‘Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan’ Season 3 Ending Explained: Is Ryan Able to Get on Board the S.S. Roosevelt?

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Welcome to the Ending Explained for Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, Season 3, which arrives this weekend on Amazon Prime Video. The third season of the show, based on the popular character created by Tom Clancy, throws right into a conflict that could be taken right out of the headlines. For a time, it seemed that fiction had a bad run, depicting the conflict between Americans and Russians as something that could only happen in movies and giving a bad reputation to both sides. Now, however, with the war in Ukraine still raging, it seems the Russians are back in style.

The newest season puts Jack Ryan and James Greer again in a situation they could probably want to avoid, but one they need to face no matter what. In this opportunity, the stakes are bigger than ever before. The war between the two superpowers is on the horizon, and nuclear weapons are on the table. It seems like a very stereotypical plot, but it manages to work thanks to the characters and the fantastic actors who really sell the situation on both sides of the conflict.


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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, Season 3. Read at your own risk.

Is Ryan Able To Get On Board The S.S. Roosevelt?

The entire season has been leading to this moment. In Russia, the minister of defense, Alexei Mavelov, gets ready to make his move. He will vote to take the president of Russia from his office and put himself in charge of the country. However, this coup d’état goes beyond taking power for himself. Alexei is also ready to begin a war with the United States. A war that would end up destroying both countries and many more in the aftermath. It would be an event that only really speaks badly of Alexei and his ignorance. He has never been to war, so he doesn’t know the cost of one.

However, old General Luca knows exactly the cost of war, and he is ready to put his life on the line to stop this one from happening. Luca gets inside The Fearless, the ship Alexei will use to bait the Americans into coming into conflict with Russia. However, Luca has quickly arrested the moment the ship sails, and he is put into custody. Luca is ingenious, and he sees that the captain of the ship uses the executive officer to serve as his guard. This means that this young soldier is, in fact, the only other person who can take command from the captain in the event of negligence.

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Meanwhile, Ryan is on his way to make it on board the S.S. Roosevelt, which is currently at sea. He tries to reach the ship by helicopter, but the captain of the Roosevelt doesn’t give him permission to come aboard. So he is thrown out of the helicopter, and because the Roosevelt is the only vessel close to him, they are legally compelled to pick him up, which results in what Ryan wanted, getting on board the ship. The captain has a hard time believing what Ryan is saying as the truth, but when The Fearless starts prepping for the attack, all hell goes to lose.

Inside the Fearless, Luca is trying to convince the executive officer by appealing to his duty to the country. He tells him just how many bad things he did in life under the excuse that he was just following orders. Now, as an old man, he is full of regret, and he wants this young man to live without it. The office is convinced and arrives at the main deck and tries to stop the captain, but he is a complete zealot, and as Alexei, he believes the war will bring Russia back to its glory days.

Does Ryan And Greer Manage To Save The World From War?

While Ryan and Luca are on board the ships that could start World War III at any moment. Greer is at the Kremlin, right in the middle of the coup d’état. He is accompanied by Czech President Alena and Mike November, who has now become attached to the mission since being divorced from the Venezuelan ambassador. Mike has been getting closer to Alena, and he seems to be falling in love with her just a bit. Greer leaves them, and he finds himself talking with Alexei. He informs Alexei that his coup d’état is over before it starts, as he has given notice to the Russian president.

Alena and Mike have found themselves in front of the Russian president, and they make peace while also giving the president the evidence he needs to put Alexei behind bars for leading a coup d’état against the government. The president faces the rest of the cabinet and orders the arrest of all the members who sided with Alexei during the coup. Alexei, on the other hand, gets ready to get arrested himself, but the guards end up shooting him dead when he gets his hands on a weapon.

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On board the ships, Ryan and Luca are trying to stop their respective captains from starting a war. Luca and the young executive officer manage to take control of the Fearless and step down from launching a missile that could destroy the Roosevelt. They communicate with the Roosevelt, and hearing Jack’s voice assures Luca that they have accomplished their mission. The USA speaks to Roosevelt’s captain, and he makes his assessment that there are no more future threats coming from the Fearless.


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Mike and Greer say goodbye to the madame President Alena, and Mike even offers his services if she could need him in the future. The season ends with Luca telling the audience about the sacrifice that some soldiers and agents make to serve and protect their countries. A service that sometimes goes even against the agents’ moral code, but a service that needs to be done nonetheless. The episode ends as Greer and Ryan receive their medals, and they leave the CIA building until the moment they are needed again.

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