Is Loki Gay, Bisexual or Straight? What Is Marvel Canon?

Is Loki Gay, Bisexual or Straight? What Is Marvel Canon?

Loki is one of the most interesting antihero/supervillains of the Marvel Universe. His unpredictability and “mischief” always surprise the fans of the character, and we never expect what is he going to do next. Thor’s half-brother and Odin’s adopted son, Loki is a really powerful God whose character was based on the Norse deity of the same name, and his Marvel lore changed a lot over the years, which got us thinking. What is Loki’s sexuality? Is he gay, bisexual, or straight, and what is the Marvel canon these days?

Within the comic book canon, Loki has been confirmed as both pansexual and gender-fluid. It wasn’t brought up until 2008, and his character origins are connected to the Norse God of the same name, who was both of these labels. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Loki confirmed by himself that he is a bisexual on the Disney+ TV show of the same name when he confessed to his counterpart Sylvie about his preferences.

We will analyze Loki’s character further and talk about how his origin story from Norse Mythology affected his character in the Marvel comics and Marvel Cinematic Universe. If you are interested in this topic, stay with us until the end of the article.

Loki’s Relationships in the Comics and MCU

As we already established, Loki Laufeyson was born to King Laufey, the King of the Frost Giants of J√∂tunheimr. He was actually raised by Odin and his wife Freya, alongside their children Balder and Thor, and after growing up and realizing that he won’t be next in the line for the crown but Thor will be, he starts to hate his adopted family. Everything “snowballed” in the villain front from there, but Loki was never just a typical villain.

Is Loki Gay, Bisexual or Straight? What Is Marvel Canon?
Loki mated with a lot of different creatures.

That can be definitely seen in the way how he reluctantly helps the Earth’s heroes to do a good deed, under the reasoning that he wants something from it. Of course, the real reason is that after some time of hating Thor and his allies, he has gotten much more sedated, but despite it, he is still a God of Mischief – each individual writing his stories, changes the narrative and his character.

Therefore, Loki has become a character that has been explored and analyzed more, and the fans loved the way how a comic book villain was layered. Besides his characterization being layered and more complex, Loki’s relationship’s with other people were also quite interesting.

Is Loki Gay, Bisexual or Straight? What Is Marvel Canon?
Loki had a brief relationship with Lorelei, Enchatress’s sister.

As you may know, Loki has children in the comics, but they are… quite special. He has five children – a steed called Sleipnir, a wolf named Fenris Wolf, a snake named Jormungand, a son called Son of Satan, and a half-human named Vali Halfling.

Now as you can see, most of the children are either animals or half-breeds. Fenris Wolf is a giant wolf whose father is Loki and a giant Angerboda is his mother. Besides being a giant, Angerboda is also a witch and shapeshifter, like Loki. They can shapeshift into any creature or being they want, hence why are their children different animals. That explains a lot.

Is Loki Gay, Bisexual or Straight? What Is Marvel Canon?

Furthermore, a steed called Sleipnir is known in the MCU as Odin’s loyal steed and companion, however, in the other version of the comics, he is the son of Loki. The God of Mischief transformed into a white mare and lured the Frost Giant’s grey stallion Svadilfari. Loki later have birth to Sleipnir.

Vali Halfling was born to a mortal mother and Loki, which makes him the least odd child of the group. Hela, MCU’s Odin’s alleged daughter is actually Loki’s daughter in the comics, again allegedly. There is a whole story of Hela fighting for her rights which reflects the story we saw in the Thor Ragnarok movie.


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Besides being with a shapeshifter Angerboda, a human woman, and a grey stallion (!), Loki had brief relationships with Lorelei, Enchantress’s sister, whom he wanted to use against Thor since she was in love with his brother. Amora, also known as Enchantress, wanted Thor for herself and cursed Odin’s Scepter of Power, so every time Lorelei sees Loki, she will fall in love with him.

Loki had another love interest in the early days of Marvel Comics. He fell in love with a Goddess named Sigyn, who was coincidentally engaged to a member of Odin’s Guards. Loki had him killed and impersonated the guard and when he revealed his true identity, Odin wanted to banish him from Asgard for breaking the kingdom’s rules.

Eventually, Sigyn accepted the marriage and became a Goddess of Fidelity. Another Loki romantic interest from the comics was his daughter’s handmaiden called Leah. During their travels, Loki fell in love with Leah, which marked his first true love. Unfortunately for Loki, Leah friendzoned him, which broke Loki’s heart.

Is Loki Gay, Bisexual or Straight? What Is Marvel Canon?

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we didn’t get any romantic partners or interests from Loki’s side, but in his own Disney+ TV series, we see Loki having feelings for another individual – Sylvie.

She is Loki from another Universe, and their journey to find out who is behind the multiple universes and timelines, got them really close together. When asked about his preferences and relationships, Loki replied it was both, confirming that Loki is at least, bisexual in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This was actually the first “out” Marvel character in the MCU.

This was huge for the LGBTQ+ fans who got breadcrumbs in the Endgame after Disney teased a gay character in the movie – it was a small cameo by the director of the movie, Joe Russo.

Is Loki Gay, Bisexual or Straight?

If we look into the Marvel Cinematic Universe canon, Loki is a confirmed bisexual. After telling his counterpart Sylvie that he was with both men and women, Loki became the first “out” character in the MCU and settled the foundation for the future. He was also confirmed as genderfluid, as seen in the tv show Loki, in his dossier when he was arrested by the Time Variance Unit. Even Tom Hiddleston welcomed the idea of exploring more of Loki’s sexuality and gender in the MCU.

In the comics, the Marvel canon states that Loki is genderfluid and pansexual. He is fluid because he is a shapeshifter who had partners that stem from animals to humans and even birthed children. Pansexuality is a no-brainer for her since Loki prefers any gender – as we saw from the relationship he had with Angerboda, a giant and a shapeshifter as well.

So yes, we can safely say that Loki is pansexual and genderfluid, whether because of his origin stories from Norse Mythology or just Marvel comic book lore. There is a huge possibility of Loki staying bisexual in the MCU since his preferences and escapades seem too much for live-action Marvel movies.

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