Kevin Wright Talks Potential ‘Loki’ Season 3, Might Focus on the TVA

loki season 3 update kevin wright

The MCU kicked off with a slew of interconnected movies, gradually weaving a cohesive narrative. Over time, series joined the lineup, garnering mixed reviews for some, while others earned praise and sprouted numerous spinoffs. Among these, WandaVision stood out, giving rise to ‘Agatha: Darkhold Diaries,’ ‘Vision Quest,’ and the rumored Wiccan project.

Marvel Studios initially adhered to a one-season approach for their shows. However, ‘Loki’ became an exception, with its second season emerging as a massive hit, flawlessly concluding Loki’s character arc in the MCU. Facing challenges with the development of ‘Daredevil: Born Again,’ the studio is reconsidering its strategy, leaning towards adopting seasonal storytelling akin to cable TV, allowing shows to unfold across multiple seasons.

In response to this shift, the producer of ‘Loki’ shared insights on the new direction.

“For two seasons, I’ve loved working with this team… I would love to keep telling those stories with them, in this world. I don’t think any of us would ever want to rush into a Season 3 if there’s not a good story to tell. But I think this team could go off and tell other stories. Maybe it’s not ‘Loki’ Season 3. Maybe there’s something we can continue to do at the TVA, and it’s like our ‘Better Call Saul’ to ‘Loki’s’ ‘Breaking Bad.’ That would be cool, to me.”


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‘Loki,’ initially planned for two seasons, faces the challenge of surpassing its impactful ending. Director Wright aims to explore the TVA in-depth, acknowledging the difficulty of directly involving Loki in the show. Despite Loki’s central Multiverse role, the focus shifts to the evolving narrative of TVA agents, now transparent in their work, potentially pursuing rogue Kang the Conqueror variants. Wright, uncertain about MCU characters’ future, is open to ‘Loki’ Season 2, prioritizing a quality story over hasty development. Share your thoughts in the comments!

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