Is ‘FUBAR’ Based on a True Story or a Book? Explained

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FUBAR is an upcoming action thriller TV show with a dose of humor that follows Luke Brunner (Arnold Schwarzenegger) on his one last mission. Luke was a CIA operative for years, but some things from his past remained unresolved, so he had to deal with that. On his journey, he discovers some unexpected truths about his daughter, and they team up to get the job done. This show promises to be action-packed and fun, but let’s see, is FUBAR based on a true story, a book, or something else?

FUBAR is neither based on a true story nor a book. This show is an action-comedy created by Nick Santora, who is known for developing projects in that genre like ‘Sopranos,’ ‘Prison Break’ and ‘Scorpion.’ While FUBAR is not based on any particular book or real-life event, it does have some resemblance to the prior Schwarzenegger movie called True Lies, where he also played a secret agent and kept it a secret from his family.

Now that we know that FUBAR is not based on a true story or a book let’s see what else there is to know about this show and what resemblance is there with the movie ‘True Lies.’

FUBAR has Arnold Schwarzenegger in the main role


FUBAR is an eagerly awaited action-comedy TV show streaming on Netflix on May 25. The show stars Arnold Schwarzenegger in the main role, so the fans of Arnold’s work are thrilled. Last year we had the chance to see Sylvester Stallone playing an elderly gangster in ‘Tulsa King,’ he did well in that role, so there are high hopes that Arnold will do the same, portraying his character as a semi-retired CIA operative.

The show follows Luke Brunner (Arnold Schwarzenegger), a CIA agent who has spent many years excelling in his field. But the time has come, and he is ready to retire. He wants to settle down, get his ex-wife back, and hopefully, better things between him and his daughter.


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However, he is needed for one last job to extract a CIA operative to safety. Along the way, he learns that his daughter is also CIA, and he does not know about that. Nor did she know that Luke worked for the CIA all those years. The two of them weren’t that close but were forced to work together on this mission, so they couldn’t help but mix business and personal life.

Tally Brunner (Fabiana Udenio) is not thrilled that she has to work with her dad, and she does not appreciate being treated like a child. Her modus operandi and gadget usage are far different than what her ‘old man’ is used to, and all of that results in some funny father-daughter moments, all while they have to focus on the mission at hand.

The show is filled with action-packed scenes, gunshots, and explosion-basically all you can expect from a show starring Arnold. Interestingly, FUBAR is Arnold’s first TV show to star in, as he did action and action comedy movies for most of his career. The show promises to be one of the best action comedy shows of the year, and we also have high hopes for that to become true.


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Netflix will release all eight show episodes on May 25, so you won’t have to wait a week for the next episode to air.

There have been some comments regarding the show and its storyline. It resembles a movie from 1994 called ‘True Lies,’ which also starred Arnold. So, let’s see what the resemblance is.

FUBAR shows similarities with the movie ‘True Lies’


As mentioned, FUBAR is centered around an elderly CIA agent, Luke Brunner, who managed to keep his job a secret from his family for years. However, all of that had taken its toll on his family life. He divorced his wife 15 years ago and wasn’t on the best terms with his daughter. His retirement plans included getting his family back. He wanted to win over his ex-wife back and maybe spend some more time with his daughter. He got what he wanted in a way, but not how he expected it.

In the movie ‘True Lies,’ Arnold portrays a government agent, Harry, who leads a double life. His family is unaware of that, and his wife considers him somewhat boring, so she flirts with other men. That leads to Harry’s professional life intertwining with his personal life, just like in FUBAR. In the movie, his wife gets in the middle of a high chase and gunshots. In FUBAR, however, Luke has to deal with his daughter more than his wife, but family issues are present both in the movie and in the show.

To say that FUBAR is based on ‘True Lies’ is far-fetched, but it is fair to admit that there are some similarities. Even Arnold himself said that the executive producer did have some inspiration from the movie ‘True Lies,’ and that’s where the idea of a CIA operative was born from. This will be an entertaining show, and we can’t wait.

FUBAR airs on May 25 only on Netflix.

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