Is the Chainsaw Man Manga Over or Still Ongoing?

Is Chainsaw Man Manga Over or Still Ongoing?

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Chainsaw Man is a shōnen manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto. The first part was published in Shūeisha publisher’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine between December 2018 and December 2020, and the second part was announced to be published in Shōnen Jump+ starting in 2022. The first part is compiled into a total of eleven bound volumes. The second part of the manga series began publication on July 13, 2022. Now, with all of this said, is the Chainsaw Man manga over, or is it still ongoing?

The Chainsaw Man manga is still ongoing. The first part was published in Shūeisha publisher’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine between December 2018 and December 2020. The second part of the manga series began publication on July 13, 2022 and is still ongoing, which means that the Chainsaw Man manga is alive and well.

The rest of this article is going to focus on the publication of the Chainsaw Man manga and all its aspects. We’re going to go over the whole publication history and ultimately tell you whether the Chainsaw Man manga is over or still ongoing, so that you know how much material from this great series you can expect.

Is the Chainsaw Man manga over?

Chainsaw Man manga is not over the second part began its prepublication in July of this year. Chainsaw Man is written and illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto, known for his other Fire Punch manga. The series begins preprint in publisher Shūeisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine on December 3, 2018. The magazine’s 2021 2nd issue, released on December 14, 2020, marks the end of Part 1 titled “Kōan-hen”. The preview of the second part, titled “Gakkō-hen”, is made on the Shōnen Jump+ platform and will follow Denji going to school. It began its prepublication on July 13, 2022.

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In North America, VIZ Media published the first three chapters in its online magazine Weekly Shonen Jump. New chapters are uploaded to the digital platform after the magazine’s hiatus. The series has also been released simultaneously on the Manga Plus platform since January 2019. In February 2020, Viz Media announced the release of the series.

This is not much we have for you, but we don’t really have much production information on the Chainsaw Man anime series. The production has been going smoothly and according to plan, so we really don’t have much to share with you. This, though, does confirm that the Chainsaw Man manga is still ongoing and that – as things stand – we will be reading it for a long time.


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What is Chainsaw Man about?

In Japan, in a universe close to ours, men and devils rub shoulders. Most of the creatures sow terror wherever they go and it is common to call on the “Devil Hunters”, humans, responsible for eliminating them. Denji is a young teenager who carries out this activity with the help of Pochita, a devil close to a dog with a chainsaw as a truffle, with whom he made a pact to repay his father’s debts.

The latter thought it best to escape his loan sharks by committing suicide, but the yakuza demanded that his son pay them the sum that his father owed them. From then on, Denji does various odd jobs and hunts down devils, hoping one day to live a quiet life far from his creditors. One night, the head of the yakuza betrays him.

The bandits have also entered into a contract with a devil, the Zombie Devil, who turns everyone he touches into undead. Cut into pieces and thrown into a trash can, a sheaf of Denji’s blood touches Pochita and the devil offers him a new pact: to give him his heart so that he can live this simple life he has always dreamed of.

Alive again, Denji realizes that a cord hangs in the middle of his chest. By pulling it, he becomes a half-human, half-devil being, equipped with a chainsaw as a head and on his forearms. He takes the opportunity to massacre the Zombie Devil and the mafiosos before a government team arrives on the scene. In exchange for his cooperation, Makima, their leader (with whom Denji immediately falls in love) offers him to join an experimental unit, Special Section 4, to track down the Gun Devil, one of the most powerful devils.

If Denji succeeds, she will grant any of her wishes. Accompanied by other Devil Hunters like Aki, Himeno, and Kobeni as well as Power (the Blood Fiend), the teenager, therefore, sets off in pursuit. After a few hunts against lesser devils, the team is attacked by assassins looking to kidnap Denji. Their leader is none other than the grandson of the leader of the yakuza, Samurai Sword, who has the same ability as the teenager, except that he is a Katana Man.

Himeno, out of love for Aki, sacrifices herself to save the few survivors, and the decision is made that Denji and Power be trained by Kishibe, the most powerful of the Devil Hunters to retaliate against a new attack. With the help of other Fiends like Bean, the Shark Fiend, the Violence Fiend, and the devils, Angel and Spider, Samurai and his team are taken out of harm’s way.


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In her debrief, Makima explains that their leader, Akane Sawatari, “committed suicide” without giving any further explanation that the Gun Devil wanted the Chainsaw Devil’s heart. Increasingly attracted to Makima, Denji meets a teenager his own age, Reze, with whom he also falls in love. He spends his time in the café where she works until one night when they break into a high school.

Reze then offers her to leave far from all her problems but Denji refuses before she reveals to him that she too is an assassin endowed with explosive powers. Despite many deaths on the side of the Devil Hunters, Denji manages to capture her before letting her get away, asking her to meet at the cafe. Reze, however, is killed by Makima while seeking to see him again.

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Shortly after, Denji is placed under surveillance by Makima, convinced that assassins from the United States or China will soon try their luck. For his part, Aki learns from the Angel Devil that devils follow a cycle of reincarnation between Hell and Earth as long as they inspire fear in men. If they have no memory of Hell, the Angel explains to them that after questioning the devils of the special section, the sound of a chainsaw is the only one they remember before their death.

Killers Quanxi, Santa Claus, and The Mistress appear, with their respective countries’ goals of capturing Denji, causing real carnage in Tokyo. The Mistress sends everyone to Hell where assassins like Devil Hunters have to deal with the Hell Devil which kills most of the forces present. Makima manages to save the few survivors and Denji kills the Mistress with the help of Quanxi.

Following this new attempt, Aki requests that Denji and Power, whom he has been in charge of since the beginning, no longer participate in the missions. However, he is forced to accept when he discovers that their next objective is none other than the Gun Devil. Makima explains to him that the Devil is already dead and that some countries have pieces of it.

They are weapons of mass destruction and their goal is to steal one to strengthen Japanese power. Just before the mission, Aki, accompanied by the Angel, renews his request to Makima to protect Denji and Power at any cost. His Chief then suddenly asks his two agents to execute without order without them being able to do anything about it while the American President concludes a pact with the Gun Devil to kill Makima, whose real identity is that of the Control Devil.

Despite thousands of deaths, nothing can kill her. Denji is then attacked by Aki, transformed into a Gun Devil, and is forced to kill him. Several days later, Denji meets Makima (whose real identity he does not know), who takes him to his apartment. Tired of having to make decisions that are too heavy with consequences, the teenager asks her to fulfill his wish to become her dog.

Makima accepts and kills Power who came to celebrate Denji’s birthday. The Control Devil explains to him that she wanted to break him psychologically to seize his power. Makima also reveals to him that his father’s death is nothing but a trick of his own soul, as he was killed in self-defense when the latter tried to go after Denji when he was a child. The Yakuza then took advantage of the situation to make Denji their handyman.


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A little later, Kishibe, suspecting Makima of treachery for a long time, launches an assault on her. The ex-chief asks for help from Denji, whom she names “Chainsaw Man,” and explains to Kishibe that she wishes to create a perfect world thanks to him because the devils devoured by the Chainsaw Devil are permanently erased from memory.

The confrontation between Chainsaw Man and the special forces takes on gigantic proportions, but the power of the devil diminishes as humans begin to admire him. Power is resurrected temporarily and saves Denji before succumbing to her wounds, making him promise to educate the future Blood Fiend.

Kishibe succeeds in bringing Denji to safety by making him understand that Makima will hunt him down wherever he is, but Denji succeeds in killing her by understanding that she recognizes people by their smell and that since their meeting, she is only interested in the Chainsaw Man. To prevent her from regenerating, Denji eats her in the form of various dishes.

The plan works and a few days later, Kishibe introduces him to Nayuta, the new Control Devil, resurrected with no memories of her past life. Kishibe charges him with her upbringing and Pochita asks him to help Nayuta create her perfect world by building a relationship of equals. The arc concludes with Denji, now a high school student, preparing to fight a devil.

The second arc begins with Asa Mikata, an introvert from her local high school. One day, her homeroom teacher introduces his class to Bucky, a Chicken Devil, and lets the class take him in for three months, with the class having the choice of killing him or sparing him at the end of the three months. Once the three months have passed, the class decides to spare Bucky because they have grown fond of it.

Bucky encourages Asa to come out of his shell but is tragically killed when Asa accidentally trips while carrying him. Later, her teacher and one of her classmates come to comfort her. Her classmate reveals that she made a deal with the Justice Devil as she is jealous of her teacher’s attraction to Asa.

She kills Asa, but a devil revealed to be the War Devil, comes to take over her body, killing the classmate. Now, with the War Devil “Yoru” sharing her body, Asa sets out to kill Chainsaw Man, who is revealed to be attending her high school, on the condition that Yoru leaves her body once she kills him.

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