Is Emil Blonsky Now Out of Prison, & How Was His Parole Granted?


While we do know that there is going to be a bigger issue in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, what we saw in episodes 2 and 3 was that Emil Blonsky’s parole was the issue that Jen Walters needed to solve first as she was now in a new career as the head of the Superhuman Law Division GLK&H. Of course, she needed to solve the matter regarding the Abomination appearing in an underground fight club in a fight against Wong. So, is Emil Blonsky out of prison, and how was his parole granted?

Emil Blonsky is now a free man after his parole was granted due to the efforts of Jen Walters and her witnesses, including Wong, who testified that he was the one who forced the Abomination out of prison by force. Jen also got the idea of using the same inhibitor that Bruce uses as a parole condition for Blonsky.

Jen Walters succeeding in having Emil Blonsky’s parole granted was the first big step in her career as a superhuman lawyer. In that regard, we can now turn the page on one of the first villains we’ve seen in the MCU. That means that Blonsky turning a new chapter in his life allows us to close the book on the 2008 Hulk movie. Now, let’s get into the details regarding Blonsky’s release.

Is Emil Blonsky Now A Free Man?

As a legal comedy series, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law puts the spotlight on Jen Walters’s career as a lawyer instead of focusing too much on her status as a superhero on the rise. Of course, the series does a good job at blending her superhero alter ego with the fact that she still wants to practice her chosen profession as an attorney. Her first job as the new She-Hulk attorney was in GLK&H, which offered her to become the face of their new Superhuman Law Division after the District Attorney’s Office fired her because she was a liability.

In episode 2, it was revealed that Jen’s first task as a superhuman lawyer was to handle the parole case of Emil Blonsky, who we all know is the same Abomination that tried to kill the Hulk in the 2008 Hulk movie that starred Edward Norton. This time, however, Blonsky was a changed man that was able to find spiritual, emotional, and mental peace while he was in prison. The time he spent incarcerated allowed him to reflect on his actions and meet his seven soulmates, who he believed was able to contribute to his transformation as a new man.

Meeting Emil Blonsky, who she had reservations about, allowed Jen Walters to realize that there might be a good chance that this man had indeed become reformed by the system and was now ready to return to society as a free man. That was when she accepted the case and got Bruce Banner’s blessing after the Hulk told her that he had buried the hatchet with Blonsky years ago.

After telling her boss that she had accepted the case, Jen found out that Blonsky had turned into the Abomination and escaped his prison cell to fight in an underground fight club against Wong. This allowed things to escalate, as she also found out about Wong through Blonsky, who said that he was forced out of his prison cell against his will. Nevertheless, he still decided to return to his prison cell after fighting with Wong in the fight club.

wong abomination 1

Wong, of course, had a conference with Jen, as the Sorcerer Supreme told her that he forced the Abomination to escape from prison so that they could fight in what was his latest attempt to become a stronger master of the mystic arts. And Wong was also willing enough to become a witness in Blonsky’s parole hearing.

In the parole hearing in front of the parole board, Jen Walters allowed Emil Blonsky to explain his side and tell them that he had become a reformed person. Moreover, several witnesses were presented to testify that Blonsky had indeed become a better person after he spent years in prison. And when Wong arrived just in time, he said that he was the one who forced Blonsky out of prison and offered him sanctum in Kamar-Taj, only to be turned down by Blonsky, who wanted to return to his prison cell.


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Of course, the parole board wasn’t convinced that Emil Blonsky was no longer a threat to society because he could still transform into the Abomination at any given moment. He did indeed transform into the Abomination to showcase that he was no longer a threat. And after proving that he had full control over his transformation, Blonsky returned to his human form, as the parole board said that they needed time to think about their decision. So, is Blonsky now a free man?

After convening, the parole board did indeed decide to grant Emil Blonsky’s parole as he was now a free man that was allowed to return to society so that he could spend time with his seven soulmates while also working on becoming a better member of the community. As such, Blonsky becoming a free man was the best way for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law to close the chapter on the 2008 Hulk movie as the final piece of that film was now a reformed man.

How Was Emil Blonksy’s Parole Granted?

The way that Jennifer Walters was able to convince the parole board to grant Emil Blonsky’s parole was quite simple yet smart as well. Of course, like any lawyer, she presented witnesses that testified how Blonsky was showing improvements while he was in prison. This included a prison guard who claimed that Blonsky helped him with his marriage.

jen and blonsky

Of course, the cream of the crop was Wong, who was able to clear things out when he said that he was the one who forced Blonsky out of prison to fight the Abomination. He also said that Blonsky returned to his cell of his own free will because he wanted to serve out his sentence and make sure that he was still qualified for parole. 

But while it did look like Jen and Blonsky had a good case, the former villain decided to transform into the Abomination to prove that he was no longer a threat. The parole board was horrified but was still able to find its composure after Blonsky proved that he was in control and when he returned to his normal state. Jen used this as an opportunity to tell the board that Blonsky could have escaped at any given moment but chose not to.


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Still, it did look like Jen had a losing case because the parole board probably didn’t trust that Blonsky wasn’t going to transform into the Abomination to wreak havoc. That was when Jen thought of the perfect plan when Dennis Bukowski, during his trial against the Light Elf, said that he wished that they could strip the Light Elf of her powers as punishment for her fraudulent acts. Of course, Jen was thinking of her cousin, Bruce Banner, in that situation because he could keep himself human by using an inhibitor.

In that regard, Jen probably told the parole board that she could have Emil Blonsky wear an inhibitor throughout the entire duration of his parole because that was one of the conditions of his parole. By wearing an inhibitor throughout his parole, he could avoid turning into the Abomination, which was what the parole board was concerned about when they were thinking about whether or not they wanted to grant Blonsky’s parole. As such, Blonsky is now a free man on the condition that he wears an inhibitor that will prevent him from ever becoming a menace to society as the Abomination.

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