Is Seth Rogen in The Boys? (& Who Is He Playing)

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One of the best things about The Boys is that it isn’t short on cameo appearances because it has its fair share of real-life actors and actresses appearing in the series. For example, Charlize Theron played the role of the actress that portrayed Stormfront in Dawn of The Seven. Now, in episode 5, there was a guy that oddly sounded and looked like Seth Rogen. But was Seth Rogen really in The Boys?

Seth Rogen did indeed make another cameo appearance in The Boys when he was one of Crimson Countess’s customers in a paid supe porn website. Considering that Seth Rogen appeared in the universe of The Boys as himself in the past, it is possible that he once again appeared in this cameo as himself.

It is worth noting that Seth Rogen is actually one of the producers and creators of The Boys, and that means that it wasn’t odd to see him appearing in a cameo scene in the series. Then again, this cameo was the funniest one we have seen in the series as it portrayed Rogen in a hilarious and somewhat disturbing way. Now, with that said, let’s look at Seth Rogen’s season 3 cameo.

Is Seth Rogen In The Boys?

In the universe of The Boys, we aren’t strangers to actors and actresses making cameo appearances because of the fact that this universe is basically like our own but with superpowered people. That is why there are some celebrities that have made appearances in The Boys as their own real selves. You may have seen this in the form of Charlize Theron in episode 1 when she played Stormfront in the Dawn of The Seven movie. The previous seasons have had their own fair share of celebrity cameo appearances as well.

But arguably one of the best and most hilarious moments in the entire series of The Boys came in episode 5 of season 3. This involved a scene between Crimson Countess and a man who sounds and looks like someone you may already be familiar with because of the fact that he is one of the most prominent names in Hollywood when it comes to comedy movies.

The last time we saw Crimson Countess, she was running away from Frenchie and Kimiko after they were going to extract information about Soldier Boy out of her in Vought Land. She managed to escape but not before she misfired her fireball attack and killed a mascot. It is needless to say that she lost her job as a performer in Vought Land due to this incident.


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Meanwhile, in episode 5, the story revolved around Soldier Boy, who had found his way back to the US after escaping the laboratory in Russia. The legendary supe caused a scene when he used his energy blast to destroy half of an entire building while killing 19 people in the process. Of course, only a legend could be connected to a legendary supe, and that was when The Boys went over to a man known as The Legend, who used to be a high-ranking executive with Vought.

The Boys were able to find out where Soldier Boy was headed because he asked for Crimson Countess’s address and took off with his supe suit after visiting The Legend. And that was when The Boys realized that they needed to find Crimson Countess first.

Going back to Crimson Countess and the cameo appearance we were talking about, the next scene involved her in something called Supe Porn, which is obviously a pornographic site that involves supes. Considering that she probably lost her job over at Vought Land, she must have decided to find a new way to earn money by actually engaging in live porn sessions with clients that were willing to pay good money to see supes doing lewd things on camera.

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As Crimson Countess was talking dirty to her client, a familiar voice could be heard from the background. This was indeed Seth Rogen, who appeared in one of the funniest cameo appearances in the series as he was the one paying good money for Crimson Countess to do lewd things on camera.

Dressed in her costume, Crimson Countess was about to reach for large anal beads that she heated up before she was about to put them in her anus. Meanwhile, Seth Rogen over at the other end of the video feed was talking dirty to her and was masturbating while doing so. He was telling Crimson Countess to strip down and put the anal beads in her anus.


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But, before she could do so, Billy Butcher comes barging in to overpower Crimson Countess and bind her. As Butcher was doing so, Rogen was still masturbating while wondering what was happening as, to his dismay, he climaxed on camera without even getting to the best part of the porn session he paid for with Crimson Countess.

Unfortunately for him, that was the last time he would ever have a chance to see Crimson Countess on Supe Porn because she was killed by Soldier Boy near the end of the episode after he found out that she was the one who sold her out to the Russians.

Who Does Seth Rogen Play In The Boys?

In that cameo appearance that Seth Rogen appeared in, he was using the username @SIR-CUMS-A-LOT-779. Obviously, that was not his real name because no one would ever use their real name on a porn site. Nevertheless, we do believe that Seth Rogen was playing none other than himself in that scene.

As mentioned, real-life celebrities do exist in the world of The Boys because this is merely a copy of our own universe but with supes in it. In that regard, a lot of different celebrities have made appearances in The Boys since season 1. In fact, Seth Rogen appeared in a cameo scene as himself in the previous seasons.


In that regard, if he wasn’t playing himself in that scene with Crimson Countess, then there would be two Seth Rogens in this universe. @SIR-CUMS-A-LOT-779 is obviously the Seth Rogen of that universe and the very same Seth Rogen that made a cameo appearance in the past. And only a wealthy celebrity like Seth Rogen would be willing enough to pay $20 per minute to see a supe doing lewd things on camera.

Of course, Seth Rogen is one of the producers of The Boys, and that means that it wouldn’t be surprising to see him making multiple cameo appearances in this series. And because he is a comedian that is known to do some ridiculous stuff in his movies, it wasn’t a surprise that he was involved in a disgustingly hilarious cameo appearance in episode 5 of season 3.

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