Is Robin from Stranger Things Bisexual? Who Is Her Love Interest?

Is Robin from Stranger Things Bisexual? Who Is Her Love Interest?

Stranger Things is an American sci-fi horror drama television series created by the Duffer Brothers. Since its first release on Netflix in July of 2016, it has been one of the most trending shows. On February 17, the Duffer Brothers announced that season 5 will be the final season of Stranger Things. Even though the fourth season is already on Netflix, the last one has not yet started shooting. Since the first season, a lot of new characters have been introduced. One of them is Robin Buckley, whose love interests have sparked various discussions about her sexual orientation.

Gender and sex are much more complex terms, and so is sexuality. The term bisexual is used to describe a person who experiences romantic, emotional, or/and sexual attractions to more than one sex or gender (both male and female). Since sexuality is a spectrum, we cannot be one hundred percent sure she is bisexual; for all we know, she might be pansexual, or even lesbian. Sexual identities and orientations resist easy classification, as they are much more complex.

Keep on reading if you’re curious to find out who’s Robin’s love interest and if she really is bisexual!

Who is her love interest?


Robin Buckley, one of the main characters in Stranger Things has been introduced in the third season. She is Steve Harrington’s co-worker in the Starcourt Mall’s ice cream parlor, and also his new best friend.

Assisting through her knowledge of multiple languages, she helped Steve and Dustin crack a Russian code Dustin obtained through his radio. She figured out that the Russian are using the mall’s businesses to smuggle some kind of supplies into Hawkins.

Eventually, they all figure out that the Russians have built a lab underneath the mall and are trying to open a portal to another dimension that has been closed in the previous seasons.

Robin and Steve are then kidnapped and drugged by Russian scientists. Somehow, Dustin and Erica manage to save them and hide them in a movie theatre. Wandering off, they sit in the bathroom to detox.


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In Season 3, Episode 7 (Chapter Seven: The Bite, 28th minute and onward) we can see Steve and Robin sitting in the mall bathroom, bonding and sobering up from the drugs Russians intoxicated them with.

Robin then tells Steve to ask him something, and they proceed to ask each other questions. She is curious about if he’s ever been in love, and then Steve hits on her, hinting that the girl he’s in love with is her.

Since he managed to make her speechless, Steve slides over into her stall to see if she’s feeling the same. She then proceeds to tell him that she really likes him but that she’s not like his other friends. She confesses that, instead of him, she stared at Tammy Thompson while they were in class, hinting that she might have been jealous of him.

It’s clear she has been crushing on Tammy Thompson, who isn’t shown until the fourth season.


Even though very little is known about Tammy’s personal history, she is vastly described in Steve’s and Robin’s discussion as “sounding like a muppet giving birth” and a “total dud“. She is not the brightest, but she definitely believes in her dream!

Robin Buckley’s current love interest

RobinAndVIcky 1
Robin and Vickie agree Tammy sounds like a Muppet.

At the beginning of Season 4, Episode 2 (Chapter Two: The Vecna’s Curse) we can see Robin complaining to Steve about how she talked to Vicki Chase and made her laugh in the prior episode.

Even though they’ve only talked for a second, Robin is romanticizing the whole situation, telling Steve it was perfect and how she made Vicki genuinely laugh. But, since she was extremely nervous, she couldn’t stop talking and it eventually led to her spilling unnecessary words. She almost confessed to Vickie that she had a massive crush on Tammy, but managed to pull it off, saying they had a “massively hard class together“.

In conclusion, we might not be one hundred percent sure if Robin from Stranger Things is indeed bisexual, but we can clearly see she likes girls, especially her current love interest – Vicki Chase.

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