Is Netflix’s Holy Family (Sagrada Familia) Based on a True Story?

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Holy Family is among some new TV shows that Netflix decided to release this fall. The story follows a mother, Gloria Román who will do anything for her children and thinks that the love between the mother and her children is unconditional. She tries to preserve the image of her family being perfect, but the truth is different. The show is directed by Manolo Caro and it stars Najwa Nimri, Alex Garcia, and Laura Laprida among others. The show can be described as a thriller drama, but is Holy Family based on a true story?

Netflix’s Holy Family is not based on a true story. The show is directed by Manolo Caro who got the idea for the show by observing mothers around him. However, the main moment that gave him the idea for the show was when his friend decided to have a baby via surrogacy. So, the idea for the show was the real event, but the show itself and the storyline were not based on them.

Manolo Caro said that when his friend stated that he wants to have a child via surrogacy he opened his eyes in a way. He realized that people have different opinions and do not always agree on certain topics and that it is in human nature to have an opinion about other people’s lives. Caro also thinks that surrogacy is a topic not talked about enough in society so he decided to create Holy Family. So, let’s take a closer look at this show and see what Manolo had in mind when he created it.

Is Holy Family based on a true story?

Holy Family is Netflix’s Spanish thriller drama which centers around a family that hopes to start their new life in Madrid. They try to keep the image of an ideal family but that is only because they are hiding some shocking secrets from the past. Soon, their past comes catching up with them and new relations start to complicate things. The mother in the family is eager to do whatever it takes to protect her children.

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The storyline of the show is not based on a true story, but the director of the show, Manolo Caro did get the idea for the show while seeing mothers in his surroundings. He was somewhat fascinated by the relationship between mothers and children and the amount of affection that mothers provide. The other main thing that gave him an idea for this show was when his friend told them that he is going to have a baby via surrogacy,


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The idea of surrogacy made Manolo think and he admits that the topic opened up a whole debate among his group of friends. It was then that he realized that we, as humans, tend to have opinions about other people’s lives and that is one of the flaws we have. After reminiscing about the story, he realized that the topic of surrogacy was one that is not talked about enough so the idea for the show was born.

One of the star actresses in the show, Macarena Gómez said that she was not only interested in the theme of the show, which is maternity, but she also liked the fact that Manolo tried to portray various interpretations of maternity from different points of view. She also said that she was very intrigued about the fact that Manolo wanted to create a show where we get to see various pretenses. She thinks that is very common these days for people to appear as one thing, but they are different in reality.

People will go to great lengths to keep the mask on and keep good impressions toward other people, while their true colors remain hidden. This show depicts that particular social aspect very well.

Even though the events in the show are creations of Manolo’s imagination and skills, he states that there is no agenda in doing the show on this maybe delicate subject. He says that he is always investing in the things he considers important and the things he has a passion for. One of the other stars in the show, Alba Flores says that the show portrays many social diversities and that we get to see the aspects of life that are happening for real all around us. She believes that this show is a representation of real life where not everything and not everyone is black or white.


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Holy Family is not based on a true story, but the director of the show, Manolo Caro did get the idea for the show from real events like watching mothers with their children and his friend deciding he wants to have a child via surrogacy. He based this series on the parts of real life that are not so much talked about even though they should be. The storyline itself is not based on a true story, but it is rather a creation of Manolo Caro’s skills as a producer.

The idea behind Holy Family ( Sagrada Familia ) is that no family is perfect but people are prone to pretend and go to great lengths in order to obtain a good image in other people’s eyes. In that way, when someone is portraying himself and his family as being perfect and flawless, we get a Holy Family.

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