Is Mayka Trans in Welcome to Eden? Find Out More About Lola Rodríguez’s Gender

Is Mayka Trans in Welcome to Eden? Find Out More About Lola Rodríguez's Gender

Mayka is one of the main and most intriguing characters in Netflix’s Welcome to Eden. We have already written about who she is here on Fiction Horizon and in this article, we are going to tell you a bit about her gender in the series. You’re going to find out some information about Mayke herself, as well as Lola Rodríguez, the actress behind the role.

Mayka s a transgender member of the Eden Foundation, who is in charge of security on the island. Her gender has been officially confirmed by Netflix. The same goes for her actress Lola Rodríguez, who was born as a male but transitioned to female in her teens.

In the rest of this article, we are going to talk both about Mayka and about Lola Rodríguez in the Welcome to Eden streaming series. You’re going to find out who Mayka is, since not many details are available about her past and her transition, as well as Lola’s story, about which we have more information. This article will answer all your questions.

Is Mayka trans in Welcome to Eden?

Mayka is a character from Welcome to Eden. She is a member of the Eden Foundation and takes care of security. She is played by Lola Rodríguez. Mayka is a transgender female and is part of the Eden Foundation, which handles security on the island. She uses drones and views footage from Eden’s surveillance cameras. She is loyal to Astrid.

Unlike the other members, Mayka joined Eden alone. Outside of Eden, people had questioned and threatened their gender identity. In Eden, however, she was accepted for who she was. After discovering Eden and learning what they were doing, she contacted the island and offered to help with the technical installation for a few nights. She then became a permanent resident.

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She clearly remembers that the first thing Astrid said when she met her was, “Welcome to Eden, Mayka”. She immediately felt accepted for who she was. As Mayka hung up at the farewell party, Charly approached her. Charly unwittingly asked Mayka insensitive questions, such as how long she had been Mayka, to which she replied that she had always been Mayka.

Charly was a bit embarrassed by her insensitivity and kept trying to flirt with her, but Mayka rejected Charly quite abruptly. Charly got angry and drank two bottles of Blue Eden. During a storm, Charly was injured by lightning. That night Mayka visited Charly at the clinic, and the two flirted. Mayka took Charly home, they spent the night together. Charly then had doubts about Mayka’s intentions.

Mayka was shocked and talked about being loyal to Eden and joining Eden herself. She told him that she would slightly prefer Eden to him. During this conversation, Mayka’s laptop was hacked. Mayka is strong, very sure of herself, and very independent.

The spelling of her name is confirmed to be “Mayka” in the credits, however, there are news articles that misspell her name as “Maika.”

Is Lola Rodríguez trans?

Lola Rodríguez Díaz (Gran Canaria, November 26, 1998) is a Spanish model and actress, as well as an activist of the LGTB collective. Lola Rodríguez Díaz was born in Gran Canaria (Spain) on November 26, 1998. When she was eleven years old, she officially recognized herself as a woman, and with the support of her parents, she began her transition process at the age of thirteen.

She studied Psychology at the Autonomous University of Madrid, work that she combines with acting. In 2015 she was the first minor transgender candidate for Queen of the Carnival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with the fantasy La vida es bella, sponsored by the Cabildo de La Palma, and following in the footsteps of Isabel Torres, candidate in 2005. Lola obtained the position of fourth maid of honor.

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That same year, she participated in the LGBT Pride demonstration in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, where she read a speech. In 2018, on the occasion of the celebration of LGBT Pride in Madrid, as part of scheduled events, wore a dress, called the Amsterdam Rainbow Dress, made with the flags of countries where being a member of the LGBT community is illegal. This garment was worn in 2016 by Valentijn de Hingh.

Her first job in a television series was a leading role in Atresmedia’s Veneno, created by Javier Ambrossi and Javier Calvo about the life of Cristina La Veneno, where she plays a young Valeria Vegas. In addition, she appears in the special documentary Ellas , also from Atresplayer Premium, which deals with the lives of five transgender women.

In 2021, it premiered for the first time in the cinema with Fernando Colomo in the film Poliamor for beginners, where he shared the leading role with María Pedraza, Karra Elejalde or Toni Acosta. That same year his leading role in Netflix’s original series, Welcome to Eden, along with Amaia Salamanca, Begoña Vargas and Ana Mena, among others.

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