World Breaker Hulk Vs. Thanos: Who Would Win?

Worldbreaker vs. thanos

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Hulk and Thanos went to battle a few times, and The Mad Titan was almost always able to win. However, we’re talking about regular Hulk here. What if we take the ultimate, strongest version of Hulk. If World Breaker Hulk and Thanos went to war in a head-to-head battle, who would win?

World Breaker Hulk is as powerful as it gets – his mere footsteps shake entire continents, and as he gets angrier, he gets even stranger while possessing Bruce Banner’s intelligence. If Thanos has no Infinity Gauntlet, he would most likely lose this fight.

However, the most likely outcome I can see here is a very ugly stalemate with a lot of collateral damage. Both are just too incredibly strong, durable, and seemingly invincible, so they would most likely destroy everything in their path, but neither would fall. Let’s take a deep dive into their powers and abilities to support this claim.

World Breaker Hulk and His Powers

Who is World Breaker Hulk?
Who is World Breaker Hulk?

World Breaker Hulk is the most powerful version of The Hulk we have ever seen. The origins of Bruce Banner discovering his new World Breaker Hulk form lie in the “Planet Hulk” comic book.

In short, the Illuminati (a hero group consisting of Tony Stark, Doctor Xavier, etc.) deemed that it’s too dangerous for The Hulk to remain on Earth, as his mere existence threatens the planet’s safety. So, they tricked him into boarding a spaceship and banished him to planet Sakaar.

He was forced to fight as a gladiator by Sakaar’s leader, The Red King, a being of incredible powers. The Hulk was quite successful in the arena. After initially fighting Caiera (Red King’s lieutenant harnessing the Old Power of the planet), they joined forces and defeated the tyrant ruler.

The Hulk and Caiera became the rulers of Sakaar, married, and had two children before a massive explosion wiped out the entire city where they lived, killing Caiera in the process. The grief-struck Hulk went crazy in anger, completely absorbing the radiation on Sakaar, as well as the Old Power that once flowed through his wife, Caiera.

The result was the birth of World Breaker Hulk, a stronger being than any version of Hulk we’ve seen before while keeping Bruce Banner’s intelligence instead of going into blind, uncontrolled rage. He then gathered a group of fighters and ventured back to Earth to cast revenge upon The Illuminati, whom he believed were responsible for his wife’s death.

Now that you know how World Breaker Hulk came to be, let’s see what he can do that regular Hulk can’t even fathom.

Unlimited Strength, Stamina, and Durability

To start describing World Breaker Hulk’s powers, let’s say that he can do everything that regular Hulk can do. To add to it, he has new abilities, and the abilities he already had are enhanced drastically.

For instance, we know that The Hulk gets stronger when he gets angrier. The same goes for World Breaker Hulk, but his strength goes to unlimited ends and never stops growing.

What is more, the Hulk was known to grow tired after long fights, which enabled his foes to exhaust him and knock him down. Well, not the World Breaker Hulk. As his strength increases with anger, his stamina increases, too. It’s stated that “he could fight for an eternity,” meaning he doesn’t get tired at all. His stamina is also limitless.

Finally, World Breaker Hulk’s durability is also unlimited. The Hulk is known to have incredibly strong, almost impenetrable skin, able to take on missiles without ever getting harmed. Well, the World Breaker Hulk took on the Avengers, X-Men, Doctor Strange, the US Army, and Sentry – all at the same time.

He’s so powerful he even has the ability to adapt his anatomy and mold his bones and flesh into an external armor. The only material that can harm his skin is vibranium and adamantium, but they require incredible power behind them to hurt him. But, even if they manage to penetrate, his healing abilities are just too fast to cause any real damage.


I’ll keep this short – you can’t kill World Breaker Hulk. Even if you manage to cause damage, he simply heals and regenerates too fast. At one point, he fought Wolverine, who stated that Hulk’s skin was too strong to harm, even with his adamantium blades, so he went for the World Breaker Hulk’s eyes.

However, Hulk just laughed it off, saying they can’t kill each other in any way, as their healing abilities are just too much to handle. It’s safe to say that, regardless of what kind of weaponry you use against World Breaker Hulk, he’ll just keep going. And we haven’t even come to his strongest powers.

Intelligence & Control

One of the things that separate World Breaker Hulk from regular Hulk is that he can maintain Bruce Banner’s spectacular intelligence instead of going into a brainless, blind rage. That gives him the ability to think and plan in combat, usually giving him an edge in combat.

Although he fought all those heroes, World Breaker Hulk is far from a villain. He’s a hero, and he proved it on countless occasions, saving innocent people, cities, and the world in general.

Even though he has dangerous levels of powers and abilities, a great thing about World Breaker Hulk is that he can control himself and his powers. Even in moments of absolute rage, he remains sentient and controls himself.

World-Breaking Abilities

If all this doesn’t paint the picture about how powerful World Breaker Hulk is, let’s talk about how his name reflects his abilities.

As he found out that the Illuminati had nothing to do with his wife’s death, but rather one of his friends from Sakaar, Miek, he went into full World Breaker mode. His mere existence – standing still at a place – caused the ground to start crumbling beneath him.

He made a step forward, and the entire East Coast started shaking, almost crumbling and sinking into Earth’s core. Had he made only a few more steps, it would annihilate the entire continent. Now, imagine if he stomped the ground with full power. Yeah, that’s why he’s the World Breaker.

Weapon Skills and Long-Range Attacks

The regular Hulk lacks weapon skills, so virtually all of his attacks must come from close range. Unlike him, World Breaker Hulk trained using all sorts of weapons while battling in the gladiator arena on Sakaar.

Also, merely changing forms from Banner to World Breaker causes his aura to amplify, shatter glass and rocks at a huge radius, and knockdown even the mightiest heroes around him. His clap causes a shockwave that can obliterate mountains, giving World Breaker Hulk the ability to fight at range as well as hand-to-hand.

Thanos and His Powers

Thanos sitting on his throne in Marvel Comics

Now, many folks seem to think that Thanos is just your average supervillain without his Infinity Gauntlet. But that’s far from the truth. Even without the stones, he’s still one of the most powerful beings in the universe.

He’s an Eternal born on Titan with a Deviant Syndrome, causing his gigantic stature and thick, impenetrable purple skin. As he felt rejected by life, he started exploring nihilistic ways to amplify his powers, becoming such an unbeatable force that obliterated entire planets, one by one. Let’s see what his biggest, strongest powers are.

Strength, Speed, Durability & Stamina

Just like World Breaker Hulk, Thanos’ physical strength knows no limits. He spent most of his life finding ways to amplify his physical and mental powers using all sorts of power sources to do so, including dark magic and even Death herself.

He is extremely durable and virtually can’t be hurt physically when he’s at his peak power levels. Also, Thanos does not go tired, ever, so he can also fight for eternity if need be.

Finally, even though he has that huge, stumpy physique, he possesses incredible speed, especially for human standards.

All that, along with his superhuman Eternal physiology, nigh-invulnerability, and amplified powers, make him virtually immortal – and that’s without the Infinity Stones.

Superhuman Intelligence & Fighting Skills

At one point, Thanos says to Bruce Banner how he is extremely intelligent by human standard, but nothing compared to the intelligence of the Eternals. And that is quite true.

The Mad Titan’s intelligence levels are off the charts for any human. He is an incredible battle tactician and always knows how to use his brains as well as his unfathomable physical strength. He is also a very experienced fighter that is great in hand-to-hand combat, using weapons, etc.

Plasma Energy Projection and Mystical Powers

We haven’t seen this side of Thanos in the movies, but apart from his brutal physicality, he can project plasma energy rays powerful enough to knock down even the most powerful beings, such as Galactus.

Also, he has access to virtually all mystical artifacts, magical powers, and abilities. He can use telekinesis, telepathy, force fields, shields, and all sorts of psionic powers.

It’s safe to say that, even without the Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos has the powers to defeat even the strongest beings in the universe with only using force. Given prep time and the ability to plan and use his intelligence, though, it just gives a whole new dimension to his might.

World Breaker Hulk vs. Thanos: Who Would Win?

At last, we come to the question we’re here to answer: who would win – World Breaker Hulk or Thanos?

Before dwelling on the possibility of a winner in this fight, I want to state that I believe the fight would most likely end up in a nasty stalemate with tons of collateral damage.

They are virtually immortal and invincible, and both have powers and abilities that can shatter entire planets without even exerting their full force.

Just take a look at World Breaker Hulk’s fistfight against the Red She-Hulk – it ended up destroying an entire planet completely. Imagine what fighting Thanos would do.

That being said, if they fought until one of them falls (which would almost certainly never happen), I would give a slight edge to World Breaker Hulk.

We have never seen his maximum power manifesting. His mere existence was enough for the world to start crumbling underneath him, so if he could use his maximum power and potential, I believe it would be more than enough to give Thanos some nasty competition.

However, if Thanos has the Infinity Gauntlet and all the Infinity Stones, then it’s not even a contest – not just for the World Breaker Hulk, but any being in the universe. Thanos could just snap his fingers and obliterate them from existence.

To conclude, I believe the fight would end in a stale-mate 9/10 times, with the one remaining win going to World Breaker Hulk.

However, if Thanos has the Infinity Gauntlet, there’s not much anybody can do, as he literally has control over the entire universe, entire matter, and all the beings that exist. So, he might not be able to kill WB Hulk in battle, but he could simply make him cease to exist.

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