Is Adar Really Maglor? & What Happened to Him?

adar maglor

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The entire lore and legendarium of JRR Tolkien’s writings are so vast that its history stems from thousands of years before the events of The Lord of the Rings and during the time when the Elves were still living in Valinor. One such Elf that followed the legendary Fëanor to Middle-Earth to pursue Morgoth and the Silmarils is Maglor, whose fate is unknown during the events of the Silmarillion. But we met a mysterious former Elf in the form of Adar during the events of The Rings of Power. So, is Adar actually Maglor? 

It is unlikely that Adar is Maglor. That’s because Galadriel should have been familiar with Adar when she met him during the events of episode 6, considering that they were both in Valinor at around the same time and quite possibly met in the past as well. As such, Adar might be an entirely different Elf in his former life.

While we already know what Adar is, we still don’t know who he used to be when he was still an Elf. That means that there are a lot of things that we still don’t know about Adar, even after Galadriel was able to find out what kind of creature he is. So, with that said, let’s talk more about Adar and Maglor and why people think they are one and the same.

Who Is Maglor?

Back in the events of the Silmarillion, which is JRR Tolkien’s book that recounts the events during the time when Eru Ilúvatar created the Ainur, the story of the beginning of the world was told. It was also in that very same book that he told the stories of the Elves that lived in Valinor during the Years of the Trees. One such story involved Fëanor, who he said was the greatest of the Elves.

Fëanor was the one who created the Silmarils, three jewels that had the same light that the Two Trees had. However, Melkor, a Valar that lived in the darkness, stole the three jewels and destroyed the Two Trees. In response, Fëanor named him Morgoth, the Black Foe of the World, and chased him all the way to Middle-Earth against the will of the Valar.

In his quest to take back the Silmarils, Fëanor was accompanied by his sons and a host of different Elves that wanted to take part in the battle against Morgoth. One of his sons was Maglor, who was able to live through the events of the First Age. And after Fëanor’s death, he promised to recover the Silmarils.

Maglor by ekukanova
“Maglor” by Elena Kukanova

Like his father, Maglor did horrible acts as he was driven by his oath to recover the Silmarils so that he could fulfill his father’s wishes. He and his brothers killed their own kind so that they could recover the Silmarils that Morgoth stole but were already in possession of other Elves and even Half-Elves. They were also the ones responsible for the deaths of the different people living in the Mouths of Sirion, where Elrond and Elros lived. Driven by his guilt for causing Elwing to turn into a bird, Maglor adopted her sons Elrond and Elros and treated them like his own sons.


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Of course, it was this event that triggered Eärendil and Elwing to journey all the way to Valinor to ask the Valar to intervene in the war as they no longer wanted any more people to die. Eärendil’s selflessness touched Manwë, who allowed the Valar to intervene in the war against Morgoth, as the dark lord was finally defeated. 

The Valar were able to recover the Silmarils, which were stolen by the sons of Fëanor. Maglor had one in his possession, but it rejected him due to the many evil deeds that he committed during the First Age. When his hand burned at the touch of the Silmaril, he threw it into the ocean. After that, Maglor was never seen or heard of again as it is often said that he walks the shores of Middle-Earth in agony and despair due to the fact that the Silmaril, the very thing that he sacrificed a lot to obtain, rejected him.

Is Adar Really Maglor?

During the events of episode 6 of The Rings of Power, Galadriel explained the story behind the Moriondor, which are Elves that were taken by Morgoth long ago and were subjected to torture and brutality until they became twisted and dark creatures that are now entirely different. Adar is a Moriondor and was one of the First Orcs that eventually led to the birth of more Orcs.

While we do know what Adar is, we still don’t know who he actually is, except for the fact that he used to be an Elf. In fact, he is familiar with Arondir’s homeland, as he might have lived there long ago as well. Adar isn’t even his real name because this is merely what the Orcs call him, as the word literally means “father” in Elvish.

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Considering that we don’t know who Adar is and that we don’t know what happened to Maglor after the First Age, does that mean that Adar is actually Maglor? Well, here are a few clues that could point to that possibility:

  • We know that Maglor was burned when he touched the Silmaril. Adar, of course, has skin that seems to have been burned as well. It could be possible that his burnt skin was a product of the effects of the Silmaril when he rejected it.
  • In the books, Maglor has black hair, and we do know that Adar has black hair. And the way Adar was portrayed in his posters is similar to how the sons of Fëanor were portrayed in the different art that depicted them.
  • It was suggested that Adar used to be an Elf that came from a noble line, as he was quite familiar with Arondir’s homeland. There were also suggestions that he is related to Galadriel in some way.
  • The word “Adar” is “father” in Elvish, and we know that Maglor adopted Elrond and Elros, who both saw him as a father figure. While the Orcs also call Adar by this title, this name might have stemmed from the fact that Elrond and Elros treated him as a father as well.

But while those clues may make it seem like Adar and Maglor are one and the same, there are also pieces of evidence that would point to the possibility that they are entirely different from one another.


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Galadriel was not familiar with Adar at all. Considering that Galadriel and Maglor lived in Valinor right around the same time and both came to Middle-Earth during the First Age, they should be familiar with one another. Even if the transformation from Elf to Orc may have changed his appearance a bit, Galadriel should have still been able to recognize him because Elven eyes are quite keen.

Maglor disappeared right after Morgoth was defeated. As Galadriel mentioned, the Moriondor were Elves that were corrupted by Morgoth himself and not by Sauron. So, if Adar is Maglor and he was corrupted right after he disappeared at the end of the First Age, the timelines are off because there was no way Morgoth would have been able to corrupt him when he was already bound by the Valar.

As such, unless the showrunners change some of the aspects that could be found in Tolkien’s writings, there is no way that Adar and Maglor are one and the same. But, considering that a lot has already been changed by The Rings of Power in comparison to the books, anything can still happen at this point.

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