James Gunn Commends ‘X-Men ’97’ but Won’t Mimic It in DCU

x men 97 potential release date

‘X-Men ’97’ has been a big hit. People love how it stays true to the original while feeling fresh with modern storytelling and animation. Ratings have been high since day one, leading to a season 2 renewal and plans for season 3. Marvel seems keen on keeping it going strong for as long as they can.

It’s really refreshing, especially after a string of disappointments for the studio. That’s why they’ve switched gears, focusing more on animated stuff down the road. People are into it, and it’s not getting old like some superhero stuff does. Even James Gunn is on board with that.

Recently, he was asked on Threads what he thinks about the show. He replied that it’s enjoyable and one-of-a-kind, but he doesn’t intend to copy it for his own approach with DCU. His reasoning seems sensible.

james gunn on justice league unlimited

Some fans might be disappointed to hear that James Gunn isn’t planning to bring back Justice League Unlimited. But DC fans can still look forward to something exciting. Over a year ago, the animated TV show ‘Creature Commandos’ was announced, with Gunn himself penning the script.

The upcoming series will feature the team of superhumans, known as the Creature Commandos, who made their debut in the source material in ‘Weird War Tales’ #93, back in November 1980. The team includes a human leader, a werewolf, a vampire, a gorgon, and Frankenstein’s monster.

In the source material, this team was formed under Project M to combat the Axis powers during World War II. ‘Creature Commandos’ is set to be the first DCU project to debut, expected sometime in 2024. Gunn recently mentioned that the project is shaping up exceptionally well, expressing admiration for the animators’ work.

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