Is Gannibal Scary & Can Kids Watch It? Age Rating Explained

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One of the newest international Disney+ series is Gannibal, which is a Japanese show that will explore a police officer’s hunt for the truth in the middle of a village that has people that could have cannibalistic tendencies. In that regard, it should be a compelling storyline to follow for those who want to watch thriller storylines that can be quite mature. But is Gannibal scary, and can kids watch it?

Gannibal is a somewhat scary series with elements of horror combined with its thriller genre. It is yet to have a rating as of this writing. Still, it is unlikely that kids should be able to watch considering that there should be bloody and gory scenes and mature themes in this story.

While Gannibal may be on Disney+, parents might want to keep this series away from their kids because of the very nature of its storyline. Of course, we are referring to the fact that this series follows a darker storyline that should be full of death and gore. So, with that said, let’s get into the details of what Gannibal is all about so that we would understand why kids shouldn’t watch it.

What Is Gannibal About?

One of the series that fans of Asian drama should watch is Gannibal, which is a Japanese series that’s based on a manga of the same title. Gannibal is basically a horror thriller series that follows the story of a police officer and his quest to get to the bottom of the weird things that are happening in a remote village called Kuge. The official synopsis states:

“After causing a major incident, police officer Daigo Agawa takes his wife Yuki and daughter Mashiro to live in the remote mountain village of Kuge. It seems the perfect place for the family to recover from the ordeal, despite the mysterious disappearance of a previous officer posted there. The village thrives on forestry, with the residents making their living from cypress timber. In charge of this whole operation is the Goto family, who own most of the village. One day, the body of an old woman is found on the mountain. The Goto family says she was attacked by a bear, but Daigo notices a human bite mark on the arm. Daigo begins to suspect something is not quite right with the village.”


If we base what we know on the synopsis, we already see that this series follows a troupe that we often see in horror thrillers in that it follows an outsider and the things that he experiences in a remote village that appears to be peaceful on the outside but is actually hiding a deep secret within the community.


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That means that there should also be a major incident that would incite the different things that prompt Daigo to investigate deeper into this village and the people living in it. As such, it already has the hallmarks of a clear horror thriller storyline that would allow us to see a mystery unfolding before our very eyes as we continue on with this series.

Is Gannibal Scary?

At this point, the things that we know about Gannibal are minimal at best. Of course, there are some things that we can say about it but it would simply spoil some of the early events of the series. But what we can say for sure is that there are clear elements of horror in this series, and that means that it should be quite scary.

Gannibal was always meant to be a horror thriller, and that means that it should have a few scary scenes that would give justice to its horror tagline. Of course, whether or not it is scary is subjective to the viewer but we can say for sure that the “scary” scenes in Gannibal aren’t meant to frighten but merely shock the audience. 

There should also be a few jump scares in the series but not the type that you would expect from other horror movies or series. If anything, Gannibal should be more of a thriller than a horror storyline. But it might still be scary for different audiences out there.

What Is Gannibal’s Age Rating?

As of this writing, Gannibal is yet to receive an age rating. That means that we can’t tell for certain who should be able to watch this series. However, based on what we know about the series, it should have a TV-MA rating.

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The TV-MA rating is reserved for shows that are for mature audience members only. Specifically, only those who are 17 years old or older should be able to watch it without parental guidance. And that’s because the series follows a story that can be quite mature and full of gore and death.


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In that regard, the younger audience member shouldn’t watch Gannibal due to how mature its themes are and how it might incorporate things that only mature audiences would be able to understand and watch without getting bothered psychologically or mentally. And we’re talking about the bloody and scary scenes that the series has.

Can Kids Watch Gannibal?

While it might be a Disney product that is showing on Disney+, it goes without saying that Gannibal isn’t a series that’s friendly to children. The source material itself, which is the manga, is already quite serious in terms of its themes. That means that this live-action adaptation shouldn’t be something that parents should allow their children to watch.

Of course, due to the horror thriller nature of Gannibal, it should be too scary and disturbing for children. As such, parents should make sure that their kids don’t watch this series as it might be a bit too disturbing for younger audiences. Even younger teenagers might not be able to handle the serious themes that come with Gannibal.

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