Is Boba Fett Good Or Bad?

is boba fett good or bad

When fans first got a glimpse of Boba Fett, he was fighting on the bad guys’ side. However, his backstory was heartbreaking, and Boba showed signs of a high moral compass and even remorse, especially in The Mandalorian series. That isn’t something you’d usually associate with a bad guy, which opens the question, is Boba Fett good or bad?

Boba Fett is more bad than good, but it’s not as simple as that. As a bounty hunter, he does what he does for the money, not because he’s good or bad. However, his staying to help Din Djarin save Grogu (“Baby Yoda”) just because he gave his word shows that Fett is far from being a villain.

There’s so much grey area surrounding Boba Fett, which is ultimately why he’s such a beloved character. You either love him, or you love to hate him. In your imagination, Boba Fett can be a good guy just trying to make a living doing what he does best or an all-out villain who cares for nothing but himself. Let’s weigh in on both sides to conclude if Boba Fett was good or bad?

The Good Side Of Boba Fett

Although Boba Fett works for the Empire in the original trilogy, he’s still one of the most beloved characters in the movies. That’s because his story was shrouded in mystery, and Boba’s character is one big grey area. 

First of all, he’s a bounty hunter – the best one in the galaxy. Boba Fett doesn’t do what he does because he’s good or bad. Fett is a bounty hunter because he’s the best at being one. No matter what job you put in front of him, Boba delivers. 

Whether it’s capturing Han Solo, turning someone to ash, or saving a princess from a big bad ogre, Boba is your guy if the price is right. He involves no emotions and takes no sides – all he does is complete the job.


Why Is Boba Fett So Popular?

Second, it’s hard not to feel for Boba Fett when you hear about his backstory. He’s a clone whose “father” got decapitated right before him when he was still just a boy. Boba vowed to continue his father’s legacy, and his father, Jango, was a bounty hunter as well. You can’t blame little Boba for wanting to honor his father.

Third, although Boba does a lot of dirty work, he’s still a man of his word. Fett has honor, respect, and ethics, as he was raised under Mandalorian culture and tradition.

In The Mandalorian TV show, Boba made a deal with Din Djarin, stating that he’ll help him protect the Child, Grogu if Djarin returned his armor to Fett. Djarin gave back the armor to Boba, but Grogu got taken away in a fight later.

Boba could easily turn around and walk away, but instead, he stayed and promised to keep his word and help Djarin rescue Grogu. “A deal is a deal,” he says, and we never saw Boba Fett trump his word.

The Bad Side Of Boba Fett

Again, the bad side of Boba Fett is that he’s a bounty hunter. Fett will do anything you ask of him for money if the price is right, even if it means working for the worst guys like Darth Vader and the Empire. He collects bounties regardless of what is asked of him. Fett is emotionless, ruthless, and outright murderous sometimes.

That’s not something you’d say a good guy does, right? The fact that he worked for the Empire is a testament big enough to see he’s not really nice. I mean, he agreed to have Han Solo frozen in carbon and delivered to Jabba the Hut, knowing what kind of horrible stuff Jabba does to people – simply to get money from him.


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Boba Fett killed numerous people, and apart from working for the Empire, he also worked for Jabba the Hut. Jabba is one of the most sadistic, ruthless, evil (albeit stupid) characters in the entire franchise, and Boba Fett is his guy.

All the heartbreaking backstories of this world can’t help Boba Fett be considered a good guy when you know he’s ready to do anything for a bounty, even if it means killing someone innocent or capturing and delivering to somebody who’d torture them.

Finally, being a mand of his word is a double-edged blade. On the one hand, it’s nice of him to keep his word and help Din Djarin save the Child. On the other hand, what if keeping his word means killing somebody despite learning they’re innocent? Can it be considered moral or a personality trait of a good person?

The Bottom Line: Is Boba Fett Good Or Bad?

Boba Fett is one of the grey-area characters, but he leans more towards being bad than good. He’s a bounty hunter who would do anything for a good price, even working for guys like Jabba the Hutt or Darth Vader.

Having such a horrible childhood can redeem him to a point, but everybody chooses their own path, and boba Fett chose to become a murderous mercenary. While he did show remorse for his actions a few times and showed he has a moral compass, Boba Fett still does what he does daily.


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The bottom line is, although he might have some personality traits of a good person, he hasn’t done nearly enough to show he isn’t a bad guy. However, you never know. With The Book of Boba Fett coming out so soon and his role in The Mandalorian, Boba Fett might redeem himself eventually and show that he’s not bad, only steered away from the path of good.

Hey, if Darth Vader could get redemption after everything he had done, why can’t Boba Fett get one, too?

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