James Spader’s The Blacklist Will Return For Season 10

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Another milestone has been reached! One of NBC’s most famous crime shows The Blacklist has officially been renewed for Season 10, according to TVLine.

Created by Jon Bokenkamp, The Blacklist started when international fugitive Raymond Reddington, better known as Red, surrendered himself to the FBI in order to help them catch the criminals that are even worse than him, and the name of every fugitive is present on Red’s so-called blacklist.

James Spader has been playing Red for almost a decade now, and he was nominated twice (in 2014 and 2015, respectively) for Golden Globes award for the Best Performance by an Actor in a Television series — Drama.

Although Spader’s Red is the center of the show, Megan Boone was also the main actor as FBI agent Elizabeth Keen, who was killed off at the end of Season 8 when Boone announced her exit from the show.

Following the end of Season 8, the show took a different course. Boone exited the show, and creator, writer, and executive producer Jon Bokenkamp did the same, so season 9 started with some huge changes in both front and behind the camera. Still, the show still has a very good viewership, so the fact that Season 10 is on the way isn’t at all surprising.

“In the two years following the death of Elizabeth Keen, Raymond Reddington and the members of the FBI Task Force have disbanded — their lives now changed in unexpected ways and with Reddington’s whereabouts unknown. Finding themselves each at a crossroads, a common purpose compels them to renew their original mission: to take down dangerous, vicious and eccentric Blacklisters. In the process, they begin to uncover lethal adversaries, unimaginable conspiracies and surprising betrayals that will threaten alliances and spur vengeance for the past, led by the most devious criminal of them all — Raymond Reddington.” — The Blacklist Season 9, official synopsis

The Blacklist will return with an all-new episode this Friday, February 25.

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