‘She-Hulk: Attorney at Law’ Episode 3 Ending, Explained: Jennifer Walters Needs to Control the Narrative

She Hulk: Attorney at Law

Welcome to another week and to a new episode of She-Hulk: Attorney At Law, the newest Marvel Disney Plus show. We are not at episode 3, and with it comes finally a development that might lead us to where this show is going. So far, the show has decided to focus every single breath of its running time on Jennifer’s life and how it is being affected by her new powers. However, we haven’t seen how she is influencing the lives of others around her until this moment.

The episode continues the plot line introduced in the previous episode, where Jennifer has been assigned as the lawyer for Emil Blonsky, a.k.a. The Abomination. This case’s end goal is to release Emil from prison and allow him to live freely with his newfound soulmates. It is a very wacky and funny premise, and Emil feels like a completely different character from the one we saw in The Incredible Hulk. Nevertheless, it is always great to see Tim Roth having fun, and here it is clear he is enjoying each one of his scenes.

The episode starts as usual with Jennifer going to work and being assailed by reporters who basically create rumors about her on the spot, including that she was rejected by the Avengers. Could this be a hint that Jennifer will indeed be part of the Avengers in their next movie? We are calling it right now. She will be part of it. Jennifer is clearly in denial, she wants to end Emil’s case, so she can go back to being a normal anonymous lawyer. It is her friend Nikki who tells her that is not the way things are going to go.

She Hulk: Attorney at Law

We are also being introduced to a B plot line in this episode, where Dennis Buwoski, the delusional co-worker of Jennifer at the DA office, goes to hire the services of the superhero lawyer division. He has been involved in a scam with a shape-shifter elf from Asgard. The plot line deals with Pug facing his first case in the superhero division. It is quite a funny plot line and serves to expand the world by making us see the kind of mundane cases the division will be tackling. Not every case will involve a major supervillain from the MCU.

Back to the main plot line, Jennifer goes back to prison and talks to Emil about his prison break. Emil is quite confident he did nothing wrong. Actually, he says that he was forced to leave his cell, but then he came back to it of his own volition. It sounds sketchy, but Emil says the man responsible for such an act is none other than Wong. Wong, the new Sorcerer Supreme, and master of the mystic arts. Kiki finds his contacts and sets a meeting.


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Jennifer talks to Wong, and it seems like everything that Emil said was true. Wong forced Emil to get out of prison and to transform into Abomination. Wong says he needed a worthy opponent for the tournament we saw in Shang-Chi. It seems everything is just part of his training as the new Sorcerer Supreme. Jennifer is happy, this helps her case quite a lot. She sets Wong to make an appearance at the hearing for Emil’s parole.

The day of the hearing comes, and Jennifer calls a number of witnesses. All of them testify that, indeed, Emil is a changed man. He has been rehabilitated. It all seems too good to be true, but it seems that it is indeed real. We are, of course, expecting that Emil will become part of the Thunderbolts in the future, so his status as a villain is still pending. Wong arrives late, but he testifies. Everything seems to be going well until Emil transforms into the Abomination, to show that he is always in control. Jennifer turns this to her favor.

Later, the hearing members give their verdict, which releases Emil back into the world. Jennifer has been successful in her first case. There are some conditions, as Emil needs to wear an inhibitor like the one Bruce was using in the first episode, and if he takes it off it would mean him going back to prison immediately. It doesn’t matter, this is Jennifer’s first win, and it builds up her confidence as a superhero lawyer.

She Hulk: Attorney at Law

However, at night while on her way back home, she is attacked by a group of criminals. They don’t seem to be very professional. They carry the tools from an Asgardian construction worker and attack Jennifer, who realizes she must have no fear; she is a Hulk. She transforms and dispatches the criminals quite easily, Unfortunately, she lets them escape. The criminals were trying to get Jennifer’s blood. This is very important because, as we saw in the first episode, a Hulk’s blood seems to be the way to make more Hulks.

Who is looking to take Jennifer’s blood? It is clear their intentions must not be good at all. We will have to wait until next week to see what is going on, but it is quite interesting. We are already seeing the hints of a future antagonist for the show, and also we are seeing Jennifer being more comfortable with her powers. Will she get her suit in the next episode? We have to wait and see.