Is Nezuko the Strongest Demon in Demon Slayer?


Nezuko Kamado is the sister of Tanjiro Kamado, the protagonist of the Demon Slayer manga and anime. While still a child, Nezuko was attacked by Muzan and turned into a demon but her transformation was never fully done, which is why Nezuko became one of the most special characters in the whole franchise. But how does Nezuko’s dual nature reflects on her powers and abilities? Is Nezuko the strongest demon in Demon Slayer?

Nezuko is not the strongest demon in Demon Slayer; that is still Muzan. Although she has several skills that Muzan does not have due to her dual nature, Nezuko’s power levels are still not near Muzan’s, which is why she is not the strongest demon in the franchise, although she is stronger than most.

In the paragraphs that follow, we are going to elaborate further on the answer given. You’re going to find out some interesting details about Nezuko and her powers, answering some related questions and putting things into perspective.

Why Is Nezuko So Strong?

Nezuko was the eldest daughter of the Kamado family. They all lived in the mountains during the Taisho era. After the father died for reasons still unknown, Tanjiro assumes the responsibility of supporting his family by selling charcoal and firewood in nearby towns while Nezuko’s role was to watch over his mother and younger siblings.

However, one snowy night, their life turned into a horrible nightmare that changed her life forever. That night, a horrible demon, Muzan Kibutsuji, entered the house where the members of the Nezuko family lived and, without showing an iota of compassion and without caring that they were children, he murdered all of them as well as the mother.

Nezuko did the best she could to protect her family and she was seriously injured in the attack and rendered unconscious. When Tanjiro arrived at the house and found the horrible scenario, the first thing he did was take his sister, who was still alive at that moment, to someone who could help her.

But at that moment, Nezuko woke up and violently attacked her brother, abruptly increasing in size with the intention of wanting to devour him, but her instinct to protect her family prevailed as Nezuko fought with herself, trying to restrain her demonic side, the savage side that tried to take control of her.

At that moment, a demon hunter, who turns out to be Giyu Tomioka, enters the scene with the intention of assassinating Nezuko since he knew what had happened, but he runs into Tanjiro who defends his sister from the hunter as best he can. This is how Nezuko became a demon in the first place and why Tanjiro set out on his journey to becoming a Demon Slayer – so he could find a way to cure his sister.


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We’re going to elaborate on Nezuko’s powers later in the article, but her origin story was important for this section. Namely, because she was attacked by Muzan and received a large(r) amount of his blood, Nezuko was exposed to the power of the strongest demon in history. This, in turn, made her one of the strongest demons ever and that is the main reason why she is so strong and why her origin story was so important for understanding her strengths and powers.

Why Is Nezuko Stronger than Regular Demons?

Now, there are two facts that make Nezuko so strong, i.e., that make Neuzko stronger than other, regular demons. The first one is the fact that she received her powers directly from Muzan, the strongest demon ever. Muzan is stronger than all the other demons and Nezuko gaining her powers directly from him certainly makes her a powerful demon.

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But, what gives Nezuko additional powers is her dual nature. Namely, Nezuko never completely transformed into a demon and she retained at least part of her humanity along the way. Now, this also gave her additional powers. For one, she does not have to consume people to gain energy – she only has to sleep it off. Also, she can be exposed to sunlight unlike other demons, which gives her significant advantages over them and ultimately makes her a lot stronger than other demons, save for Muzan.

How Strong Is Nezuko from Demon Slayer?

In order to properly understand how strong Nezuko really is, we have to tell you more about her powers, which we are going to do in this section.

Unlike other demons, Nezuko does not need to consume human flesh in order to replenish her strength, for which she simply needs to remain asleep for long periods of time inside the box that was specially prepared for her. As time passes, Nezuko’s strength increases considerably.

Even though she was never formally trained, Nezuko’s naturally enhanced physical strength allows her to easily fight demons, however, because she is not trained, she simply relies on Nezuko kicking her opponents or overwhelming them with force.

Her kicks allow her to cut off the heads of demons with ease or break down a door. Her strength is extremely high for a Demon that has never eaten a human.

Nezuko has the ability to regenerate her wounds faster than the average Demon, being able to gather her severed limbs in a matter of seconds. The true nature of her regeneration is to solidify her blood in order to increase the range of her attacks with her severed limbs and then reattach them in seconds, demonstrating this quality during her confrontation with Daki.

Nezuko can manipulate her body as needed. When she used her powers for the first time, she increased in size and muscle to try to subdue Tanjirō with the intention of devouring him, but soon returned to her natural size. She can also use this ability to shrink her body and be able to enter the wooden box created by Urokodaki so that Tanjirō can transport it.

Like all demons, Nezuko can gain a sudden increase in her physical strength, being able to deliver forceful blows capable of breaking bones and, in extreme cases, decapitating demons with enough force in her legs. Her physical strength adapts to her increase in size. As long as her head is not severed, Nezuko has the ability to regenerate her injuries regardless of severity.

When Nezuko is under very high stress from a life or death situation, she transforms into her berserk state. In this state, Nezuko increases her physical features to how she would look if she were an adult, with a horn protruding from the right side of her head; the veins of her body begin to sprout as a result of the pumping of blood and some tattoos appear on her skin.


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In this state, Nezuko’s aggressiveness increases, as does her need to eat human flesh, which makes her dangerous. Tanjirō calms his sister down when she is in this state by means of a melody. However, during the fight against Hatengu, Nezuko manages to control this state on her own.

Nezuko is the only demon that is proven to be able to resist sunlight, which is why Muzan Kibutsuji wants to devour her in order to complete his transformation into a perfect being immune to sunlight.

Nezuko can make her blood turn into a blaze of great destructive power which combined with her brother’s techniques, becomes a powerful combination allowing Tanjirō to more effectively use his fire attack. The only defect that it entails is that Nezuko falls asleep instantly due to the effort that she has to make to be able to use her blood as a weapon.

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