Is Gus Fring Gay? Better Call Saul Finally Confirms It

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Better Call Saul is an incredibly popular series that stems from the equally popular Breaking Bad series. Of course, these series will never be complete without Gus Fring, who is played by the legendary Giancarlo Esposito, as he serves as the emotionless and mysterious gangster. But while Gus’s personal life has been a mystery, fans have long been speculating about his sexuality. So, is Gus Fring gay?

Gus Fring has been confirmed gay in the latest events of Better Call Saul. It was revealed that he is gay when he was actually flirting with a guy named David while he was drinking in a wine bar. Of course, the revelation of his sexuality was kind of subtle, just like how he has always been throughout the series.

The revelation of Gus Fring’s sexuality has become one of the biggest moments in Better Call Saul because fans can now watch the series without having to wonder what his sexuality is. In that regard, it also allows us to get to know Gus’s character more, as that has been something of a mystery. With that said, let’s talk more about Gus Fring’s sexuality in Better Call Saul.

Who Is Gus Fring On Better Call Saul?

When it comes to some of the biggest shows in the history of television, there aren’t a lot that can stand up to the quality and popularity of Breaking Bad, which became a hit among different fans all over the world. Of course, one of the reasons why Breaking Bad is so popular is Gus Fring, who was introduced as one of the main antagonists of the entire series.

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After the end of Breaking Bad, Gus Fring once again became an important character in the spin-off prequel/sequel called Better Call Saul, which focuses on Saul Goodman. In that series, Gus reprises his role as a gangster and drug lord hiding behind his chicken restaurant, which serves as his legal front for his drug operation.

The thing about Gus Fring, played by Giancarlo Esposito, is that he seems to be the perfect character when it comes to villains that don’t necessarily show any kind of emotion and keeps himself composed and collected the entire time. This has been one of the main reasons why Esposito has become a top choice for movie and television characters that are stoic, cold, and calculating, as he was able to portray the mysterious, intelligent, and cunning character really well when he played Gus Fring in both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.


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In that regard, as mysterious as Gus Fring’s character is, the one thing that fans have noticed is the fact that he doesn’t seem to reveal anything about his personal life. Most of the things that have been revealed about Gus’s life are related to his status as a calculating businessman that makes most of his money as a drug lord. Other than that, his past life and personal issues remain mysterious.

Then again, a lot of fans had been speculating since Breaking Bad that Gus Fring could be gay. There weren’t a lot of things revealed about the character’s personal life in the events of Breaking Bad and the earlier portion of Better Call Saul. But the one thing that we know is that there were hints that he could be gay. And this leads us to our next discussion.

Is Gus Fring Gay?

As mentioned, fans had long been speculating that Gus Fring in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul is gay. Of course, there are a lot of reasons why fans of these shows have pointed to this very possibility.

The biggest clue that fans saw in relation to Gus’s sexuality is the fact that he had been holding a grudge against a drug cartel for murdering his friend and a business partner named Max. This grudge lasted for decades as he ended up holding onto it until he was able to execute a revenge scheme that he had been planning for a very long time.

Of course, the way that he executed his revenge plot and the passion he exerted in its execution is the biggest clue related to his sexuality. Fans thought that the reason why he held such a grudge against the cartel was the fact that Max meant something more to him than just a friend and business partner.

There were also other hints of Gus’s sexuality. Nobody could ever forget the fact that he built a fountain to honor Max’s memory. On top of that, Hector and Lalo, who have been seen as homophobic by fans, once mocked Gus and even referred to Max as his boyfriend. But while there were clues regarding his sexuality, both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul remained silent for a very long time.

Then again, the events of season 6 finally revealed Gus Fring’s sexuality in a subtle yet obvious way. Episode 9 allowed us to understand that Gus is indeed gay as he spent the final part of his day drinking wine after he had been interrogated about Lalo’s murder.

In that scene, Gus was seen interacting with the staff of the bar, and his interaction with them suggested that he was a regular there. But the most important part of that scene was the fact that he was actually eyeing one of the employees named David as Gus was looking at him from afar.

That was when David came to him to say hello while the two shared their interest in wine. But the thing about this scene was the fact that Gus was clearly showing interest in David in his eyes while listening to him talking about wine. And this was something that we had never seen in the entire history of Gus Fring’s character because he never showcased the same kind of attention to simple conversations that don’t relate to business.

While this scene didn’t really contribute to the overall plot of Better Call Saul, it did prove that Gus is indeed gay. The thing about this scene was the fact that it only confirmed speculation that fans have been holding onto it for a very long time. But it was subtle because it was never explicitly mentioned that Gus was gay the entire time, yet it did allow us to see that he was, in fact, gay all along.

Were Gus and Max Together?

Given the fact that episode 9 of season 6 was able to prove that Gus Fring was always Gay, we return to the possible relationship that he had with Max, who had been murdered decades prior. Gus used Max’s death as one of his motivations to succeed so that he could one day take revenge on his friend’s murders. But were Gus and Max actually together?

At this point, the only thing that we know about Gus and Max is the fact that they were very close friends and that they served as business partners as well. Max did say in a flashback scene that he knew Gus like a brother, and this could suggest that he and Gus were indeed very close. But it could also mean that he loved Gus in a platonic way.

Meanwhile, as to Gus, the only thing that we know is that he loved Max not only as a brother but also in a romantic way. It could be possible that he had been hiding his love for Max because homosexuality wasn’t openly accepted back then, but it could also be possible that Max knew about it all along but just never returned the feelings because he valued Gus’s friendship.

Nevertheless, the fact that Gus was revealed to be gay not only improves the show’s overall diversity but also allows us to understand more about how Gus’s mind works. It allows us to see why he was so passionate in taking his revenge against the cartel, as it may have been due to the fact that he loved Max and that he had never loved anyone else as passionately as he felt for him.

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