Is Triptych Based on a True Story? Real-life Events Explained

Based on a true story

Triptych is the latest Mexican thriller drama series streaming on Netflix, which delves into the intriguing and mysterious world of a forensic expert, Becca. The show follows Becca as she stumbles upon a shocking discovery while investigating a murder case. After she realizes that the victim looks strikingly similar to her, Becca starts to uncover a startling truth about her past, leading her on a dangerous journey to uncover the secrets of her origins.

The show’s unique blend of drama, mystery, and thriller elements promises to captivate audiences with its gripping plot and exceptional performances. This intriguing plot makes us wonder, is Triptych based on a true story? In this article, you can find out the real-life events behind the show.

Triptych is based on a true story. Netflix did not reveal on which real case the show is based, but it is speculated that the show is based on the case presented in the documentary “Three Identical Strangers” which tells the story of a college student who discovers someone who appears to be his exact doppelganger upon his arrival at college.

If this is the case, that means that Triptych has based its storyline on factual events, but the characters of the show have been changed and modified to fit better in the concept of the show and its mystery. Triptych follows Becca, a female forensic, who finds out that she had a twin sister that was murdered and also another sister that is still alive. The same thing happens in Three Identical Strangers, where two twin brothers meet each other years after they were separated at their birth. Then they learn they also have a third brother and that they were part of a social experiment through the process of adoption. Let’s see more in detail what Triptych is really about and how it could be connected to the real story of three identical brothers.

Is Triptych based on a true story, and what is it about?


Even though the show’s producers only vaguely tell that Triptych is based on a true story, they do not specify what real-life story they are referring to. However, many similarities indicate that it could be based on a real-life story of three brothers that find out about each other years after their separation. But, more about that is further in the article.

Triptych is a Mexican mystery thriller drama series that follows a forensic expert, Becca (Maite Perroni), who discovers that a woman that’s been murdered resembles her a lot. Naturally, she wishes to know more about her, who she is, and what she did do for a living. Becca learns that the victim’s name was Aleida Trujano and that she was the president of a big international company.


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Aleida looked exactly like Becca and was born on the same day as her. So, Becca logically assumes she is her sister and asks her mother about it, and also confronts Aleida’s alleged mother about her daughter’s life, only to find out that she does not wish to speak about it and wants to hide her daughter’s death.

Things get even weirder when Becca encounters another woman that looks exactly like her, and all the people that could explain how it is possible that they never knew about each other start mysteriously disappearing. It is clear that there is a grand mystery and cover-up behind it, so Becca and her sister have to do everything they can to get to the bottom of it all.

The show gradually turns into a thriller filled with chases and explosions, all in order to prevent the real truth from coming to light. The big question that the show has to answer is why three sisters were separated at birth and why three different families clearly adopted them, and all come from different social statuses. Those facts point toward the statement that the adoptions of three sisters were orchestrated on purpose for three different lives to be lived in different social circles and different economic statuses.

So, if they really were part of a social experiment from their birth, and their families were aware of it, then it is fair to assume that the real-life events the show is based on were those of Three Identical Strangers, about which the documentary talks. So, assuming that the Triptych is based on those real-life events, let’s see what story lies behind the documentary Three Identical Strangers.

The real-life events behind the Triptych show explained

As this article is written on the assumption that Triptych could be based on real-life events that revolve around male triplets that found out about each other when they started college, here are some events from their lives that affirm our arguments why the show could be based on their life story. The information provided further is from the documentary Three Identical Strangers, where three brothers share their story.

Three Identical Strangers is a documentary that tells the astonishing true story of triplets Robert Shafran, Eddy Galland, and David Kellman, who were separated at birth and adopted by three different families in New York in 1961. The three brothers were not aware of each other’s existence until they were reunited by chance when Robert and Eddy were 19 years old.

The documentary shows how the three brothers, who had different upbringings, quickly bonded and discovered that they had a lot in common, including their taste in music and their tendency to smoke the same brand of cigarettes.


However, as the story unfolds, the documentary reveals a dark secret that had been hidden from the triplets and their adoptive parents for decades. It turns out that the separation of the triplets was not a coincidence but rather the result of a secret study conducted by a prominent child psychiatrist, Dr. Peter Neubauer, and the Louise Wise Adoption Agency.

The study aimed to answer the nature vs. nurture debate and the impact of genetics on child development. The triplets were separated at birth and placed in different socio-economic environments to see how their lives would turn out. The study was conducted without the knowledge or consent of the triplets’ biological mothers or adoptive families.


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So, as you can see, there are many similarities between Triptych’s storyline and the true story of the three brothers. Three identical siblings were unaware of each other for years and came from different socio-economic statuses. The show still has to prove our point that there is a social experiment in play regarding Becca and her sisters, and the show implemented elements of thriller, crime, and mystery to spice things up and to give the audience that ‘suspense’ feeling we all love when watching the show.

Triptych still has a lot of questions to answer, and we can’t wait. Triarchy is set to premiere on Netflix on Wednesday, February 22, 2023.

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