‘Loki’: Will Mobius Return to the TVA? Here’s What Happened to Him

what happened to mobius following loki finale

‘Loki’ Season 2 concluded, leaving viewers in a whirlwind of emotions. Devotees of the God of Mischief can rejoice in the revelation that he has finally discovered his glorious purpose. However, the bittersweet twist lies in the nature of this purpose—destined to become the God of Stories, Loki finds himself alone, existing outside of time for eternity. As the dust settles, the team disperses. Some, like Hunter B-15, continue their endeavors within the revamped TVA. Others, such as Sylvie, are still in the process of discerning their next steps. Amidst these developments, the lingering question emerges: What about Loki’s steadfast companion, Mobius? Where has he ventured, and does he harbor intentions of rejoining the TVA?

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  • Mobius persisted in his duties at the TVA, diligently pursuing and neutralizing Kang variants to avert potential conflicts and protect the secrecy of the TVA. However, on the verge of a crucial meeting, he informed B-15 of his impending departure.
  • Mobius chose to witness “what the TVA works so hard to protect”—the tangible reality. In this realm, he glimpsed an alternate version of himself named Don, engaging in moments with his two sons. It was a life that simultaneously belonged and didn’t belong to him.
  • When Sylvie inquires about his plans, Mobius responds, “I might just wait here for a bit. Let time pass by.” For the moment, he’s savoring the unfolding of time, a luxury absent in the TVA. However, the likelihood is high that he will eventually return to the TVA, given the significance of Mobius, Miss Minutes, and the TVA in the forthcoming ‘Deadpool 3’ film.

What happened to Mobius following Loki’s sacrifice?

The conclusion of ‘Loki’ Season 2 was both fulfilling and heart-wrenching. Loki, armed with newfound control over time slipping, relentlessly attempts to prevent the Temporal Loom meltdown, repeatedly witnessing Mobius’s and the team’s demise.

Despite dedicating centuries to mastering the intricacies of physics and the mechanics of the Loom and Throughput Multiplier, Loki finds no solution. Ultimately, faced with the choice of destroying the Loom or preventing Sylvie from killing He Who Remains, Loki opts for a third path—he becomes the living Temporal Loom, sustaining the infinite branches of the Multiverse alone on a throne at the end of time, assuming the mantle of the God of Stories.

Now, shifting focus to Mobius, the TVA has been restored with a new purpose: monitoring and containing Kang variants to avert a Multiversal War and keep the TVA’s existence concealed. The central display transforms from the Sacred Timeline to the Multiversal tree, resembling Yggdrasil from Norse mythology, with Loki at its core.

Yggdrasil MCU

Mobius, still part of the TVA, mentions the resolution of a Kang variant in a universe adjacent to ‘616,’ a reference to ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania,’ indicating that the events of Loki conclude just before ‘Quantumania’ unfolds.

As Hunter B-15 calls for a significant meeting, Mobius discloses his decision to leave the TVA, seeking a life for himself down on the timeline. While B-15 acknowledges his departure, Mobius observes a life he could have had, embodied by Don, the jet-ski salesman, playing with his sons. Sylvie joins him, expressing the absence of Loki and the completion of their mission. With their purpose fulfilled, the team disperses, each choosing their own path.


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Inquired about his future plans, Mobius responds, “I might just wait here for a bit. Let time pass by.” Unlike the stagnant time within the TVA, Mobius now revels in the flow of time—a result of Loki’s monumental sacrifice. The credits roll, leaving us to ponder: What lies ahead for Mobius?

Mobius wanted to see his life outside of the TVA

So, Mobius made the choice to depart from the TVA, immersing himself in the timeline, merely observing and letting time unfold. But what lies ahead for him?

Loki’s character arc is undeniably impactful and heart-wrenching, grappling with the prospect of eternal solitude. However, Mobius’ journey is equally poignant.

Consider this—he embraced life as a TVA agent, finding fulfillment in the only existence he ever knew. Then came the revelation that this wasn’t meant to be his life; instead, he was destined for a simpler, happier existence—selling jet skis and relishing moments with his children in an Ohio suburban neighborhood.

Sylvie and mobius

Yet, all he can do now is watch this life that echoes his own but remains elusive. His desire to experience the joys of life on the timeline is reduced to mere observation of a variant living that life. Meanwhile, his closest friend chose a path of ultimate solitude, realizing Mobius’s greatest fear, all to enable Mobius to witness it unfold.

The question arises: Where does Mobius go from here? The answer remains uncertain. Perhaps he will endeavor to carve out a life for himself, akin to Sylvie’s journey, or follow in the footsteps of his variant, finding solace in a suburban life with his two boys. Alternatively, he might opt to return to the familiar embrace of the TVA—the life he cherished long before the tumultuous events unfolded.

Will he return to the TVA?

While Mobius has temporarily bid farewell to the TVA, my best hunch is that he’ll make a swift return to resume his role as a dedicated TVA agent. The Time Variance Authority operates under a revamped paradigm now, fostering greater connectivity, camaraderie, and a straightforward commitment to the task at hand—no hidden agendas, no cryptic motives from higher-ups, just a collective effort to maintain temporal order and honor Loki’s sacrificial act.

Adding weight to the theory of Mobius’ eventual comeback is the slated involvement of himself, Miss Minutes, and the Time Variance Authority in the upcoming ‘Deadpool 3′ movie. The specifics of their roles remain undisclosed, but this tidbit strongly suggests Mobius’ imminent return to the TVA.


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After all, the TVA was not just a job for him; it was the only life he ever knew, and he held a genuine affection for it.

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