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Josip Sovar

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Josip Sovar is a part-time writer based in Krizevci, Croatia. He is a law student at Faculty of Law at University of Zagreb. Josip’s expertise includes Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, MCU, and more or less any other superhero-related TV show or movie. He’s also prone to learning and experiencing new things and enjoys broadening his horizons. Josip's journey as a writer started in his early childhood days, writing for his local school newspapers. Since then, he has refined his craft by writing on various online platforms, such as Fiver, iwriter, and PeoplePerHour. He also briefly owned a blog about dogs. Josip's greatest achievement as a writer is being a part of the Fiction Horizon team, where he contributes by writing articles on various topics about trending movies and TV shows. He writes for Comic Basics as well. World of fiction, alongside sport have always been Josip’s place of freedom and enjoyment. Since his early days, he liked to stay-up late and watch all sorts of movies on TV, and waking up early so he wouldn’t miss any superhero cartoon that is about to air. If he would have to choose one TV show that had the greatest impact on him, it was probably Dr. House. As for the movies, he could watch Marvel movies all day, any day. Even though he thinks that their quality is slightly declining, they are always number one on Josip’s watchlist. Besides that, he likes movies that really get into his head in a way that he can’t stop think about them long after they are over. He remembers that Inception, Life of Pi, and Interstellar, among many others, made him feel that way. His favorite video game franchise is Prince of Persia. Josip likes to be informed about the things he writes about, and his writing style is mostly based on providing straightforward facts to the readers implementing his experience into articles. He tries to keep as objective as possible while writing, but that is not always possible, so his presence can be felt in the articles he writes in a minimum way, but enough for the readers to know that he nurtures consistent affection toward his creations and work.


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