‘Jack Ryan’: Who Is Zeyara Lemos? What Does She Want with Ryan’s Girlfriend?

Zeyara Lemos and Cathy Mueller Jack Ryan SO4

Zeyara Lemos is arguably the most dangerous female villain in the four seasons of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan. She was introduced as another sweet-spoken high-class diplomat at the Nigeria Foundation Gala before the show revealed her dark secrets. She doesn’t just work with the Myanmar Triad, she runs it. It is, therefore, obvious that no one is safe around her, leaving fans wondering who she really is and why she wants Jack Ryan’s girlfriend to work with her.

Zeyara Lemos is the owner of the Nigeria Foundation, which she uses as the public face of her extensive international criminal network. Lemos is the mind behind the union between Myanmar’s Silver Lotus Triad and Mexican drug cartels. Her fundraiser was just a platform to create partnerships with influential people, and Cathy Mueller was just one of the many influential people she planned to manipulate.

While Zeyara Lemos claims to be working to help the suffering people of Nigeria, she actually uses her money to control events in favor of her criminal organization. She also uses her influence to control both the Triad and a rogue CIA operation, through which she assassinated the president of Nigeria. Jack Ryan, therefore, needs to save both Cathy and the CIA in Season 4, so let’s look at what makes Lemos so dangerous.

Who is Zeyara Lemos in Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan?

Zuleikha Lemos as Zeyara Lemos Jack Ryan

Zeyara Lemos is played by the British actress Zuleikha Robinson, famous for playing Jessica in Merchant of Venice.

The actress has played many big roles in TV shows, including Venessa Hadid in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Roya Hammad in Homeland.

Her character in Jack Ryan is an intelligent criminal with deep pockets and powerful connections making her nearly unstoppable.

Robinson portrays Zeyara as a seasoned manipulator that charms her way into people’s lives and does whatever she likes with little care for consequences.

She met Jack Ryan, Elizabeth Wright, and Cathy Mueller at the gala she hosted to raise funds for her foundation.

During the gala, she argues with Ade Odoji about her work in Nigeria which she claims to be the last hope for oppressed Nigerians.

Neither Elizabeth Wright nor Jack Ryan suspected Lemos of being the mind behind the assassination, which was being blamed on the CIA.

Cathy Mueller also appreciated Lemos for her contributions and support to the WHO, and the two agreed to meet for lunch.


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When Lemos later met Cathy, she told her that she wanted to partner with her to help women oppressed in pleasure casinos in Myanmar.

She invoked her love for her mother, who was born in Myanmar, as the inspiration behind her mission to help abused women.

An unsuspecting Cathy Mueller agrees to work with Lemos and is later seen traveling to Myanmar to make good on her promise.

Zeyara Lemos, on the other hand, is revealed to be working with Tin Tun and Chao Fah, who are the leaders of the Silver Lotus Triad.

She invites Fah for a meeting during which she tells him that he would be the new leader of the Triad’s operations instead of the non-visionary Tin Tun.

It becomes clear that Lemos is the real power behind the Triad, meaning she had a hand in the assassination of the Nigerian president, which was ordered by Chao Fah.

Why did Zeyara Lemos want a partnership with Cathy Mueller?

Lemos meets Cathy Mueller in Jack Ryan

Lemos saw Cathy Mueller’s influential position in the WHO as a tool for furthering her public image as the savior of oppressed women.

Cathy being Jack Ryan’s girlfriend also gave Lemos another path of influence in the CIA, but Cathy had no idea about Lemos’s sinister motives when she agreed to work with her.

“I’ve learned that risk isn’t the downside of a relationship. It is the foundation,” Cathy replied as she accepted Lemos’s request to partner with her in Myanmar.

In reality, the partnership is just part of Lemos’s plot to expand her public image as a legitimate philanthropist and human rights activist.


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She uses her charity organizations to launder the proceeds of her criminal empire, which traffics drugs and women around the world.

Despite claiming to be fighting to eliminate the abuse that her mother and other women faced as sex slaves in Myanmar, she is profiting from the same crimes.

Cathy is, therefore, in danger of becoming one of Lemos’s many victims because she is thorough, and it wouldn’t take long for her to see through Lemos’s fake charities.

Cathy Mueller is still a smart woman, able to protect herself, as she proved in the first season when Suleiman and the terrorists came to the hospital while she was at work.

Is Zeyara Lemos the real villain in Jack Ryan Season 4?

Chao Fah and Zeyara Lemos Jack Ryan

While Chao Fah and Bill Tuttle pull the triggers, Zeyara Lemos gives the orders, making her the real villain in Jack Ryan Season 4.

She was the mind behind the Triad partnering with the Mexican Drug cartels which made it easier for them to smuggle people and weapons.

She is also the main connection between Operation Lotus and Nigeria, which is why the assassination of the Nigerian president was reported to Chao Fah.

When she realized that Tin Tun wasn’t matching her big ambitions to further the triad, she replaced him with Chao Fah.

Her public image as a popular philanthropist and women’s rights activist also makes her nearly untouchable by most security agencies.

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