of the Dry Spirit is broken, and Eric appears to be in some kind of an afterlife while the rest of the crew is trying to revive him. d

In the end, Eric wakes up in a pool with Gabriela standing in white in the distance, telling him he still has work to do.

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