Is ‘Attack on Titan’ Over? (Manga & Anime)

is attack on titan over anime and manga

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Everyone knows that Attack on Titan is one of the most popular modern-day anime and it is often paired with My Hero Academia, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Demon Slayer as part of the modern “Big Four.” Hajime Isayama’s work is definitely a work to watch and a relevant factor in modern times, so it makes sense that we want to talk about it. What interests us here, in this article, is whether Attack on Titan is actually over or if there is more of the series we can expect. This article will answer that question to you as you will find out whether the anime and manga are over.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Attack on Titan is an anime and manga series created by Hajime Isayjama.
  • The manga series is currently over, as it was published between 2009 and 2021, containing a total of 34 volumes. As of the time of writing, there don’t seem to be any plans for a sequel.
  • The anime adaptation of the manga is still ongoing, but the final part will premiere on November 4, 2023, when the anime will likewise end.

The Attack on Titan manga is over

Attack on Titan was one of the launch titles of the monthly Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine, which began publication on September 9, 2009, by Kōdansha. The first volume (a tankōbon) was released on March 17, 2010, and the publication rate was three volumes per year. The last chapter was published in the magazine on April 9, 2021, and the 34th and final volume was released on June 9, 2021.

In November 2020, the publication of a fully colorized version of the manga was announced, and the first volume of this full-color edition was marketed in June 2021. In March 2021, the Kōdansha publishing house announced the publication of 100 copies of the manga’s first two chapters in a so-called “Titan” format, making between six and seven times the normal size of a tankōbon, to break the record for the largest comic book in the Guinness Book of Records.

As you can see, the Attack on Titan manga has been over for some time. The final chapter was published back in 2021, and the final volume came out in 2021, which means that the series has been over for two years. Most fans of the series will know that because the ending of Isayama’s manga proved exceptionally controversial, many fans were not satisfied with how Isayama ended his story, thinking that it did not do justice to the plot and the characters.


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But, be that as it may, the Attack on Titan manga is definitely over. There has been some additional content that complements the main series, but that is all over as well, so – as far as the written materials are concerned – there is nothing more to expect, and Attack on Titan is indeed over. As far as it is known, Isayama is not working on a sequel, and the Attack on Titan universe is done for, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t be getting a sequel in the future, although – based on how it all ended – a sequel doesn’t seem likely from a narrative standpoint.

The Attack on Titan anime is very close to its ending

The anime adaptation was announced in December 2012 after a teaser website called opened. Wit Studio initially produced the anime with direction by Tetsurō Araki, production by Tetsuya Kinoshita, screenplay by Yasuko Kobayashi, and compositions by Hiroyuki Sawano. Its broadcast initially began on April 7, 2013 on MBS.

Shortly after the broadcast’s start, Kyoji Asano, character designer of the series, announced that he was looking for animators to help the animation studio, ensuring that the series would not lose quality. Following this, Tetsurō Araki, Tetsuya Kinoshita, and the author Hajime Isayama declared they wanted to adapt the rest of the manga. In August 2014, George Wada, president of Wit Studio, announced that a second season was in pre-production.

The first episode aired on April 1, 2017, on 21 Japanese channels. The season was made up of twelve episodes and adapted from chapters 35 to 50. A third season was announced during the broadcast of the last episode of the second season. It was made up of 22 episodes broadcast in two parts. The first part, broadcast between July and October 2018, adapted chapters 51 to 70 of the manga. The second half, broadcast between April and July 2019, adapted chapters 71 to 90 of the original work. For the first part, author Hajime Isayama reworked the story’s script because he was unsatisfied with his work on the manga.

A fourth and ultimately final season was announced as the third season was ending. In May 2020, Wit Studio announced that MAPPA would be producing the final season with Yūichirō Hayashi as director. The first part of the season, composed of 16 episodes covering chapters 91 to 116, was broadcast until March 29, 2021. A second part, composed of twelve episodes, was broadcast from January 10 to April 4, 2022.

A third and final part is announced shortly after the last episode of the second part. The first hour-long special episode aired on March 3, 2023, following the broadcast of a seven-part anime compilation, while the second episode will be released on November 4, 2023.


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So, as of the time of writing, the Attack on Titan anime is not over yet, but it will be over soon, as the final part of the series will air in November. There’s not much left, but we can confirm that the anime is not over yet.

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