Is Finn Jones Returning as Iron Fist? The Actor Himself May Have Teased the Grand Return

finn jones returns as iron fist

There’s a lot of buzz lately about Iron Fist, especially since the Defenders saga got confirmed as canon with ‘Echo’ coming out. Insiders are talking about Iron Fist maybe being in ‘Shang-Chi 2,’ and there are rumors about a new Iron Fist project with a female lead in the MCU. Whether you believe those rumors or not, something’s up, as Finn Jones hinted at his return to the role on Instagram.

Finn Jones Iron Fist

Jones shared a picture of Power Man and Iron Fist comic, sparking excitement among fans, particularly those who loved the original show, about what’s to come in the future.

‘Iron Fist’ aired for two seasons on Netflix before Disney focused on expanding the MCU with TV shows. Despite critics’ negative reviews, the first season premiered on March 17, 2017, and gained a solid fanbase, with many fans supporting Jones as the lead.

Netflix ended the series on October 12, 2018, despite Marvel’s wish to continue it. Marvel promised the characters would remain in the MCU. Talks about bringing back the series on Disney+ surfaced, but contracts prevented the characters from appearing elsewhere for two years.

Hints suggested interest in reviving the series on Disney+ or Hulu. The show’s creators planned a third season with Rand and Meachum traveling together. Henwick showed interest in returning as Wing in future MCU projects.

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