Is Spiritomb a Legendary Pokémon and How Rare Is It?

s Spiritomb a Legendary Pokémon and How Rare Is It?

A few Pokémon in the franchise are as interesting and enigmatic as Spiritomb, the Ghost-type Pokémon introduced in Generation V. Spiritomb is a very strange Pokémon, both in design and on a general level, as it is quite rare and difficult to find, unlike the majority of other Pokémon species.

Spiritomb is by no means a Legendary Pokémon. It is a regular Ghost-type Pokémon introduced in Generation V that is not known to evolve at this point, but that might be changed in the future. It is quite rare though, as it can only be obtained on one location and only once in the games, if you don’t count trading as an option.

Continuing on this, we are going to explore the very nature of Spiritomb as a Pokémon. You’re going to find out whether he is a Legendary or a Mythical Pokémon, how rare he is in the games and whether a Mega Spiritomb exists in the universe or not.

Is Spiritomb a Legendary Pokémon?

Spiritomb is a Ghost-type Pokémon introduced in Generation V of the Pokémon franchise. It debuted in the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl video games. Spiritomb per se has no physical body, but projects its exterior out of its spirit core. The projected appearance consists of a purple vortex of smoke on which Spiritomb’s face is located.

This vortex of smoke is framed by a ring of green spheres. Its face is distorted and in one eye you can see a black spiral as if it were confused. Its mouth is blindfolded with the eyes in the middle and designed in a zigzag pattern.

In its Shiny form, the swirl of smoke is blue and the face and the balls are purple, although the face is noticeably darker. The spirit core becomes a little lighter.

Spiritomb has an ability and a hidden ability. The ability is a Pressure, which induces the opponent to lose more PP points when attacking. The hidden ability is Infiltrator, which allows Spiritomb to easily defeat the enemy’s shields and delegators.

A Spiritomb is created by the association of 108 evil spirits who have committed misdeeds. It can happen that some Spiritomb live up to 500 years. Spiritomb usually hang around graves.

In the anime series, Spiritomb debuted in the episode “The Keystone Pops!”, which was the 56th episode of the Diamond and Pearl anime series, and the 522nd episode overall. 

In the episode, Ash and Buizel were having a training match with Dawn and Aipom when Buizel accidentally knocked down Hallowed Tower, upon which Spiritomb emerged from the tower’s keystone. It then wreaked havoc on a nearby town, showing how destructive it can be, which isn’t actually that strange seeing how it is composed of 108 evil spirits.

The base stats of a Spiritomb are as follows:

Sp. Atk.:92
Sp. Def.:108

As for its attacks, the attacks a Spiritomb can learn in the core games are:

 Level  Move  Type  Cat.  Pwr.  Acc.  PP
1Night ShadeGhostSpecial100%15
1Confuse RayGhostStatus100%10
5Shadow SneakGhostPhysical40100%30
20Nasty PlotDarkStatus—%20
35Sucker PunchDarkPhysical70100%5
45Shadow BallGhostSpecial80100%15
50Dark PulseDarkSpecial80100%15
60Dream EaterPsychicSpecial100100%15

As you can see, Spiritomb is a completely normal Pokémon in every aspect, which means that it is absolutely not a Legendary Pokémon. Neither its stats, nor its story show that he is a Legendary Pokémon.

Is Spiritomb a Mythical Pokémon?

Just as we have established, Spiritomb is a completely regular Pokémon. Sure, it is rare and it does not evolve, which is a trait of both Legendary and Mythical Pokémon, but Spiritomb is really not associated with any legend, nor does it have any special abilities, which means that it is also not a Mythical Pokémon.

How Rare Is Spiritomb?

Spiritomb is an extremely rare Pokémon that cannot be found in the wild easily, but usually on only one location and only once per game. Sure, you can usually trade it from another game but since Spiritomb is very rare, you probably won’t have any individual Spiritomb to trade. Here is a list of in-game locations of Spiritomb in the main games:

DPPtHallowed Tower on Route 209
HGSSTransfer from Pokéwalker
BWDream World or Trade
B2W2Trade with Curtis or Yancy in Nimbasa City
Transfer from Dream Radar
XYFriend Safari (Ghost)
ORASSea Mauville
SMUSUMPokémon Bank
SwShTrade Version 1.3.0+
SwShIoACTBallimere Lake (Wanderer)*

As far as Pokémon GO is concerned, Spiritomb is also an extremely rare Pokémon, although it is easily obtainable. Namely, Spiritomb isn’t available in the wild and can only be obtained once per year, as a reward for successfully solving the special research tasks available during the annual Halloween events that are released in-game.

Spiritomb was introduced in 2018 and was available again in 2019 and 2020, with the latter year also unlocking a Shiny variant of the Pokémon; if you were lucky, you could get a Shiny Spiritomb in the game.

Is Mega Spiritomb Real?

Unlike a lot of other Pokémon, Spiritomb doesn’t have a Mega Evolution; in fact, he has no other form aside from the basic form introduced in Generation V and its shiny variant. Since the video game developers have abandoned the concept of Mega Evolution not long ago, we highly doubt that we’ll see a Mega Spiritomb, unless something changes drastically.

So, if you see a “Mega Spiritomb” somewhere around the web, know that it is a fake.

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