Is Viserys the White Walker with the Ice Spear from Game of Thrones?

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At the end of his life in House of the Dragon, it was clear that King Viserys had already aged beyond what his years would suggest, as he was already an incredibly old-looking king, despite the fact that he was only 52. Of course, the way he looked at the end of his life seemed to resemble someone familiar from Game of Thrones. We are talking about the White Walker that Sam Tarly first encountered on the Fist of the First Men beyond the Wall. So, is Viserys the White Walker with the spear from Game of Thrones?

King Viserys is not the White Walker from Game of Thrones. That’s because the White Walkers are created in an entirely different way, as they are neither living nor dead, as opposed to the Wights, which are the risen dead that the Night King and the White Walkers are able to create.

While it may be true that Viserys does look like the old White Walker that we saw in Game of Thrones, what is also true is that they have origins that are entirely different from one another. Of course, for you to understand what we are talking about, we are going to be talking about King Viserys and the White Walkers in greater detail.

What Happened To Viserys In House Of The Dragon?

At the start of House of the Dragon, it was made clear that King Viserys Targaryen was suffering from a disease that was steadily eating him up from the inside, as this was showing similar symptoms to what we know as leprosy. In that regard, he was steadily losing skin and muscle tissues and even limbs and body parts. Of course, he also aged faster than the other characters in the series due to his condition. 

By episode 8, King Viserys was nothing more than just skin and bones because he had weakened severely due to his condition. And by the time that he was nearing his death, he had already lost his right eye and could no longer walk properly without the assistance of a walking cane. 

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Of course, it is needless to say that this condition got the better of him as he perished at the end of episode 8. In episode 9, we even saw the Silent Sisters embalming his body according to the traditions of the Faith of the Seven. He was supposed to be entombed together with the other members of the Targaryen royal family that weren’t burned when they died.


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In that regard, it is needless to say that his body was still in King’s Landing after he died, as he was entombed there. At that time, the Great Sept of Baelor was yet to be constructed, but it is possible that his body was moved there together with the other Targaryen kings after Baelor had completed the construction of this sept. As such, upon his death, he moved on to the afterlife, with his body remaining in King’s Landing and quite possibly destroyed by the wildfire explosion that happened in the Great Sept during the events of Game of Thrones.

The White Walkers Explained

At the very beginning of Game of Thrones, we were already teased to the greatest threat of the entire storyline, as we saw men of the Night’s Watch getting attacked by unknown assailants that were believed to be the White Walkers. These White Walkers are the very same entities that the First Men and the Children of the Forest fought together thousands of years before the events of Game of Thrones but were driven to the far north. Meanwhile, the Wall was constructed to keep them out of the Seven Kingdoms.

However, because the White Walkers had never been seen in thousands of years, they became myths and legends among the people of Westeros. In fact, the people don’t even believe that they still exist, but they proved to be a threat when they were slowly forming an army of the dead during the events of Game of Thrones.

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The White Walkers are led by an entity named the Night King, who was created by the Children of the Forest 10,000 years before Game of Thrones. He was supposed to be their weapon against the First Men but became an evil entity that merely wanted to destroy and kill all life on the planet. As such, the Children of the Forest needed to work together with the First Men to defeat the Night King and the White Walkers.


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While we did see how the Night King was created, as a flashback scene revealed that he was a man that was pierced with an enchanted dragonglass dagger until he became the Night King, the White Walkers were created differently. Take note that the Night King and the White Walkers aren’t undead but aren’t living as well. Instead, they are entirely different from the living or the dead.

The White Walkers were revealed to be created from actual living men, as the Night King used his magic on babies to turn them into White Walkers. This was shown when Craster was sacrificing his infant sons to the Night King so that he can turn them into White Walkers with a simple touch. In exchange, the Night King would leave Craster and his keep alone. 

Is Viserys The White Walker With The Spear In Game Of Thrones?

Now that you know what happened to Viserys after his death and how the White Walkers were created, it is now easy to see that the peaceful king was not the White Walker with the spear in Game of Thrones. And that’s because White Walkers are different from the undead wights that they create and control.


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As mentioned, the White Walkers are neither living nor undead. Instead, they were created from living human beings that were transformed by the Night King. In that regard, the only way for a White Walker to be created is for the Night King to use his powers on a living human being, similar to what he did to one of Craster’s infant sons. Meanwhile, the undead Wights are created by the Night King and the White Walker when they revive the dead.

In that regard, because King Viserys died in the events of House of the Dragon and was entombed in King’s Landing, there was no way that he could ever be the White Walker with the spear in Game of Thrones. For that to happen, he would have been turned into a White Walker while he was still alive. And even if the dead could be turned into White Walkers, the Night King would have actually had to travel all the way to King’s Landing to turn Viserys’s body into a White Walker and then return to the lands beyond the Wall.

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