Jujutsu Kaisen: The Split Soul Katana Explained!

Jujutsu Kaisen: The Split Soul Katana Explained!

The world of Jujutsu Kaisen is filled with numerous cursed tools and objects that help Jujutsu sorcerers in various situations. Although not all of them, some cursed tools are weapons and useful in fights. These range from normal weapons to cursed tools that jujutsu sorcerers use to surpass their opponents in battle. As you might have deduced by now, the article will focus on one specific cursed tool that is also a weapon, and the item question is the Split Soul Katana, which is also one of the most powerful cursed tools in the series. In this article, you are going to find out everything about it.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The Split Soul Katana is a powerful cursed object capable of directly piercing a subject’s soul; it is the first major cursed object Maki uses as a weapon.
  • Despite the name, the Split Soul Katana is actually not a katana, but rather a a large Japanese broadsword; this makes it even more formidable as a weapon, and even more dangerous.
  • The original Split Soul Katana was owned and used by Toji, who sliced Geto’s Rainbow Dragon with it. Later, Mai Zenin created an exact replica of it moments before her death, leaving it for Maki.

The Split Soul Katana is one of the most powerful cursed tools in the series

As we have said above, cursed tools are useful weapons for Jujutsu sorcerers. They can be quite powerful and they can either significantly boost a character’s powers and abilities, or can even give them new powers if they did not have them before. The latter was best exemplified by Toji Fushiguro, who is also one of the most skilled cursed tool users in the whole series. Now, Toji has used seven identified weapons in the series, some of which were actual cursed tools, and among them was the powerful Split Soul Katana.

The Split Soul Katana is a large Japanese broadsword with very special powers. As the name suggests, it is capable of splitting an entity’s soul, i.e., it allows the user to actually pierce through any material or barrier and attack the would of a target directly. The Split Soul Katana disregards all materials, regardless of their toughness, and penetrates directly into the soul, which is why it is so incredibly deadly. If the user is actually able to see the souls of inorganic objects, he can then use Split Soul Katana at full power, which is incredible.

Its power is truly enormous: Toji was able to slice Geto’s Rainbow Dragon, the sturdiest of his cursed spirits; Maki Zenin was able to slice and split Naoya’s soul with it directly; finally, during the Shinjuku Showdown, Maki was also able to pierce Sukuna’s chest with the Split Soul Katana without him noticing her coming. On the black market, the Split Soul Katana is worth at least 500,000,000 Yen, making it one of the most valuable cursed tools available on the market.


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Now that we have told you these basics, let us explore the history of the Split Soul Katana in the series.

It has been used by Toji and Maki

As far as the history of the Split Soul Katana is concerned, it is closely related to two important characters and, incidentally, members of the same family. They are Toji and Maki, who are both members of the influential Zenin Clan.

As for Toji, he was the original owner of the Split Soul Katana, the actual cursed tool. He kept it inside the Inventory Curse and he used it during his fight against Geto and Gojo in Tokyo. He was exceptionally skilled with it and, as we have said, he was able to kill the Rainbow Dragon, Geto’s then-strongest cursed spirit. This is a testament to his skill. The original was then lost, but we assume that it was taken by Jujutsu High after Gojo killed Toji. But, this wasn’t the end of the Split Soul Katana.

Namely, as Mai Zenin was dying, she decided to use what little energy she had left to craft a precise replica of the Split Soul Katana, which she then left to her sister, Maki. The Split Soul Katana thus became Maki’s last reminder of her late sister and she began using it as her primary weapon with extreme skill. During the Culling Game Arc, Maki was able to use the Split Soul Katana to her advantage, killing Naoya Zenin and also managing to pierce Sukuna’s chest with it, all in an attempt to free Megumi from the evil King of Curses.

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