18 Best TV Shows Like Peaky Blinders You Have to Watch

shows like peaky blinders

Peaky Blinders is without any doubt one of the most exciting and gripping TV series that we have been watching in the last decade. Set in the 1900s Birmingham, the bad boy of cities in England at the time, an industrial, dark and grim town where gangs ruled the streets. It was based on one of the greatest gangs in Midlands at the end of the 19th century. Everything is so realistic, very down to earth and it simply forces us to watch it. And we finally got the awaited sixth season, after an immensely long three years of not witnessing what the Shelby brothers prepared for us. 

Since there are no future announcements of the seventh season and the producers have stated that this will be the last, we have to find something similar to this adrenaline packed story. Here is the list of 18 TV series which you might like if you enjoyed Peaky Blinders. They will be presented in no specific order and the connection with this beloved series will be in the setting, the crime/drama genre, family relations and the whole similar vibe you might be getting while watching them.

1. Taboo (2017. – Present)


This series is an instant association with Peaky Blinders mostly because of its atmosphere. Gloomy, mysterious and centred on one man surrounded by his close and distant ones who are directly or indirectly connected to the things he is dealing with.

Slow paced and very introspective, with the impeccable Tom Hardy as the leading man, Taboo will maybe not immediately put you on the edge of your seats, but will gradually make you want more and more. And seeing Tom Hardy here might also interest you in discovering what he is doing in Peaky Blinders and why is his such an important role there. 

2. Breaking Bad (2008. – 2013.)


One man, a seemingly unimportant individual who has to deal with life’s things in an unorthodox and illegal way. Just like Tommy Shelby, who starts as a small bookie but one step at a time becomes a great kingpin and mover and shaker of the whole Birmingham.

Walter White from BB is an iconic character, a normal suburban father and husband, a good chemistry teacher whose life just starts going in the wrong direction. As much as he wishes to stop what he is doing, he is not seeing any way out from what he got himself into. And then there is that universal inner struggle between good and bad, which is very well depicted in both main characters of these two series.

3. Sons of Anarchy (2008. – 2014.)


Shelbys’ rule Birmingham and Sons of Anarchy Northern California, both fighting their battles through criminal activities. And what might seem unbelievable and inexplicable, we are on their side. We are following their illicit affairs and constantly trying to justify their actions, even though we are completely aware that what they are doing is wrong. Strong feelings for the community and a high moralistic side is what is common to these two series.

Characters who are deeply disturbed and have no problems in committing crimes, on the other hand, care so much for their loved ones that they would go through hell to keep them safe. Pretty different in atmosphere, Peaky Blinders very often slow and sensible and Sons of Anarchy never lacking action or plot twists, these two series have so much more in common than you would think at the beginning.

4. Penny Dreadful (2014. – 2016.)


Besides sharing the same actress, fabolous and deeply missed Helen McCrory as cheeky and strict aunt Polly in Peaky Blinders and mysterious and humble Madame Kali in Penny Dreadful, there is a certain vibe and overall atmosphere in these two series that make them so similar.

The topic couldn’t be more diverse, but the feeling we have while watching them is very similar. Unease, tension and the urge to know more, to learn and find out what’s going to happen next is why you should watch Penny Dreadful if you enjoyed Peaky Blinders. Excellent casting with perfectly chosen actors is only the cherry on the top when it comes to recommendations for this paranormal Victorian TV series.

5. Ozark (2017. – 2022.)


One of the most popular TV series at the moment and just like Peaky Blinders facing its final season, Ozark will always be one step ahead of you and always keep you guessing what will happen next. The connection between these two series is maybe not too strong, but it has this motif that goes through it from the very beginning.

Family as its groundstone. Family as the reason for the majority of bad decisions, but also the excuse for doing the same. Because when the first unexpected situation goes bad, the road just starts getting more slippery and bumpy, winding into catastrophe which outcome might be disastrous and deadly.

6. Godless (2017.)


Another period drama, this TV mini series is set in the American West at the of the 19th century, which also follows a dangerous gang leader. Although we can’t draw so many parallels between Godless and Peaky Blinders, there is again something that makes us think of Godless when we try to recommend a series that people might enjoy if they liked Peaky Blinders. This series is also slow paced, doesn’t have too many characters, but few very determined, strong willed and stubborn.

The biggest difference is in these main characters. In Peaky Blinders we follow mostly men with these descriptions, but in Godless women play the most important role. They are the core of the story and men are a mere addition to the ways they deal with opportunists and all the imposters that want to attack them and their town which has fallen short of men after a huge mining accident. 

7. Yellowstone (2018. – Present)


Once again American West, once again a territory to be defended and once again a connection to Peaky Blinders. Family, family ties and all good and bad things that go together with such tightly knit individuals.`Following a stellar cast led by extraordinary Kevin Coster, a pioneer in western dramas and strong names belonging to the younger Hollywood cast such as Kelly Reilly, Wes Bentley and Luke Grimes, Yellowstone might be an excellent joice after Peaky Blinders, especially if you want to change setting, but still remain in the same mindset. 

8. Ray Donovan (2013. – 2020.)


What first comes to mind when someone mentions Ray Donovan is definitely Liev Schreiber. It is almost essential that a series has a character which is so perfectly portrayed by an actor that you will without thinking recommend it to others. The same happens with Peaky Blinders. Although full of brilliant actors, both in main and supporting roles (Sam Neill, Sam Claflin, Helen McCrory, Tom Hardy), Cillian Murphy is the one who carries it on his back.

He is the essence of the story, Tommy Shelby that we can’t imagine being played by someone else. In Ray Donovan even the name of the series tells us that it is all about the main character and this importance and his strength is what connects these two series, again with a strong domestic background which is very important in both.

9. Better Call Saul (2015. – 2022.)

better call saul

Since Breaking Bad is on the list, it was inevitable that its spin-off would find a place here, too. We are following the events prior to Walter White and his problems. Smart, witty and gripping, this series won’t definitely leave you disappointed and you will be eager to know more. There is something about these seemingly slower shows that makes them so interesting and forces us to continue watching them. Maybe the fact that we are not presented with everything at the very moment. 

10. Bloodline (2015. – 2017.)


A show which maybe went a bit off the radar, unfairly, since it is a story about a dysfunctional family which gets involved in several mishaps after the black sheep of the family comes back to their idyllic Florida life. Never failing to surprise us, Bloodline will certainly not disappoint if you like stories about secrets and broken connections.

A promising cast, with the “good boy” Kyle Chandler and the charismatic Ben Mendelson and several excellent supporting roles is also a big plus if you decide to watch this show.

11. The Sopranos (1999. – 2007.)


I don’t think there is a list of excellent shows that doesn’t include The Sopranos, one of the greatest ever. It is obvious what the connection to Peaky Blinders is, a strong individual who gets into trouble and tries to find his ways out of it, followed by numerous other problems at home and work. Mobsters, national background which carries its own weight and prejudice and simply an unforgettable story and the lead character which everyone is familiar with.

12. Boardwalk Empire (2010. – 2014.)

Boardwalk Empire

One of the shows which is maybe the most similar to Peaky Blinders, only on a different continent. A politician on both sides of the law, during the Prohibition era which we also tackled in its British counterpart. The atmosphere, the overall topic and the whole vibe are what makes Boardwalk Empire a must for everyone who loved and enjoyed the story of the most notorious Birmingham residents.

13. Ripper Street (2012. – 2016.)

ripper street

Although of a completely different genre and story wise not very connected to the one of the Peaky Blinders, Ripper Street is a show that you will want to watch. London at the end of the 19th century, very close to the place and time in Peaky Blinders, a story that won’t leave you indifferent and will simply push you to your limits, keeping you on the edge of your seats.

A must watch for everyone who loves period dramas and wants to learn something more about the historical events, but through fiction and a somewhat different storytelling.

14. The Black Donnelly’s (2007.)

black donnellys

The name of the show itself associates us in a way to Peaky Blinders. There are the Shelby brothers, there are four of them and they find themselves inside an organised crime which will bring them more trouble than they ever imagined. The Donnelly’s are four Irish brothers in New York who get entangled in a web of criminal activities.

Although cancelled after its first season, apparently due to bad ratings, this is still a promising series which the fans of Peaky Blinders might be interested in watching.

15. Billions (2016. – Present)


If you want to see a series about the complications and problems wealth and power might bring to someone, there is no better choice than Billions. And this is its biggest connection to Peaky Blinders, the picture of what happens to people when they find themselves in the midst of more than they bargained for.

A massive hit, with excellent acting names to give us the best in the movie industry, Billions will without any doubt keep you interested until the very end. 

16. Bad Blood (2017. – Present)

bad blood

Canada and its mob, something that we don’t encounter so often on the big screen. And this is why you might be interested in learning something new, this time about the Italian-Canadian crime boss known as “Montreal’s Teflon Don”. There are so many associations to Peaky Blinders when there are mob and organised crime involved and after seeing them, you simply have to browse the internet in search for similar themes, the same or different time periods or countries.

Starring two charismatic actors, often not in the centre of attention, this series allows them to show us their full potential. Kim Coates and Louis Ferreira deserve so much more on-screen time.

17. Narcos (2015. – 2017.)


Again a series based on a true story and a real life character, one of the most famous narco bosses ever, Narcos is also one of the first associations when you think of series similar to Peaky Blinders. An individual who built his own empire on illegal actions, but still praised by many, and although not a fictional character, Pablo Escobar is in many ways similar to Tommy Shelby and who knows, maybe also one of the figures this Birmingham boss was based on.

18. Animal Kingdom (2016. – 2022.)

animal kingdom

A completely different time period, a far away setting, but still a connection so big that we have to mention this excellent TV series. Animal Kingdom centres a Southern Californian family who becomes involved in numerous criminal activities. The similarities are uncanny, although we have a woman on top of everything. But we still get an action packed show full of mysteries and illegal activities that we simply enjoy watching.

There are so many more series that could have been mentioned on this list and it’s just getting bigger as we finish watching one after another, but these are the ones you shouldn’t miss if Peaky Blinders is one of your favourite shows. Have you seen them already? Can you draw the same connections and which additional would you recommend?

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