Is Gannibal Based on a True Story?


Gannibal is an upcoming Japanese series that is released on the Disney+ streaming site. Of course, as a Japanese series, it is set to have a compelling storyline that will allow us to see a combination of drama and action in the middle of a setting that can be quite unique. Of course, Gannibal is a lot like any other Japanese series in the sense that it has clear source material. So, is Gannibal based on a true story?

Gannibal is not based on a true story but is actually based on a hit manga series of the same name by Masaaki Ninomiya. Of course, the story revolves around a village full of cannibals set in modern times, and that’s one of the reasons why it is unlikely that this series is based on a true story.

The very plot of Gannibal already reveals itself to be a series that is unlikely to be based on a true story, as such a story should have made headlines already. Of course, there might be a few parallels with reality in this storyline, depending on where you live and what kind of stories you’ve heard. Nevertheless, Gannibal is a fictional storyline that we are here to get to know more about.

What Is Gannibal About?

The Japanese have been making headlines recently with its series of great releases. Of course, the anime side has always been what made Japanese content so engaging. But Japanese live-action series have also become quite engaging for fans all over the world. One of the series we’re talking about is Gannibal, which is set to become one of the most compelling storylines in Disney+’s slate of international content.

Basically, the storyline follows a newly hired police officer named Daigo Agawa, who was hired as a man with personal problems that he needs to overcome. He is one of the officers set to investigate a series of alarming events near the fictional Japanese village of Kuge. And during his investigations in that village, he begins to realize that there could be something different and wrong with the people that live there.


In that regard, Daigo is immediately thrown into a hostile environment where he needs to find the bottom of the weird events happening in Kuge. Of course, as a police officer, he has to find a way to bring those who are responsible to justice before things get out of hand.

In that regard, there are already hints that Gannibal (as the title of the series suggests) is about a village of people with cannibalistic practices. Daigo is thrown into an environment where he has to contend with people who may or may not be cannibals.


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“Gannibal is a thriller that will leave audiences gasping with shock after every episode,” said producer Teruhisa Yamamoto. “But it’s also a human story that reflects upon the differences between family values and culture that, at a glance, seem so contradictory and yet are so relatable. With Gannibal and our other Japanese local content, we are building on Disney’s rich history of storytelling and are combining it with Japanese creativity to open new doors of entertainment for everyone.”

So, with that said, the series is expected to have a specifically shocking storyline that will leave people surprised and gasping for answers. And that is the reason why it has a very compelling plot that promises to keep audiences glued.

Is Gannibal Based On A True Story?

Now that you know more about what Gannibal is, you might be wondering where this story is based on. After all, it does have a rather grounded storyline, except for the fact that it could actually be a story about cannibals. So, is Gannibal based on a true story?

The one thing that we know is that Gannibal is based on a hit manga series created by Masaki Ninomiya. Its manga version follows the same title and was just recently published in 2018 and ended in 2021. In that regard, it is one of the newer manga series in terms of its publication date. Despite that, it was able to become quite popular among different manga fans and was enough of a hit that it earned itself a live-action adaptation.

Yuya Yagira.jpg

Like a lot of different anime and live-action Japanese series, Gannibal has clear source material in the form of a manga storyline. That means that its storyline was not crafted out of anywhere and was actually based on a story that has already been written. Manga readers would already be familiar with the story of this series but it is likely that the live-action version would include a few unique contents as well.

While we already know that Gannibal was based on a manga series, it is unlikely that it was based on a true story as manga series are usually original storylines and are not based on true stories, save for a few. Of course, the storyline of Gannibal already allows us to understand why it is unlikely to be based on a true story.


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As established, Gannibal could quite possibly focus on a village of cannibals where outsiders suddenly disappear and are believed to have been eaten. This suggests that the storyline is purely fictional. That’s because, if Gannibal’s plot was indeed true, it would have already made headlines due to how massive of a scandal a village full of cannibals is, especially considering that the entire storyline is set in the modern world.

So, with that said, Gannibal is unlikely to be based on real-life events but there is still a possibility that some of the events in the storyline have real-life parallels that could be purely coincidental. Nevertheless, it is a work of fiction that is also based on a work of fiction, which is its manga counterpart. And the manga itself is unlikely to be based on real-life events as well.

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