Is Stray Cross Platform and Crossplay? When Is It Coming on Xbox?

Is Stray Cross platform, crossplay and when is it coming out on Xbox?

Stray got released a few weeks ago and it managed to captivate many right from the start. Set in a cyberpunk-inspired city wrapped in neon and darkness, it’s a welcome novelty in the adventure genre. Since it was developed by a small indie studio, a lot of interested players have questions regarding its features. Most of the questions are targeted toward Stray’s Cross-platform and crossplay status. So we’ve decided to sit down and answer those questions for you. So, Is Stray a cross-platform game that supports crossplay? And when is Stray being released on Xbox?

Stray is a cross-platform game since it was released on both PC, PS4, and PS5. It does not support crossplay since it’s a single-player game. The release date for Xbox Consoles is currently unknown since Stray was released as a timed exclusive for Play Station.

So now you’ve learned that Stray is a cross-platform game that does not support crossplay but you’re probably wondering why it was designed that way. If you’re interested in detailed analysis keep reading!

Stray, a perfect cyberpunk adventure

In Stray you play as a cat, you’ve probably figured this out already since the internet keeps raving about it. You somehow get separated from the rest of your litter and you find yourself in the ruins of an underground city. You make your way to the lab where you meet your companion, a small drone that calls itself B12. You eventually venture further into the ruined city and notice that while humans are gone, their robots (and the rest of the technology) survived and built a whole new society. As you explore Kowloon Walled City 99, you are constantly attacked by Zurks, creatures that can consume both organic and non-organic life.

Is Stray a cross-platform game?

Yes, by definition Stray is a cross-platform game. Any game that gets released on multiple platforms is technically a cross-platform game. And in the case of our beloved ginger cat, Stray was released on both PC and PS consoles. When it comes to release on PS 5, the version is playable at the moment but it does not support all the features that the PS4 version supports.

If you were thinking about buying a PC version and then logging into your PS account and jumping right into action on your Play Station. It’s not going to work, separate versions of the game need to be bought to play on different devices.

Does Stray support crossplay?

Stray does not support crossplay. It would be awesome if you could gather your friends and take the Walled City 99 by storm as a clowder of stray cats, unfortunately, it is not possible. Stray was designed and released as a single-player game only. Most of the mechanics and gameplay were designed with one player in mind. I’m also not sure whether the story would be as immersive and engaging in multiplayer mode.

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It would be silly to see a city devoid of most organic life overrun by cats. Stray feels like and plays like a walking simulator and those are always better when played alone.

Is Stray a co-op game?

Stray is not a co-op game and it does not have a co-op game mode. As we’ve said before it was designed as a single-player game with a rich story that’s meant to be played alone. It wouldn’t make sense story-wise and it would complicate the gameplay and mechanics needlessly.

But, modders always find a way. There is a split-screen mod available for Stray, it’s in the very early stages of development and it only supports local co-op as of now. It’s also only available for PC players. Up to three players can join the game at the same time. You can download the mod from this link but you should be aware that it might mess up your game.

The developer himself mentioned that he is not sure just how far you can advance in the game by playing with this mode installed, and whether you can finish it at all.

Is Stray available on Xbox consoles and Gamepass?

Stray is not available on Xbox consoles and therefore it’s not on Gamepass either. It’s a timed exclusive for Play Station consoles and that means that even if the Xbox version was planned it can’t come out yet. Not at least until a certain amount of time has passed. If you’re a cat lover playing on the Xbox system, this must be a piece of devastating news for you.

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There is a big chance that the Xbox version of Stray will eventually come out but as of now, there is no release date in sight. When it comes to Gamepass, Stray is not available on PC Gamepass either. It’s available only on Steam for now.

Is Stray on Nintendo Switch?

Stray is not on Nintendo Switch and there’s no planned release date in sight. As we’ve mentioned before, Stray is timed exclusive for PS consoles which means that it’s off limits for other consoles. But there’s another problem altogether when it comes to Nintendo Switch.

I’m not sure whether the Switch would be able to handle the game at all considering its gorgeous and detailed graphics. So if you have any other device that you can play Stray on, maybe you should try on that device before hoping for a switch version.

And that would be all, we’ve covered everything we could regarding Stray’s cross-platform, crossplay and Xbox status. Even though Stray does not support cross-platform play, you can always check out our list of best crossplay games.

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