Is Whis a Boy or Girl? (Gender Explained)

Is Whis a Boy or Girl? (Gender Explained)

As far as Dragon Ball characters are concerned, one of the most popular new additions to the lore is Whis, an Angel and the mentor of the God of Destruction Beerus. Whis has recently trained with Goku and has received more attention, which is why the fandom is asking about him all the time. Now, due to his visual appearance, some people are wondering whether Whis is male or female and in order to clear that up, we have written this article, in which you will find the answer to the aforementioned question.

Whis has always been and is undoubtedly male. He has been portrayed as a male character, he has been referred to as a male character, and he has been referring to himself as a male character. Whis has also been officially described as a son of the Grand Master and while he might look a bit feminine, if you look at his sisters, you’ll notice an obvious difference between a male and a female Angel.

In the rest of this article, we are going to tell you what you need to know about the issue of Whis from Dragon Ball and his gender. By now, you already know that Whis is a male character, but we are going to elaborate a bit on that and give you all the details you need. Some mild spoilers might be present, so keep an eye out.

Is Whis a boy or a girl?

Whis is a character with light blue skin, long white hair, and has feminine and elegant features. He is dressed in a maroon tunic, a kind of black and white breastplate with yellow, orange and white details, black high heels and wears a blue ring around his neck. He also carries a long scepter, colored blue and yellow, which has a black jewel floating on top.


If you observe the picture, you’ll notice what we are talking about. Whis has, indeed, a very feminine appearance and if you have some experience with anime characters, you’ll probably know that a lot of female characters are designed in this exact manner. He has some sort of lipstick on his lips, very feminine eyes, and overall a face that could easily fit a female character. But he is not female. Whis is, undoubtedly and officially, a male character.

Whis has been confirmed as the son of the Grand Minister. Now, the Grand Minister has a lot of children and they are, respectively, referred to as either sons or daughters, which means that there is a distinction between their genders. In that aspect, if you actually compare Whis to his sisters (which include Vados, Kusu, Marcarita, and Martinu), you’ll notice that there is a significant difference in their appearances which actually makes the answer to this question quite clear.

What is Whis like?

Well, in order to corroborate our answer, we shall also give you an insight into Whis’ personality to determine whether he behaves more like a boy or a girl. Whis has a calm, aloof, and peaceful personality, but is sometimes distracted by a somewhat feminine nature. Very eccentric, his priorities can often seem extremely banal.

He maintains his calmness even when his student Beerus becomes extremely angry, but can become irritated if Beerus goes too far, but eating will calm him down. A very perceptive and carefree person, he is rarely upset or surprised by anything that doesn’t directly concern Beerus, such as being impressed by Goku’s Time-Skip or Kaio-ken hits.

Apparently, he is also a very proud teacher as seeing Goku seems to have mastered Ultra Instinct, Whis was thrilled that Goku was learning from his lessons. Despite his carefree nature, he’s not without fear as he got very nervous when Zeno was about to meet Goku, although that’s understandable when it comes to the Omni King.

He also became somewhat annoyed with Goku’s behavior towards the Grand Minister and Zeno, even showing puzzlement when Goku gave Zeno his nickname. He is shown to be very well mannered, always speaking and behaving with respect to everyone around him. Likewise, he dislikes bad table manners and comments negatively on Beerus’ sloppy food during his visit to a planet.

Even in dire situations, his etiquette doesn’t waver, as he politely informed the dragon team that the entire solar system would be destroyed in an honorable voice in the blink of an eye while he quietly ate a cake. He’s also very caring, giving Vegeta a better view of Beerus and Goku’s fight through his staff and sharing his food with Pilaf’s hungry gang.

He seems to enjoy the company of others, as evidenced by his regular encounters with Bulma (though this may simply be because she entertains him with various meals). His tag was only briefly shaken when Vegeta refused to enter the Tournament of Power unless his child, Bulla, was born.

Originally, Whis was confused and puzzled like Goku; he wasn’t sure why Vegeta wanted to be present at the birth and was later visibly annoyed by Vegeta’s attitude, even going so far as to use his magical abilities to literally contort Bulla out of Bulma’s lap to let Vegeta come in, even now mumbling to himself, he can fight in an annoyed tone.

Much like Beerus, he is obsessed with food, becoming overly excited and somewhat unworthy of new cuisines, and easily coaxed into delicacies. As he traveled back in time for three minutes, he said he only did it because Earth had so many refined delights, not because he cared about the billions of life on Earth. This mentality makes him look like a glutton.

Similar to Roshi, who only attends his classes when given inappropriate material, Whis only trains Vegeta or Goku when it comes to a delicacy. Likewise, he seems to care very little or nothing about the countless lives Beerus ended in his tenure as God of Destruction, indicating that if he’s not malevolent, he’s at least indifferent.


Does Whis Have Ultra Instinct? (& Is He Always Using It)

Additionally, he seems to have very little to no moral values ‚Äč‚Äčabout other people’s lives. This is seen when the Grand Minister declares that all but the angels of their respective universes will be annihilated, to which Whis remained cheerful as always, even laughing directly in the face of Beerus himself to show that despite all the eons he had spent with Beerus apparently only saw Beerus as a mission.

Despite this, it seems that this is just a facade and that he cares about his universe, as he is not only proud of the achievements of Goku and Vegeta, his two students, but also quite involved in the Team Universe 7.’s overall performance in the tournament and expresses concern when Goku collapses due to stress from using Ultra Instinct.

Additionally, Whis was ashamed of the chaos and destruction Moro caused in Universe 7, showing that while angelic law requires him to be indifferent, he feels sorry for the people and planets wiped out by Moro, when saw the unauthorized destruction take place. And while he prefers not to meddle in deadly conflicts according to Angelic Law, in Dragon Ball Super: Broly he protects Bulma and holds Broly enraged by using Autonomous Ultra Instinct to dodge Broly’s attacks after defeating Golden Frieza, while Goku and Vegeta try to fuse with the support of Piccolo.

However, Whis refuses to even attack Broly and quickly bids farewell upon Gogeta’s arrival, allowing the deadly fusion to face the rampaging Legendary Super Saiyan, thus remaining within the bounds of angelic law since Goku and Vegeta are his students. God of Destruction candidates, so his restraint of Broly could be seen as an encouragement for Goku and Vegeta’s growth as it allowed them to perfect the fusion dance and the fight gave Whis the opportunity to test the Super Saiyan Broly’s strength, which Goku thinks can match Beerus is a chance to keep an eye out for another potential Destroyer candidate while keeping Broly busy until Gogeta arrives.

His protection of Bulma from Broly was likely influenced by her friendship with Bulma, due to her tendency to indulge in earth cooking and being the wife of her student Vegeta.

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