Juggernaut vs. Thanos: Who Would Win in a Fight?

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There are a lot of different large powerhouses in the world of Marvel Comics, and two of them happen to be incredibly strong characters that have served as villains to different characters. We are talking about the large man named Juggernaut, who is known to be an unstoppable force in the X-Men storyline, and the Mad Titan named Thanos, who is a tyrant that has threatened the entire universe. So, in a fight between Juggernaut and Thanos, who would win?

Thanos is likely to win a fight against Juggernaut because he is more intelligent and has more powers and abilities under his disposal. He is also stronger if Juggernaut cannot pick up enough momentum. Of course, it would be very difficult for Thanos to hurt or damage him because Juggernaut is literally unstoppable.

While it may seem like Thanos has more advantages over Juggernaut, the truth is that this should be a closer fight than anyone would imagine. That’s because Juggernaut is quite literally an unstoppable force that not even the strongest characters could stop or damage. So, with that said, let’s look at this battle in greater detail to understand more about it.


Juggernaut is an incredibly strong character and is said to be a class 100+ villain in Marvel Comics. This means that he has enough strength to lift more than 100 tons, and that puts him on par with some of the strongest Marvel characters on Earth. But Juggernaut’s true strength lies in the fact that he is empowered by the Gem of Cyttorak, which makes him the avatar of one of the most powerful entities in the entire universe. As such, he has the ability to become stronger and unstoppable while he is gaining momentum.

hulk juggernaut

Thanos is one of the most physically powerful characters in the universe of Marvel Comics because he has the ability to lift more than 100 tons and is on par with some of the strongest characters that Marvel has to offer. Some of his strength feats include being able to fight or even overpower the likes of Thor and the Hulk, who are two of the strongest Avengers. Thanos has also shown the ability to overpower the Silver Surfer with his strength.

This seems to be a very difficult round to judge because Thanos is normally stronger than Juggernaut. However, when Juggernaut picks up enough momentum, he should be a lot stronger than Thanos. As such, we’re looking at this one as a tie.

Juggernaut 0, Thanos 0


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Juggernaut is quite possibly one of the most durable characters in the entire world of Marvel Comics because he is basically the Unstoppable Juggernaut. He is literally an unstoppable beast, especially when he picks up momentum, as he has always been one of the most durable characters of all time due to the fact that he is empowered by Cyttorak, who gives him the power to be unstoppable. Throughout his history, the only time Juggernaut gets stopped is through battlefield removal or when his opponent uses psychic or mystic abilities that are beyond physical.


Thanos is as durable as he is strong because he has the ability to take the same kind of damage that he can dish out. As an Eternal, he has nigh-invulnerability, and that means that he can resist all sorts of different attacks regardless of what their nature may be. This allows Thanos to continue to keep on fighting regardless of how much damage he has taken, as he is incredibly durable and is somewhere at the level of the likes of the Hulk and Thor in terms of how durable his body is.


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Normally, Thanos should be more durable than any other character. However, this is Juggernaut we are talking about, as we all know that he is unstoppable. In that regard, Juggernaut takes this round because no one can stop him when he picks up momentum.

Juggernaut 1, Thanos 0


As strong and as mighty as Juggernaut may be, he isn’t exactly someone you could call smart, as he is neither a brilliant tactician nor a scientific genius. He is basically a brute that doesn’t have any intelligence feats throughout his entire history as a character. As such, there have been a lot of instances where he was defeated because his opponent was able to outsmart him or find a brilliant way to counter his unstoppable strength.

Thanos has always been a genius, even though he may not look like the smartest individual in the universe. His knowledge is actually cosmic and mystical in terms of its level because he knows a lot about how the nature of the universe works. On top of that, Thanos has always been a cunning tactician that knows how to use strategies to his advantage during a fight or a war. In that regard, he has always been a dangerous opponent because he isn’t simply a powerhouse but is also an evil genius.

thanos sitting

We shouldn’t even be talking about this because there is no way that Juggernaut could best the genius intellect of someone like Thanos.

Juggernaut 1, Thanos 1

Powers and Abilities

Juggernaut may be one of the strongest and most durable characters in the history of Marvel Comics because he is basically unstoppable. However, other than the fact that he has the Gem of Cyttorak, which allows him to become the avatar of Cyttorak and obtain a portion of his powers, he isn’t really capable of anything else. Juggernaut mostly just charges at his opponent while relying on the unstoppability that Cyttorak provides. Other than that, he isn’t capable of anything else.

Aside from the fact that he is an incredibly powerful individual and a genius villain, Thanos also has a few powers and abilities that he often doesn’t display and isn’t shown in the MCU. Thanos actually possesses strong psionic abilities that he often uses to defend himself against the psionic attacks of different characters that have powerful telepathic and psychic capabilities. On top of that, Thanos also has some knowledge and skill in terms of his mystic abilities, as he can perform magic as well.

thanos power 1

The fact of the matter is that Thanos is simply much more well-rounded than Juggernaut in terms of the things that he can do. He has a lot more powers in his bag of tricks and can even hurt Juggernaut using his psionic and mystic abilities.

Juggernaut 1, Thanos 2

Fighting Skills

Often seen as an unstoppable brute that simply bum-rushes his way to victories against his enemies, Juggernaut actually has some skill in terms of hand-to-hand combat as he knows how to use his fits and incredible strength to his advantage. This has allowed him to go toe-to-toe with the likes of the Hulk in a few of their fights. Nevertheless, he was never the most graceful and skilled fighter, but he still gets the job done because he actually has some training in the realm of unarmed combat.


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Adding to his versatility is the fact that he is also a skilled unarmed combatant that knows how to use his fists to his advantage in hand-to-hand fights against some of the most skilled fighters in the world of Marvel Comics. Thanos is also gifted in the use of weapons, as he has displayed his ability to use a few ranged and melee weapons in the comics and in the MCU. Of course, he isn’t at the level of Captain America in terms of his combat training and skills, but he is still an incredibly tough opponent to deal with in unarmed combat.

thanos hulk

While neither of them is the best when it comes to unarmed combat, Thanos should take this round comfortably, not only because he has better training than Juggernaut but also because he has more experience.

Juggernaut 1, Thanos 3

Juggernaut vs. Thanos: Who Would Win In A Fight?

While the score may be 3-1 in favor of Thanos, this is actually a fight that should be closer than what the score might suggest. Thanos should win a fight against Juggernaut more often than not because he is smarter and has more powers, but all of those fights should be quite close because of the fact that Juggernaut is an unstoppable force. As such, while he has the advantage in almost every field other than durability, Thanos should have a hard time finding a way to deal with the unstoppability of Juggernaut. And he’d have to use every trick in the bag to defeat this incredibly tough opponent.

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