Is Chainsaw Man Cancelled in the US? (& Why Do People Think It Is Banned?)

Is Chainsaw Man Canceled in the US? (& Why Do People Think It Is Banned?)

You’d think that the people in America would learn something from past mistakes, but they keep surprising us. The social media false information war, which has spread to all battlefields, from Twitter to YouTube, has found its new victim and this time – it’s quicker than before! Namely, the first episode of Chainsaw Man wasn’t even finished when the social media brigades started spreading rumors that the series is being canceled in the United States and we’re going to reply to them with this article.

No, Chainsaw Man is not being canceled or banned in the United States. The show is currently being streamed by Crunchyroll and will continue to be streamed on the platform throughout its run. On top of that, a dubbed version has been announced to begin streaming on October 25, 2022, which further confirms that Chainsaw Man is alive and well and that the rumors about its cancelation are false.

In the continuation of this article, we are going to bring you all the details you need to know about the future of Chainsaw Man in the United States. You’re going to find out all the official news about the s, series well as the hottest speculations going about on the web and on social media. This article is going to be your definitive source for everything you need to know about the future of Chainsaw Man in the United States.

Is Chainsaw Man canceled in the United States?

Chainsaw Man promises to be one of the season’s biggest hits and while the season starts off somewhat slowly, we know it’s building up to something great. I personally am looking forward to some amazing episodes in the upcoming weeks. So, you can imagine my surprise when I actually read that the show might be getting banned in the United States; despite the fact that yours truly doesn’t watch the show from the US, this piece of news still had me somewhat worried.

Chainsaw Man Episode 1 Review

I have to admit I was quite shocked to read rumors about the series’ cancellation, especially since they came so early into its run – after just two episodes! Again. I really did not think this would happen, at least not so soon. Sure, the backlash surrounding the show’s violence and sexual references were there from the beginning, but no one actually called for the show to be canceled this time, which was good.

Plus, it’s mostly social media trolls who don’t have any other way of getting attention but to talk nonsense on Twitter and Instagram. But I really thought we wouldn’t be having this conversation once again, especially after we’ve talked about this twice in the case of Demon Slayer. Oh boy…

Regardless of my immediate anxiety attack when I read this, I still made my way to the Internet and started checking reliable sources. Google did come up with some news that contained the phrase “Chainsaw Man canceled in America”, but these were – in every case – either old speculations or completely unreliable sources. Then I went on to check the official sources and sites such as ANN, and guess what? No changes at all.

By now, I was, once again, completely certain that Chainsaw Man has not been canceled and that it is going to keep airing as scheduled, and while I was less curious about the source of these rumors than the last two times while looking over the recent news and reports regarding Chainsaw Man, I once again managed to find a potential source that might be the source of these false rumors, but more on that in the next section.


Chainsaw Man Dub Release Date Announced, Including Voice Actors

So, to conclude, Chainsaw Man is not canceled and we are going to see it as scheduled in the upcoming weeks, with a dubbed version coming up as well. We do not have any detailed information, but Chainsaw Man has become such a big title in so little that there is no way that it could be canceled on a social media whim, let alone in the midst of its run.

Be that as it may, we’ll probably have to listen to more similar rumors along the way, as people will definitely want more attention and there’s no better way to get some attention than by being a sensationalist false information spreader. Luckily, as we have said, it’s just a false rumor.

As we have said on each occasion when we talked about premature cancellations of anime series in the midst of their runs, you don’t have to worry – Chainsaw Man is not going anywhere and we can look forward to more content in the future.

Why do people think Chainsaw Man is getting banned in the United States?

In our experience, it is always difficult to pinpoint the exact moment when these rumors start spreading. It’s not impossible, sometimes it is quite clear but such situations are quite seldom and this is, sadly, not one of them. We actually don’t know who the first guy was that started spreading the rumor via Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or wherever, but we might have a potential source of confusion, and that is this Twitter discussion:

Aside from the fact that the US Government officially confirmed it watches anime, we actually saw several intriguing remarks during the whole conversation that might have inspired some attention-seeking troll to write such a post or publish such a video.

The guys from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission talked about chainsaw safety while referring to the anime series and in all honesty, this seems to us like a troll conversation more than anything serious.

But, it could be that some click-addict used this conversation as a basis. We couldn’t really find anything else that would point to cancellation or ban in the United States save for this, but even this says absolutely nothing!

This just confirms that there is a fun guy operating the USCPSC-s Twitter account and that’s a good thing. So, you do not have to worry – Chainsaw Man is not being canceled in the United States and you can look forward to more episodes of the show starting next week, both in subbed (Episode 3) and dubbed format (Episode 1).

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