Jujutsu Kaisen: All 7 Weapons Toji Fusihiguro Used, Ranked

Jujutsu Kaisen: All 8 Weapons Toji Fusihiguro Used, Ranked

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Toji Foshiguro is unique in many ways; this is a fact that all fans of Jujutsu Kaisen know well. He was born with a Heavenly Restriction, but despite that, he managed to become so powerful that he defeated even Satoru Gojo once while Gojo was still a student. This shows just how powerful he was and how dangerous he was. A lot of it was achieved thanks to his weapons, and in this article, we are going to focus on them.

Over the course of the story – which will include his original appearance in the Gojo’s Past Arc and his resurrection during the Shibuya Incident – Toji Fushiguro has used a total of seven weapons in the series. These range from normal, everyday weapons to powerful cursed objects that he uses to surpass his opponents. In this article, we are going to tell you about his relation to these weapons, as well as rank all seven of them from weakest to strongest. We are going to explain each weapon and when it was used, so you will be able to get the full story of Toji’s weapons and how they were used throughout the series.

Toji was able to carry so many weapons thanks to the Inventory Curse

Now, we know that Toji had no cursed energy whatsoever, thanks to his Heavenly Restriction, and whenever we actually saw him fight, he seemed to carry absolutely nothing with him. He was physically strong and had supernatural reflexes, but he never carried anything with him. And yet, suddenly, he produced a series of weapons in his fights against Gojo and Geto. How was he able to do that? Well, thanks to his cursed spirit, the Inventory Curse.

As far as the Inventory Curse is concerned, we don’t really have any narrative details to share with you because the Inventory Curse appeared alongside Toji Fushiguro, and while it didn’t actually vanish with him, its story ended with Toji’s ultimate downfall. This is because the Inventory Curse is almost exclusively associated with Toji’s story. So, what does it do, and how does it help Toji in battle?

The Inventory Curse is an inventory, as its name suggests. Regardless of size, it can hold a specific number of items and even live creatures. The number of items that can be held inside the Inventory Curse may be limited, but from what we’ve observed, either the limit is quite large or there isn’t one at all.


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As we’ve seen, Toji has generally kept his weapons inside the Inventory Curse, as we’ve seen it holds all the weapons that Toji doesn’t usually have on him when you see him. He also kept a lot of cursed objects in it. There may be further weapons and cursed items inside, but Toji did not get the opportunity to utilize them during the course of the series, so this is all we have for you.

However, it can also hold other curses, as seen by the several Fly Heads that were also kept inside and that Toji released to confound Gojo in their initial encounter. The Inventory Curse has also been observed to hold Riko’s body inside of it, but when it was freed, it appeared to be unchanged, proving that it doesn’t actually digest what it consumes.

Toji Fushiguro’s weapons ranked

Now that you know how Toji could store so many weapons and have them by his side, we can tell you about the seven weapons he’s used in the story so far.

7. Combat knife

Toji’s weakest weapon, although one wouldn’t really say that if he saw him use it, is a small combat knife. The combat knife has no special powers or abilities whatsoever, meaning it is just a regular, non-cursed weapon.

But, like every other knife, it is dangerous if the wielder is efficient with it, and Toji is undoubtedly very efficient with it. The knife was seen during the second part of his first fight with Gojo when he used it in combination with the Inverted Spear of Heaven to mutilate Gojo’s body.

6. Katana

Another similar weapon is the katana he carries around with him. The katana seems to be standard in every way imaginable, and we don’t really have anything to add to that aspect. It has no cursed energy whatsoever, and it is as dangerous as its wielder, which, in Toji’s case, means that it is very, very dangerous.

He used the katana to stab Gojo through the chest, which actually started their battle, but Gojo recovered from that attack. It has absolutely no additional powers and abilities that one could attach to it in any way.

5. Gun

A handgun is also part of Toji’s arsenal, which makes sense since he had absolutely no other powers, i.e., he had to rely on absolutely everything he could get his hands on, and humans had a series of efficient weapons in that aspect. It is also a standard handgun with no special abilities, and knowing his proficiency with other weapons, we assume that Toji was also quite proficient with the gun as well.

He actually used the gun only once to shoot Riko Amanai in the head after he defeated Gojo during their first battle, all in front of a very shocked Geto.

4. Split Soul Katana

The Split Soul Katana is a powerful cursed object capable of directly piercing a subject’s soul; it is the first major cursed object he used as a weapon. The Split Soul Katana is a large Japanese broadsword. The cursed object is formidable and overcomes the most solid materials, which is why it can pierce the soul directly. To fully deploy the capabilities of the Split Soul Katana, the holder must be able to perceive all souls, even those of inanimate objects.


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3. Chain of a Thousand Miles

Toji utilized The Chain of a Thousand Miles, a cursed S-class weapon with endless growth potential, in his second encounter with Gojo. It actually looks like a typical metal chain. However, as long as no one notices the chain’s end, this enigmatic cursed object has the unique property of expanding without an end, which is why Toji always kept the end hidden inside the Inventory Curse.

Toji coupled it with the Inverted Spear of Heaven during his second battle with Satoru Gojo since the other end of the weapon has a tether in the front that can be utilized to link to other cursed objects to increase their range.

2. Playful Cloud

The Playful Cloud is an S-class cursed item that is incredibly powerful yet, unlike other cursed things, does not contain any jujutsu spells. After passing through several hands over the years, this weapon was ultimately damaged by Toji Fushiguro, who came dangerously close to destroying it.

It is currently impossible to determine what happened to the cursed object’s remnants or who currently possesses them. The Playful Cloud is a red-colored tri-section staff. It is a physical weapon, and the strength of the user’s muscles determines how hard it will strike. When he was revived in Shibuya, Toji used it.

1. Inverted Spear of Heaven

The Inverted Spear of Heaven is an S-class cursed item capable of negating all spells. The only person who now knows what happened to it is Satoru Gojo. It once belonged to Toji Fushiguro, who used it against Gojo. The incredibly short, dagger-like spear known as the Inverted Spear of Heaven. It sports a circular “q”-shaped guard that points to the side of the longer of the two blades and a distinctive Japanese jitte blade form. When used, the Inverted Spear of Heaven instantly dispels all spells it has contact with, making it so dangerous.

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