What Happened to Galadriel at the End of The Rings of Power Episode 6? Is She Still Alive?

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Episode 6 is the most action-packed episode in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, as it was able to allow us to see an all-out battle between the Orcs and the Men of the Southlands and of Númenor. But there was a huge twist at the end of the episode as Númenor thought that it had won the fight with Adar and his Orcs but learned that doom was literally upon them in the form of the volcanic eruption from Orodruin, as Galadriel faced the smoke and ash with a look of failure on her face. So, what happened to Galadriel at the end of The Rings of Power episode 6?

Galadriel was seemingly engulfed by the fire and ash coming from the volcanic eruption, as she never even dared to run away from it. But because Galadriel lived through the Second Age up to the end of the Third Age, there is no doubt that she was able to survive the eruption of Mount Doom.

It would be very silly for the writers to quickly write Galadriel out of the story by killing her during the early part of what is going to be a five-season series. After all, she is the story’s main character and is going to continue to stay in Middle-Earth for thousands of years. As such, Galadriel is going to be fine in the next episode of The Rings of Power.

What Happened To Galadriel In The Rings Of Power Episode 6?

While a lot of people would say that the best part of episode 6 of The Rings of Power was the action involving the Númenoreans and Adar’s Orc army, we know for a fact that people loved how it was able to continue to build the entire lore that we already saw during the events of The Lord of the Rings. After all, the events of The Rings of Power take place thousands of years before the LOTR trilogy.

We already know that Galadriel was now aware that the Orcs were still active in the Southlands and that Sauron was looking to create a realm for his Orcs in that part of Middle-Earth. And we also know that she was able to convince Queen Regent Míriel, thanks to the White Tree of Númenor, to muster up a force that would allow them to save the Men of the Southlands from the Orcs.

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During episode 6, the action came in the form of the Southlanders defending their homes against the Orcs, only to realize that they had bitten more than they could chew when they were overwhelmed by the sheer number of Adar’s Uruk army. But the good thing was the fact that Galadriel and the Númenoreans were able to come to their rescue and even capture Adar.

The celebration, however, was short-lived. That was because Adar had a contingency plan that included giving Waldreg the dark sword hilt that he said was a key. While the Númenoreans were celebrating their victory with the Southlanders, the very foundations of the land were shaking due to Waldreg using the sword hilt as a key that opened up a mechanism that allowed the waters underneath the Southlands to flow.


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These waters reached the very insides of a dormant volcano and reacted with the lava to cause an eruption that caused a wide-scale disaster that neither the Númenoreans nor the Southlanders were prepared for. The volcano erupted, and horror was written all over the faces of Míriel, Elendil, and Arondir, who all had to try to save everyone that could get caught in the volcanic blast.

Meanwhile, Galadriel realized that she had failed in her quest to prevent Sauron from turning the Southlands into his own realm. She never tried to flee from the volcanic eruption and even faced the smoke, ash, and flames head-on without even fearing it. Galadriel knew that she couldn’t save anyone from what had just happened, as it was clear that Sauron, wherever he might be, was one step ahead of her.

As the episode ended, the smoke, ash, and flames coming from the volcanic eruption seemingly engulfed Galadriel, who never even moved from her spot. This only allowed people to speculate what might have happened to her and what could happen to the people of the Southlands in the next two episodes, as season 1 of The Rings of Power is reaching its conclusion.

Is Galadriel Still Alive In The Rings Of Power?

At the end of episode 6, we did see Galadriel facing the dangers of the volcanic eruption head-on without even running away from it. The fact that she didn’t even try to save anyone from the destructive power of the volcano meant that, at that point, all she had in her mind was that she had failed once more. But did the volcano actually kill Galadriel? Is she still alive in The Rings of Power?

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It is worth taking note that there is no way Galadriel is ever going to die during the events of The Rings of Power not only because she is the main character of the storyline but also because of the fact that she has always been one of the mainstays of JRR Tolkien’s writings. She has been around since the time of the Two Trees in Valinor and was able to live through the First, Second, and Third Ages.


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In fact, Galadriel, although no longer the warrior that she was during the events of The Rings of Power, became a benevolent and prominent leader during the events of both The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. She was an important figure that helped in the establishment of the White Council and in the defeat of Sauron at the end of the Third Age. And she finally departed Middle-Earth during the beginning of the Fourth Age as she and the other Elves slowly left for Valinor to leave Middle-Earth in the capable hands of Aragorn in what became the Age of Men.

So, with that said, she does not die in that volcanic eruption as her storyline doesn’t end there. Galadriel still has thousands of years in her own storyline, and that means that she is going to survive the events of that catastrophic disaster brought about by Mount Doom.

As to how she ends up surviving that event is still something that we don’t know. But the fact is that she is an Elf that is a lot more powerful than regular people and ordinary Elves. As such, if there was a character capable of surviving that catastrophic disaster, it would be Galadriel herself.

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