Jujutsu Kaisen: Is Megumi a Zenin?

Jujutsu Kaisen: Is Megumi a Zenin?

Megumi Fushiguro, who is, incidentally, one of the most popular characters in the Jujutsu Kaisen series, is also often discussed among the fans of the series. And while there certainly are numerous things we can talk about when Megumi is concerned, this article will be dedicated to a very personal aspect of his persona, as we will talk about Megumi’s family and heritage. This a question that was relevant for his father, Toji, as well, so we will use this article to finally settle the debate and explain Megumi’s connection to the Zenin family in the series.

Technically speaking, Megumi Fushiguro is a member of the Zenin family, as his father, Toji, was also a member of the Zenin family. But, the name Fushiguro comes from his mother, as Toji took it for himself because he wanted nothing to do with the Zenin family. Toji sold Megumi back to the Zenin but also told Gojo about it, so Gojo supervised his stay with the Zenin Clan and later made him a student at this school. By the summer of 2018, Megumi had, by his own confession, broken all ties with the Zenin clan, and he never considered himself to be part of that family.

The rest of this article will focus on Megumi Foshiguro and his personal history in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. Megumi Foshiguro is one of the main characters in the series, and he has been important since his debut. His family history interests all fans, so we will reveal what happened to him in this article. This article will contain some spoilers from the Jujutsu Kaisen manga, so be careful how you approach it.

Megumi is technically a Zenin, but much like his father, he broke all ties with the family

In order to provide you with a proper answer to this question, we have to go back in time, even before 2006, and talk about Megumi’s father, Toji Fushiguro. If you don’t know all the details, you might wonder how two guys called Fushiguro could relate to the Zenin family, but we promise we’ll explain that in detail.

In one scene from the anime’s second season, Shiu Kong offered Toji a job, which Toji accepted, but this is where the situation became confusing. Namely, Shiu Kong called Toji, whom we had known as Fushiguro, “Zenin,” which was a shocking revelation that connected him to one of the series’ best-known clans, but Toji immediately replied that he was not a Zenin and that he went by the name “Fushiguro,” which connected him to Megumi, one of the series’ protagonists.

So, was Shiu Kong wrong or is Toji lying? Well – neither; Shiu Kong was correct in calling Toji “Zenin,” but, at the same time, Toji was right when he said that he was not a Zenin but rather “Fushiguro.” So, what happened here? What’s the story?

Well, Toji was actually born as Toji Zenin, and, similar to Maki, he was born with a Heavenly Restriction, which rendered him completely devoid of cursed energy. To compensate for this handicap, he has gained superhuman physical abilities and highly developed senses, enabling him to see and sense cursed spirits. While he was young, he even visited Gojo and was surprised that the then-young sorcerer could see him, as Toji was known for being undetectable.


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Thanks to these abilities, he was a formidable guy, but that was not enough for his family. Toji felt completely abandoned by his family because the Zenin Clan required more of him. They were an ancient, traditional family, and despite all of his skills and abilities, he was simply not good enough for them.

Naturally, it all began when he was quite young. The fact that he decided not to kill them is said to have been a fortunate coincidence for them because he was already capable of doing so at the time. His family had rejected him because of his condition, and after harboring resentment toward them for years, he finally just left them one day.

After leaving, he decided to become an assassin for hire, with his targets being jujutsu sorcerers (in most cases). And while he did renounce the Zenin family name by leaving his family, it still doesn’t explain his new name, so we’ll be getting to that part now. So, not long after leaving his family, Toji met his first wife, a young woman whose last name was Fushiguro. The two of them married, and Toji decided to replace his former name with hers, thus becoming Toji Fushiguro.

From what we could gather, Toji sincerely loved his first wife, and she was such a nice person that she changed him completely – he stopped working as an assassin and even stopped gambling, a trait of his we have already talked about.


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Not long after that, Toji Fushiguro and his wife had a baby boy, a son they symbolically named Megumi, signifying that they considered him to be a blessing. And, indeed, Toji, from what we could see in some flashback moments, really did love his son, and it was a very happy family… until Megumi’s mother died.

When she died, Toji reverted back to his old self and even met with the Zenin clan to sell them Megumi as soon as the boy manifested his powers. And while that was a horrible thing to do to Megumi, before dying, Toji did inform Gojo of this fact, knowing that Gojo would do something about it. And he did.

Left with no relatives, the young Megumi was taken to the Zenin Clan, but he was under Gojo’s constant supervision, so the Zenin could do very little to him. When he was old enough, he was enrolled in Gojo’s school. Megumi is, thus, a Zenin, as you can see. Regardless of the last name, his father was a Zenin, and he himself was one too; the Zenin even cared for him when he was a child. But, at the same time, much like his father, Megumi was not a Zenin.

Why? First of all, he never learned the whole truth about his father, so he did not know about this heritage for a long time. Since his father also took his mother’s last name, Megumi was raised without any knowledge of the Zenin Clan for years. On the other hand, he hated his father so much because of how he raised him that he certainly hated the Zenin Clan as well, and that makes complete sense.

At the same time, he held his mother in high regard and loved her, as she was the most important person in his life. All of this combined explains why Megumi never actually identified himself as a Zenin, and despite living with them, he had – by the summer of 2018 – cut all ties to the family and cannot, at this moment, be associated with the Zenin family in any way, save for the unchangeable facts we have talked about.

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