Is Maya Hawke Gay Or Straight In Real Life?

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Maya Hawke is a rising star today thanks to her masterful portrayal of Robin, who debuted in Stranger Things season 3. Ever since she appeared in Stranger Things, he has allowed us to see an entirely new character that blends a bit of awkwardness with humor and smart quips on top of the fact that Robin is actually lesbian in the series. So, is Maya Hawke also gay in real life, or is she straight?

Unlike Robin, Maya Hawke is straight in real life. The speculations about her being lesbian were born from the fact that her on-screen character in Stranger Things is lesbian. But the truth is that Maya has been private with her dating life. Still, she was seen going out with musician Spencer Barnett. 

The fact that Maya was so great at portraying Robin in Stranger Things was one of the reasons why people became curious about her dating life and sexuality. As good as her portrayal of Robin may be, she is straight in real life and does not share her on-screen character’s sexuality. So, with that said, let’s get to know more about Maya Hawke.

Who Is Maya Hawke?

One of the rising stars in Hollywood today is Maya Hawke. That’s because she was masterful in her performance of Robin in Stranger Things. The character was introduced in season 3 of the hit Netflix original and quickly became a favorite among fans not only because of her quirky personality and smart quips but also because of her dynamic with Steve, one of the characters that fans really adore.

However, those who have been watching movies for a very long time should be quite familiar with Maya Hawke’s name. That’s because she carries the family name of her father, Ethan Hawke, who has always been one of the most notable names in Hollywood and has been quite popular ever since the 90s. Maya was born out of the union between Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman, who both separated from one another in 2003 before finalizing their divorce in 2005.

ethan and uma

Of course, Maya Hawke actually looks like her mother whenever she’s on-screen but also carries some of the unique qualities of her father. She was lucky enough to be born to two talented actors as she inherited their good looks and talents as well. But she has forged a name for herself with her notable performance of Robin in Stranger Things.

Is Robin In Stranger Things Lesbian?

Robin, Maya Hawke’s character in Stranger Things, was introduced in season 3 as the workmate of Steve. They both worked in an ice cream parlor in the local mall of Hawkins, and they ended up developing a unique friendship that was born out of their similar interests. It was through Steve that the main characters also became friends with Robin, as Dustin and his friends always visit him in the ice cream shop.

robin and steve

Considering that Steve broke up with Nancy in the earlier seasons, it looked like he was going to end up forming a romantic relationship with the beautiful co-worker that he had good chemistry with. Fans also believed that Robin and Steve were going to end up together at the end of the season due to how they have better chemistry than any other couple on the show.

However, when Steve was about to make a move on Robin, she confessed that she didn’t see him that way because she didn’t like guys. In fact, she was a closet lesbian. That means that she is into girls but was never open about it, considering that gays and lesbians were not totally readily accepted by the general public back in the 80s. But the fact that Steve was one of the only people that knew about her sexuality means that Robin trusted him and treated him like a real friend.


Is Robin from Stranger Things Bisexual? Who Is Her Love Interest?

It was actually revealed that Robin was supposed to be Steve’s new love interest in the series. But Maya Hawke insisted that Robin and Steve stayed friends because the chemistry between her and Joe Keery was more of a friendship kind of connection instead of something that was romantic. She believed that having them date would end up ruining the dynamic between the characters.

In season 4, Robin even fell in love with a girl that she met in their school band but was never brave enough to confess her feelings for her. Robin and Steve were often mistaken as a couple due to how close they are. Even Nancy thought that they were together. However, Robin was true to her feelings as a lesbian, while Steve was always there, pushing her to confess her feelings for the girl that she had feelings for.

The fact that she wasn’t as girly as all of the other girls also surfaced at one point when Nancy dressed her up as a college girl so that they could infiltrate a psychiatric institution. Robin was clearly uncomfortable in her outfit because she was never used to wearing anything that was girly.

Is Maya Hawke Also Lesbian In Real Life?

While Robin in Stranger Things may be lesbian, Maya Hawke is actually straight. Like most celebrities that aren’t dating actors, Maya has been quite private with her dating life and doesn’t always announce who she is seeing or dating.

However, Maya Hawke has been seen going out with musician Spencer Barnett. They were seen on a date together in New York, and the couple even shared a kiss. As such, Maya Hawke is straight and prefers to be with men.

maya and spencer

For those who are curious, Spencer Barnett is the son of Shaklee Corporation CEO Roger Barnett and former Manhattan district attorney Sloan Barnett. It seems that Maya met Spencer through her brother Levon.

Maya Hawke’s dating history also proves that she is straight. She was seen together with The Sandman star Tom Sturridge in July 2020. This relationship lasted until January 2022. Before that, Maya was also romantically linked with Rolling Stone President and Chief Operating Officer Gus Wenner.

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