Is Batman in The Boys? Meet Tek Knight

Is Batman in The Boys?

The Boys is an American superhero television series based on a comic book of the same name. The series follows the eponymous group of vigilantes as they combat superpowered individuals who abuse their abilities. However, not only that The Boys’ characters are often grotesque, but they also represent a parody of superheroes from DC and Marvel. An example of such a character is Tek Knight. He is a Supe without powers, self-righteous, and violent. So based on this characteristic alone, fans started to wonder, is Tek Knight actually the Dark Knight, and is Batman in The Boys?

Batman is not in the Boys. However, The Boys did introduce us to Tek Knight, a Supe with no powers and one of the founding members of the super-group Payback. This character was based on Batman, and his vigilantism, lack of superpowers, and use of gadgets are all similar to the Dark Knight.

Tek Knight is for now only mentioned in the show, but he is well portrayed in the comics. So, if you want to know more about Tek Knight and his role in The Boys, this article is for you. Just a heads up, this character is somewhat ‘diabolic’ even more than we are used to from The Boy’s characters to be.

Meet Tek Knight

Tek Knight a.k.a. Robert Vernon is one of the members of the group Payback. What makes him somewhat different from other Supes is the fact that he never was administered with a dose of Compound-V, a powerful serum that would grant him superpowers. Instead, he relies on his high-tech suit of armor to give him an edge in combat, and that reminds us of Iron Man from Marvel Universe who was also an inspiration for Tek Knight’s character.

Vernon had a specific issue. Due to the tumor in his brain, he suffered from a psychological problem that caused him to have urges of being intimate with all living creatures as with objects also. As he couldn’t control himself and his urges, this got him in trouble many times and would eventually lead to his banishment from Payback.

Other than that, he seems to be relatively ordinary, as Butcher finds him boring and he’s not very interesting to the Boys in comparison to other Supes. The Boys eventually ended up investigating Tek Knight as he was a suspect in the murder of Stephen Rubenstein.


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Besides being a parody of Marvel’s Iron Man, he is also based on DC’s Batman.

Resemblances are hard to miss. For example, Vernon operates from a cave underneath the headquarters and has a young sidekick Laddio ( Laddio is a parody of Robin ). Tek Knight also uses several vehicles during his missions as a reference to the Batmobile, has a butler named Thomas, and even his name is very similar to Dark Knight.

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Bizzare facts about Tek Knight

As already mentioned Tek Knight has a psychological problem where he just can’t control his urges towards humans, other creatures, and objects. While on return from one of Payback’s missions, his urges got out of hand and he crashed when he tried having relations with one of his teammates in mid-air which led to his banishment from Payback.

He sought professional help due to his condition but that ended up with him trying to molest the doctor’s cat. His young sidekick Laddio was in Tek Knight’s eyes also perceived as a potential target so he decided to avoid Laddio as much as he could in order to avoid any inconveniences.

Later on, details about Tek Knight’s urges would become publicly known when his butler Thomas revealed information to the press admitting that he was also one of Vernon’s victims and suffered an ear injury because of it.

Tek Knight eventually retired and died shortly after when he was rescuing a mother and her child from being crushed by bricks. However, in his mind, he died as a hero who saved the world by being intimate with a meteorite who eventually exploded and killed him in the process.

Will Tek Knight Be In The Upcoming Seasons Of The Boys?

With all the facts about Tek Knight being said, one question got left out in the open. Is there room for Tek Knight’s character in the upcoming seasons? Keep in mind that these are just theories but it is possible for him to not only show up but also have some significant role to play.

For example, Soldier Boy mentioned that Vernon was actually the only one on the Payback team that was actually nice to him so it is possible these two could match – up somewhere in the future and continue Soldier Boy’s revenge journey. If he ever manages to escape from Mallory’s cryogenic chamber, that is.

Another theory is that in season four Tek Knight might show up as a parody of Bruce Wayne or even Elon Musk. Due to the fact that season three ended with Victoria Neuman being the new candidate for the Vice President position, it is possible he might show up as a billionaire with powerful political ties and somehow ‘disturb the waters.’


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So, Is Batman In The Boys?

No, he is not. Batman is a character from the DC Universe and doesn’t appear in The Boys nor it will. However, The Boys do have a parody character named Tek Knight based on the character of Batman. Tek Night and Dark Night have some similarities as they don’t have superpowers, use gadgets in combat, and ride various vehicles. They also both have their sidekicks like Laddio and Robin and live with their butlers. Caves are the bases of operations for both of them.

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