Is 1899 Related to Dark? Here’s How the Two Netflix Shows Connect

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Not a lot of different international shows have seen the same kind of success that Dark was able to see during its run from 2017 to 2020. Of course, the creators of the successful German series came up with a new storyline that follows the same kind of dark and mysterious element and theme that came with Dark. We are talking about 1899, which is set to see a release in the middle of November 2022. But is 1899 related to Dark?

It is unlikely that 1899 is related to Dark. That’s because the creators of both of these shows said that they wanted to create something different and original when they conceptualized 1899. As such, the only connection that they have is the fact that they were both created by the same people.

The fact that 1899 is set to have an entirely different storyline that’s unique compared to Dark makes it an interesting series as far as its overall mystique is concerned. As such, most of us are coming into 1899 blind because we don’t know what kind of mystery and twists it has up its sleeves, especially considering that it isn’t related to Dark. So, with that said, let’s look at what we know about 1899.

What Is 1899 About?

When it comes to some of the different shows on Netflix, one of the international shows that fans are excited to catch is 1899, which was released on November 17, 2022. Of course, the reason why 1899 is an international series that fans are looking to catch soon is the fact that it was created by the pair of Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar, who were the ones responsible for creating the successful series called Dark, which was able to have a successful run on Netflix from 2017 to 2020.

In that regard, fans were excited to see what’s next in store from Friese and Odar, as we know for a fact that these are talented writers that know a thing or two about delivering masterpieces that can mess with the mind. It is expected that 1899 will come with the same kind of mind-numbing experience that Dark delivered. So, what is 1899 all about?

As mentioned, 1899 comes from the creators of Dark, and that means that we are in store for something that’s quite unique in terms of its overall premise and theme. But because it was created by the same pair of people that worked on Dark, it was expected that this will come with another dark theme that is full of twists and mysteries that can keep us guessing as our eyes are glued to the screen.

The official synopsis of 1899 is described as follows:

“The original series revolves around a migrant steamship heading west to leave the old continent from London to New York. The passengers, a mixed bag of European origins, are united by their hopes and dreams for the new century and their future abroad. When they discover another migrant ship adrift on the open sea, their journey takes an unexpected turn. What they find on board will turn their passage to the promised land into a horrifying nightmare.”


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There is also an updated synopsis that allows us to see more of what to expect from 1899:

“The eight episodes tell of the mysterious events during the voyage of an emigrant ship from Europe to New York. Passengers from the most diverse backgrounds look forward to the dawning century with hope.

They all dream of a better future abroad. When they discover a second ship on the open sea that has been missing for months, their journey takes an unexpected turn. What they find on board turns their crossing to the promised land into a nightmarish mystery. A web of secrets seems to tie the past of each passenger together.”

In that regard, we follow a group of different people onboard a ship from Europe so that they can get to the New World, which we all know is America. This happened during the latter part of the great migration that the world saw during the 1800s.

However, while the series focuses on the journey of people from Europe to the United States, it also talks about the different stories of individuals that are running away from something in their past lives. They all have diverse backgrounds and specific reasons for wanting to leave the Old World. But the thing is that, like Dark, there should be some kind of a twist that we can expect from 1899.

In a statement, the creators said:

“What really made us connect to this idea was the concept of having a truly European show with a mixed cast from different countries. At its heart is the question of what unites us and what divides us. And how fear can be a trigger for the latter.”

At this point, we already know what the series is all about as we have already seen the large twist that is present in the show. It is clear that 1899 is actually set in an entirely different timeline than what the series initially introduces. As such, it is more of a sci-fi mystery series that presents itself as a historical mystery drama.

Of course, we won’t be spoiling what this large mystery is because this is discussed in greater detail in our other articles. But there are a lot of things about 1899 that makes it something incredibly different from the concept of parallel worlds and timelines that we saw in Dark. Instead, 1899’s storyline is more in line with the concept of what is actually true in this world.

Is 1899 Related To Dark?

As mentioned, 1899 was created by Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar, who are the ones responsible for creating the successful Dark series that was also released on Netflix. So, does that mean that these two shows are related to one another?

1899 Netflix Series

In a statement by the creators, they said:

“We don’t repeat ourselves, we really hate that, but it’s going to be a fun puzzle for the audience. We are going back to our mystery roots. All the passengers on the ship are traveling with secrets that they don’t want to get out. It’s built like a puzzle again. Knowing that we did Dark, everyone can be assured that this is going to be something weird and wild and crazy.”


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In that regard, it is possible that the creators are telling us that they wanted to deliver something original and something that we haven’t seen before. That could be a way for them to tell us that 1899 is an entirely original storyline that has nothing to do with Dark.

The fact that 1899 is original and is unlikely related to Dark is a good way of making the series a lot more mysterious than it already was. That’s because of the fact that we are coming into 1899 blind, as the only thing that we know about it are the things that have been mentioned in the synopses. So, if it were remotely related to Dark, that would make it less mysterious than it should be.

As such, the only connection that 1899 has to Dark is the fact that it was created by the same pair of people. Other than that, it is unlikely that there is any deep connection between 1899 and Dark as they are both great standalone series that we can watch without watching the other.

Of course, the ending of season 1 of 1899 presented a definite answer in relation to its connection with Dark, or lack thereof. Simply put, 1899 is set in an entirely different timeline that isn’t remotely connected to Dark at all. There are no characters or easter eggs that could be connected with Dark as well.

It is also unlikely that the two series are set in the same universe, even though they both have similar elements of mystery. That means that fans should not expect 1899 to be Dark 2 as it is an entirely different entity on its own and is not remotely related to Dark.

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