Who Is Crimson Countess in The Boys? Meet Laurie Holden’s New Character

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Season 3 of The Boys is just as exciting and as brutal as ever as it introduced new characters that were able to contribute to this unique take on the superhero genre. A good part of the first three episodes was connected to The Boys investigating what happened to Soldier Boy so that they could kill Homelander. In that regard, a new character was introduced in the form of a veteran supe named Crimson Countess. So, who is Crimson Countess in The Boys?

Crimson Countess is a veteran supe that has been around for decades because she used to be a member of the supe group called Payback, which Soldier Boy led long ago. In the present timeline, she became a retired supe that worked for Vought Land. She is portrayed by actress Laurie Holden.

The world of The Boys keeps on expanding as it continues to add different supes and characters into the mix. Crimson Countess is only one of those new supes as she was able to portray a role that was able to contribute to the overall narrative of season 3’s first three episodes. So, with that said, let’s get to know more about Crimson Countess in The Boys season 3.

Who Is Crimson Countess In The Boys?

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The Boys season 3 released its first three episodes on Amazon Prime as fans were able to catch the newest season and binged through the first three episodes in a hurry. Of course, like the other seasons, season 3 allowed us to see new characters that were introduced to make the narrative a bit more colorful and a lot more interesting.

One of the newer characters introduced was Crimson Countess, who became an integral part of the character arcs of some of the main characters and was seen during the time when The Boys were investigating what had happened to Soldier Boy. So, who is Crimson Countess in The Boys?

Crimson Countess, as the name implies, is actually a supe. She used to be a supe that belonged to the superhero group called Payback, which was led by none other than Soldier Boy himself. As such, considering that Soldier Boy had reportedly been killed in the middle of the 1980s, she is a veteran supe that has already retired from her duties.


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As a supe, she is quite powerful and has the ability to conjure up fireballs that are strong enough to kill normal people in one shot. She has to make sure that both of her hands join so that she can create a small fireball that, when it makes contact with people, could instantly kill them with an explosive burst.

In the series, she works in Vought Land, which is the Disneyland counterpart of The Boys. She works as a performer in Vought Land, specifically in the show that was dedicated to the memory of Soldier Boy, who used to be her former lover when she was with Payback.

What Happened To Crimson Countess In The Boys Season 3?

During the earlier part of season 3 of The Boys, the members of The Boys were tasked to investigate the surviving members of Payback. That’s because Queen Maeve tipped Billy Butcher off on a weapon that could be strong enough to kill Homelander, considering that they believe that this weapon was what killed Soldier Boy, who they say was almost just as strong as Homelander.

In that regard, Frenchie and Kimiko were tasked to investigate Crimson Countess and interrogate her, if necessary. They had to go to Vought Land, where the retired supe worked, so that they could get closer to her. At Vought Land, Kimiko was allowed to be a child because she had never experienced a normal childhood when she was growing up. However, she and Frenchie needed to investigate Crimson Countess first as they went to her show, where she displayed her prowess as a singer in a song that was dedicated to Soldier Boy.

After that, Frenchie and Kimiko visited her in her locker room, where she allowed Kimiko to have a glimpse of her newest music video. However, Frenchie told Kimiko to subdue Crimson Countess and keep her hands from joining so that she wouldn’t be able to create fireballs. Frenchie tried to get information regarding Soldier Boy but failed to do so as Crimson Countess was able to run away.

As she was running away, she conjured up a fireball that was supposedly aimed at Frenchie and Kimiko but hit a mascot instead. The mascot died on the spot due to the explosive power of this fireball as the children of the theme parked were horrified at what they had just witnessed when the mascot exploded and had his entrails scattered all over.


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This experience with Crimson Countess became an important part of Kimiko’s character development because she felt a certain level of guilt at what had happened in the theme park when the children were basically traumatized. She felt that the kids that were horrified at what had just happened could no longer live normal lives, just like how she was never able to live her childhood in a normal way.

Later on, when Billy Butcher was able to convince Grace Mallory to explain her involvement in a mission that involved Soldier Boy in the 1980s, we saw a flashback of how Payback joined up the US soldiers that were helping out the Contra forces in Nicaragua in 1984.

Of course, one of the Payback supes that were there was Crimson Countess. When the Sandinistas attacked the Contra base, Crimson Countess was one of the heroes that tried to fend them off but ended up killing some of the Contra soldiers instead. She was later seen explaining to Grace Mallory that the Sandinistas and the Russians were able to kill Soldier Boy, which seemed impossible at that time, considering that he was the strongest hero before Homelander.

As such, it was Crimson Countess who revealed to Mallory that a weapon strong enough to kill Soldier Boy existed. She also told Mallory that a helicopter took away Soldier Boy’s corpse as they watched it fly off in the sky.

Who Plays Crimson Countess In The Boys?

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Crimson Countess is portrayed by veteran actress Laurie Holden, who has been in the acting industry for a long time already. She is currently 53 years old as of this writing and has been acting since 1980.

Holden started her career with the Martian Chronicles in 1980. She also appeared in a lot of different TV shows like Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future and Highlander. Probably her biggest break was when she was a regular character in the X-Files series that ran from 1996 to 2002. After that, she appeared in the hit TV series The Walking Dead as Andrea Harrison.

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